How to use "canard" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "canard" in popular movie and book plots

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Example sentences for "canard" in interesting articles

  • It would be fairly easy to sow mistrust of people that do, using the age-old canard that "people with nothing to hide have no need to keep secrets." It's won't be until you start getting some fairly blatant misuse of the system that "Joe six-pack" (remember him) will get on board with the idea that general encryption is a good idea. Roy • September 30, 2010 8:31 AM The same backdoors can be used against our government by the very enemies the government wants to spy on.  - Wiretapping the Internet
  • At precisely the time in their lives when young men and women should be exploring what sexuality means, the new rules choke off their freedom, limit their choices, and encourage the canard that all males are unrepentant predators.  - The New Rules of College Sex (2011)
  • One resident likens the diverse incomes and classes in the park to the old canard about nudist camps—everybody's naked so you can't see the differences.  - The Reformation: Can Social Scientists Save Themselves?

Meaning of "canard" in English

  • a deliberately misleading fabrication

Meaning of "canard" in Hindi

  • झूठी अफ़वाह
  • झूटी अफवाह
  • कल्पित कथा (झूठी)

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