How to use "canon" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "canon" in popular movie and book plots

  • Jerome has Bruce tied to a post in order to close the event with a "boom" and has a canon filled with a cannonball and knives in order to kill him.  - Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • The young wife of an old husband has relationships with a canon and a young man.  - La Cornette (farce)
  • The final scene of the game's canon area shows Ennard inspecting itself in the mirror while inhabiting Mike's body.  - Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location
  • Characters and player decisions from previous installments are not carried over into Mass Effect: Andromeda, and there is no canon ending which is referenced.  - Mass Effect: Andromeda
  • Set in a different series of events, this story does not follow the previous Appleseed movie canon (despite being directed by the same director of the previous movies); it is an alternate story to their beginnings.  - Appleseed Alpha
  • Death Locket tries to get them to stop and finally opens up with her arm canon and drops Chase in a single shot.  - Avengers Undercover
  • The game features six separate cases, some of which are direct adaptations of original Sherlock Holmes canon by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  - Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments
  • Informers claimed that John Wood offered to post himself sentry with a canon to fire at the King's carriage as it was going to what was then called Buckingham House.  - Despard Plot
  • As such, the game isn't considered canon within the Dead Rising continuity.  - Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
  • His insecure replacement for the clerking work charges Elave with heresy, charges taken all too seriously by a visiting Augustinian canon from the Archbishop of Canterbury.  - The Heretic's Apprentice
  • Among the items at auction are medical devices, engineering advances—and a photon pulse canon capable of punching through a starship's shields with a single shot.  - Balance of Power (Star Trek)
  • The crew faces situations that are familiar to Star Trek fans, but are unencumbered and unjaded by the experience and rules which have built up over hundreds of years of Trek lore and canon established in previous Star Trek series.  - Star Trek: Enterprise (season 1)
  • Second is the young woman Heledd rejected by her canon father in reaction to imposition of the Roman rite, sending her to find love among historic Welsh enemies.  - The Summer of the Danes
  • This episode's relation to The Lion King canon is questionable with the introduction of The Lion King 1½.  - The Lion King (franchise)
  • In an attempt to control the situation, the center's director orders the military to fire the laser canon on the island.  - Daimajū Gekitō: Hagane no Oni
  • The game also gives a bit more canon (eg.  - Island Xtreme Stunts
  • Nihilistic originally intended to stay faithful to the literature, but the writers strayed from the canon by showing the barbarian as willing to use magic.  - Conan (2007 video game)
  • It is also common for stories works of superhero fiction to contain established characters and setting while occurring outside of the main canon for those characters.  - Superhero fiction
  • The continuity of Contra 4 is based on the Japanese canon that was adapted into the English localization of series with the release of Contra: Shattered Soldier.  - Contra 4
  • This book does contain some elements which are canon to the series and explains a lot about the relationship between Garibaldi and Talia.  - Babylon 5: Voices
  • The film is independent from the canon and chronology established by Kurumada in his manga.  - Saint Seiya: The Movie
  • Whilst either player can die, the canon ending has Kestrel fatally shooting Archer; overcome with grief and unaware that Kobin has entered, Kestrel is shot in the head.  - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
  • With the events of Yggdra Union's PSP ending where the Royal Army attack Ragnarok, this is now cemented into the canon storyline, marking Yggdra Union as a prequel to Riviera: The Promised Land.  - Yggdra Union
  • Bernard's agents Alberic and Lotholf reveal the affair to Heloise's uncle and surrogate father Fulbert, a canon of Notre Dame, and he is disgusted by it.  - In Extremis (play)
  • A female Police Officer can be accessible throughout the game by inserting the arcade's currency, then pulling the trigger 12 times, holding the trigger the 12th time it's pulled, then holding the trigger, pressing the start button, although the female police officer is considered not to be canon to the game's plot.  - Lethal Enforcers 3
  • Games set later in the Fallout series refer to the player's protagonist as "the Vault Dweller," and official canon states the Vault Dweller was male, but his name is unspecified.  - Fallout (video game)
  • Nine Lives differs from the normal Batman canon because it is set in the 1940s at a time when Gotham City is rife with organized crime.  - Batman: Nine Lives
  • While the game can be completed without solving the secondary quests, in the optimal ending, which nets the player the maximum score and serves as canon for the remainder of the series, the player frees the baronet from a powerful curse and thwarts the plans of the witch Baba Yaga.  - Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero
  • Baldur's Gate includes several canon characters from the official Forgotten Realms campaign setting, such as Cadderly Bonaduce, Drizzt Do'Urden, Volothamp Geddarm, and Elminster.  - Baldur's Gate
  • Outside the canon of the actual films, a sketch on RuPaul's VH1 talk show continued the storyline of the character of Starbooty with a preview for an alleged new film called "Starbooty in: Take That You Honky Bitch".  - RuPaul Is: Starbooty!
  • Of the two endings, the "winning" path is established as canon by the game's two expansion packs, as well as the sequel,.  - Wing Commander (video game)
  • To complete the circle, Fermín de Pas (Ana's confessor and canon in the cathedral of Vetusta) also falls in love with her and becomes Mesía's unmentionable rival.  - La regenta
  • According to , the "Normal" ending is the canon one as one of Douglas' files can be found in the game.  - Silent Hill 3
  • His real reason for being in the canon universe is to steal the Bajoran Orb of Prophecy and Change for the Intendant, the mirror Kira Nerys.  - Resurrection (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • They claim the "Holy Document of Vatican Law" does not prohibit the behavior, so Maxi wants to change the canon law to outlaw sodomy, as well as to allow sex with women.  - Red Hot Catholic Love
  • The story includes characters from Tezuka's entire canon of work.  - Astro Boy: Omega Factor
  • The latter choice is considered the canon ending leading to the rest of the series.  - Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
  • For several months during and after the game's release, the game's director and lead designer, Fumito Ueda, maintained that the game's status as a prequel was simply his personal take on the game and not necessarily its canon nature, as he largely intended for players to decide the specifics of the story for themselves, but he confirmed the two do have a connection.  - Shadow of the Colossus
  • Although there is no consensus on how homosexuality is depicted in Star Trek, Woledge suggests that as K/S stories draw on many particular events from the canon of Star Trek, the text itself is homoerotic.  - Kirk/Spock
  • While Disney-based worlds were primarily derived from the Disney animated features canon in the first game, Kingdom Hearts II introduces worlds that are based on Disney live-action films as well.  - Kingdom Hearts II
  • In canon and the manga, Hugo becomes the Flame Champion, though it is emphasized that this "destiny" is not fixed.  - Suikoden III
  • At PAX East 2012, Gearbox Software's Community Manager confirmed that the game is considered an official part of the Alien franchise's canon by 20th Century Fox.  - Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • The game's plot is a separate canon from the main of the series.  - Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
  • Aside from the original series, the Walt Disney Company Italia had published several special issues depicting the lives of the Guardians and their friends taking places on the side lines from the original canon issues.  - W.I.T.C.H.
  • This novel is significant as it is the first time in the Wooster canon that Jeeves' first name (Reginald) is revealed.  - Much Obliged, Jeeves
  • The show takes place in a separate canon and continuity than any other Sonic the Hedgehog media.  - Sonic Underground
  • Additional novels and shorter fiction take place up to 350 years earlier, and still-earlier canon history is filled in between narratives and in appendices attached to the main novels and anthologies.  - Honorverse
  • At the end of Mortal Kombat 4 (which is Scorpion's canon ending), Quan Chi revealed himself to be the murderer of Scorpion's family and clan, before attempting to send him back to the Netherrealm.  - Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
  • He sees the Star Maker's early work, and he learns that the Star Maker was surprised and intensely interested when some of his early "toy" universes — for example a universe composed entirely of music with no spatial dimensions — displayed "modes of behavior that were not in accord with the canon which he had ordained for them".  - Star Maker
  • Much like games such as Mortal Kombat (which pioneered finishing moves in fighting games), the game's "Overkills" are not canon and are simply a game play element for the enjoyment of the player.  - Eternal Champions
  • Garnet decided that Tesimond's account had been given under the seal of the confessional, and that canon law therefore forbade him to repeat what he had heard.  - Gunpowder Plot

