How to use "bucolic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "bucolic" in popular movie and book plots

  • They believe that they've found the perfect place in a bucolic farmhouse in Scotland; however, their real estate agent Flo (Joanne Mitchell) informs them that the land is the site of a gruesome battle between the English and the Scottish.  - White Settlers
  • The painter discovers bucolic side of life and its beauty.  - Conversations with My Gardener
  • Twombly spends much time on a small, isolated bucolic inn called ‘the Farm’ with nineteen other survivors, although eventually he is forced to move even further northward after the Farm is overrun by zombies and burned down.  - Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection
  • The two couples marry in a bucolic episode that counterpoints the scenes of urban oppression and violence that bracket it.  - Caesar's Column
  • Soon after, a railway is put through the field, which further ruptures the tranquility of the bucolic countryside and foreshadows the ending of the tale.  - ¡Adiós, Cordera!
  • The emphasis on the intellect, the dialectical or, the ancient rationalism Aristophanes satirically labelled as "thinkery" (Phrontisterion - from The Clouds) as well as the vigilance against moral and bodily corruption are central to neo-platonic understanding that finds its way into this bucolic landscape through the most unlikely of characters.  - La Fábula de Polifemo y Galatea
  • This autobiographical scenario depicts true Ukrainian Moldavian origins of Sofia Rotaru in the bucolic atmosphere of melodic Bukovyna in Western Ukraine.  - Pisnia zavzhdy z namy
  • A group of travelling players peregrinates through Greece putting on a play called Golfo the Shepherdess, The first level of the film shows them setting up, rehearsing, promoting and performing in fustanella this 1893 piece, a bucolic verse drama of love, betrayal and death.  - The Travelling Players
  • A planet in the Alastor Cluster, Trullion is a bucolic place, inhabited by generally unambitious, somewhat hedonistic Trills, as the resident humans call themselves.  - Trullion: Alastor 2262
  • Lynn Hollister, a bucolic lawyer (John Wayne) takes on big-city corruption.  - A Man Betrayed (1941 film)
  • Inspector Banks’s second case unearths disturbing secrets behind a bucolic facade.  - A Dedicated Man
  • Fred Steele (Umberto Orsini) and Eve Barnett (Maya Brent) work together at an astronomical station on a bucolic island.  - Battle of the Worlds
  • The farmers’ bucolic and carefree life repels him at first (and especially the fact that they have never heard of him), but then he decides to introduce some “order” to the innocent society.  - The Fox in the Chicken Coop
  • The movie is divided into three clear timelines, the 1960s, the World War II period and the bucolic period (in order from newest to oldest).  - Crying... Silicon Tears
  • This story takes place in a bucolic small town of Mirgorod (Myrhorod in Ukrainian), written in the style featuring grotesque, realistic portrayals of the characters.  - The Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich
  • In a dark satire of The Matrix, Leo, a pig on a seemingly bucolic family farm, is approached by Moopheus, an anthropomorphic bull.  - The Meatrix
  • This unusual biography traces the life of Flush from his carefree existence in the country, to his adoption by ms Browning and his travails in London, leading up to his final days in a bucolic Italy.  - Flush: A Biography
  • In the first half, when the ship is stranded but unharmed, the mood is bucolic and philosophical, and the main challenge Hisako has is to pass the time in a tropical lake.  - Canal Dreams
  • At the end, taking partial inspiration from Rebecca's more positive ideals, Ellie Julyan rejects the conventionality of her bucolic country life to pursue her own dreams and ambitions, while Terence Gray reconciles with his own identity and opens himself to love.  - Rebecca's Tale
  • An exploratory party from the no-ship returns the man-beasts, and soon discovers that the seemingly bucolic Handlers are actually Face Dancers, tasked with their capture.  - Hunters of Dune
  • This segment featured a recitation of the 1913 poem "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer poem performed by Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians with the lyrical setting accompanying animation of bucolic scenes seen through the changing of the seasons.  - Melody Time
  • The movie opens with a panoramic shot of a bucolic Russian countryside.  - White Sun of the Desert
  • Set at a bucolic Midwestern college known only as The-College-on-the-Hill, White Noise follows a year in the life of Jack Gladney, a professor who has made his name by pioneering the field of Hitler studies (though he hasn't taken German lessons until this year).  - White Noise (novel)
  • It's a seemingly idyllic summer in 1935, and identical twins Niles and Holland Perry play on the bucolic family farm.  - The Other
  • The Son'a are a splinter faction of Ba'ku who gave up their bucolic existence a century earlier to embrace the use of technology.  - Star Trek: Insurrection

Example sentences for "bucolic" in interesting articles

  • Ticks are constantly on residents’ minds, and watching children run barefoot to the edge of the bucolic woods is no longer a carefree delight.  - The Lyme Wars (2013)
  • One was the soothing PlayStation 3 game Flower, in which the player takes the role of the wind and swoops across bucolic landscapes pollinating plants and righting environmental wrongs; it’s a wonderful game, but it’s about as artistic as a Thomas Kinkade painting.  - The Most Dangerous Gamer
  • One was the soothing PlayStation 3 game Flower, in which the player takes the role of the wind and swoops across bucolic landscapes pollinating plants and righting environmental wrongs; it’s a wonderful game, but it’s about as artistic as a Thomas Kinkade painting.  - The Most Dangerous Gamer (Jonathan Blow)
  • I’ll do anything for you.” He was exaggerating a bit for effect, but the poignancy of the self-disclosure wasn’t lost on the class.Friends’ Central, a Quaker prep school that prides itself on both its academic rigor and its ethic of social responsibility, is tucked away in the bucolic hills of suburban Philadelphia.  - Teaching Good Sex

Meaning of "bucolic" in English

  • (used with regard to idealized country life) idyllically rustic
    - a pleasant bucolic scene
    - charming in its pastoral setting
    - rustic tranquility
  • relating to shepherds or herdsmen or devoted to raising sheep or cattle
    - pastoral land
    - a pastoral economy
  • a short poem descriptive of rural or pastoral life
  • a country person

Meaning of "bucolic" in Hindi

  • ग्रामीण
  • ग्रामीण ( Gramin, graameen)
  • देहाती ( Dehati, dehaatee)
  • गांववासी ( Ganvavasi, gaanvavaasee, ganwawasi)
  • पलीगान ( Paligan, paleegan)
  • किसानों का ( Kisanon ka, kisanon kaa)

Synonyms of "bucolic"

  • rustic
  • provincial
  • peasant
  • pastoral
  • arcadian
  • eclogue
  • idyll

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