How to use "breach" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "breach" in popular movie and book plots

  • She is serving Wintergreen with a summons for breach of promise.  - Of Thee I Sing
  • Later, Truscott does the same as another one-eyed monster manages to breach a thick wall, trying to get at Anne.  - The Trollenberg Terror
  • The Master appears on the Matrix screen to claim responsibility and to demonstrate it's possible to breach the Matrix.  - The Ultimate Foe
  • After heading to the museum, they are unable to breach the power of the slime barrier with their proton packs.  - Ghostbusters II
  • In order to prove her theory, she causes a warp breach in her ship, killing herself in the process.  - Force of Nature (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • The two then engage in supportive banter with one another, and against the stern Chief Recorder, who protests against the breach of law.  - A Matter of Life and Death (film)
  • This causes a breach in the Gulag, freeing the population, and inciting war between Wonder Woman's Justice League and the metahuman prisoners.  - Kingdom Come (comics)
  • Xur has given the Ko-Dan the means to breach the forcefield.  - The Last Starfighter
  • In doing so he has opened a breach between the worlds which is sucking all the life out of the world of the living.  - The Farthest Shore
  • Mrs Hamley dies, and the breach between the squire and his eldest son seems irreparable.  - Wives and Daughters
  • They breach the cloud layer and see Earth's real sky, to which Trinity whispers the word "Beautiful".  - The Matrix Revolutions
  • However, before he leaves, he tips off Craig to a breach of ethics on Grunick's part.  - Broadcast News (film)
  • Nevertheless, Paddy's deep remorse heals the breach with Ida, and they resolve to save enough money to buy a farm one day.  - The Sundowners
  • But without any means to breach superspace, they cannot fight the Hell Ditch Pilgrim; until the Rumor shows up.  - Top 10 (comics)
  • A final breach of confidence committed by Ralph Messenger makes it much easier for Helen to leave him and go back to London.  - Thinks ...
  • Servalan dispatches the Federation's battle fleets to repel the invaders, who begin to breach the barrier.  - Blake's 7

Meaning of "breach" in English

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