Example sentences for "canon" in interesting articles

  • My canon is Poe, Emerson, Wallace Stevens; not Ghalib, Iqbal, and Faiz.  - The Death of the Urdu Script
  • They would start saying, ‘I don’t think mass transit’s that effective, I don’t think pollution really would drive away that many residents.’ At that point, they’re also having to clarify their internal model of the way a city operates … all of a sudden your assumptions become clear to you.”A screenshot of the 2013 version of SimCity, its fifth major installment.The Maxis canon of games—if you can call them that—were uniquely influential for a generation of kids with access to computers in the 90s.  - SimCity That I Used to Know
  • Instead of other games where the camera looks at the canon ball or at the castle, the camera here tracks both.  - Why Angry Birds is so successful and popular?
  • Former English majors turn up almost anywhere, in almost any career, and they nearly always bring with them a rich sense of the possibilities of language, literary and otherwise.The canon — the books and writers we agree are worth studying — used to seem like a given, an unspoken consensus of sorts.  - The Decline and Fall of the English Major
  • "That a continent can be so submerged yet unfragmented" makes it useful for "exploring the cohesion and breakup of continental crust".So how then to get Zealandia into the canon of continents? Should text books authors get nervous again? After all, just a few years ago, Pluto got kicked off the list of planets, changing what had been taught in schools for decades.  - Zealandia: An eighth continent under New Zealand?
  • We toted around books by Jacques Derrida, and spoke of "playfulness" and "textuality." We laughed at the notion of "authorial intention" and concluded, before reading even a hundredth of it, that the Western canon was illegitimate, an expression of powerful group interests that it was our sacred duty to transcend—or, failing that, to systematically subvert.  - Lost in the Meritocracy (2005)
  • Many times over the years, Kanner would refer to the letter’s “obsessive detail.” Excerpts from Oliver’s letter—the outpourings of a layman, but also a parent—now hold a unique place in the canon of autism studies.  - Autism’s First Child
  • Aristotle’s logic, presented in his six-part book The Organon, occupied a central place in the scholarly canon for more than 2,000 years.  - Aristotle's influence on computational thought

Meaning of "canon" in English

  • a collection of books accepted as holy scripture especially the books of the Bible recognized by any Christian church as genuine and inspired
  • a complete list of saints that have been recognized by the Roman Catholic Church
  • a rule or especially body of rules or principles generally established as valid and fundamental in a field or art or philosophy
    - canons of polite society
  • a contrapuntal piece of music in which a melody in one part is imitated exactly in other parts
  • a ravine formed by a river in an area with little rainfall
  • a priest who is a member of a cathedral chapter

Meaning of "canon" in Hindi

  • सिद्धांत ( Siddhant, siddhaant)
  • धर्म-नियम ( Dharm-niyam)
  • प्रतिष्ठित नियम ( Pratishthit niyam)

Synonyms of "canon"

  • canyon

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