How to use "capricious" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "capricious" in popular movie and book plots

  • The capricious thirty-year-old Camilla, comes to think she would be the right wife for a proper English prince.  - Connasse, Princesse des cœurs
  • Her friends are the pure, innocent, fairy-tale-like Moeko, the capricious Mao, and Nao who used to be an athletic type of girl, but now loves the boys-love genre.  - Wakaba Girl
  • His daughter Mindy is a capricious and cruel girl who likes to flirt with her cousins.  - El engaño
  • Aviel is most burdened by his tension with his formerly close sister Avishag, who has grown to become an indulgent, capricious beauty.  - Zaguri Imperia
  • She helps Estrella to mature and leave behind her life as a superficial and capricious youth, and helps her to understand that of her two suitors, Carlos (Sergio Mayer) and Greco (José Luis Reséndez), it is the latter who truly cares for her.  - La Madrastra (2005 telenovela)
  • As described in a film magazine, Sylvia Weston (Clark) is a capricious young woman who says "I do NOT" when she leaves a rich groom at the altar.  - Three Men and a Girl
  • Alejandro is a playboy who is committed to marry Marcia, a selfish and capricious woman who will try to separate him from Emilia after Alejandro leaves her in order to marry Emilia.  - Emilia (telenovela)
  • Marcello is frustrated by Anna's capricious nature, while he himself is involved with two other women, Fulvia (Martinelli) and Eleonora (Perschy).  - Love in Rome
  • When the capricious Leslie Lutrell spontaneously visits his café, she also falls for him.  - Lucky Fritz
  • He asks "his Hebrew friend" Kyle about it, who tells him the Plagues of Egypt are the result of a cruel and capricious God.  - Jewpacabra
  • Kalpana is slightly capricious and loves being in love.  - Arike
  • Here, she is luminous as, like the other two characters, she is transformed from baffled frustration to effective navigator, refusing to be victims, no matter how the capricious evils of Nazi occupation threaten them; they grow resourceful in protecting one another.  - So Ends Our Night
  • Cesar's youngest children are twins: Narda and Claudio who're despised by their parents, the first because she's capricious and stubborn and the second because he has been in an insane asylum for years (because the sadistic Augusto has been abusing him, at the back of his family) creating him an infantile psychosis and making him paranoid and traumatized.  - Imperio de cristal
  • The latest manifestation of Zélie's restless, capricious nature is heavy gambling, to Pierre's disapproval.  - The Return of the Rat
  • Likewise, Madoka has feelings for Kyōsuke which she masks with her capricious nature for fear of hurting her friend Hikaru.  - Kimagure Orange Road
  • 489 ADG, as he is designated) is delighted to have awakened in a socialist state; but his enthusiasm quickly fades as he experiences the capricious irrationality and the privations of life in a dictatorship of the proletariat.  - The Scarlet Empire
  • He lives in his castle with his second wife, Helga, and a daughter from a first marriage, capricious Gerda.  - The Burning Soil
  • Like the capricious and meddlesome gods of Greek mythology, the ACS girls pit the boys' schools against each other in a (secret) Prom War.  - Prom Wars
  • The plot thickens as Colonel Townly’s beloved Berinthia comes on the scene; he sees her as a frustratingly capricious woman, but she mainly acts this way because she wants to severely test her admirer’s fidelity before accepting his proposals, not satisfied with his previous loose way of life.  - A Trip to Scarborough
  • Templeton decides, therefore, to direct his thoughts towards spiting the Voice, whom he regards as a capricious entity, by destroying himself.  - The Last Answer
  • Serving as Dame Hester's nominal captain on her journey to find a clinic reputed to restore lost youth to wealthy clients, Myron soon finds that his aunt is capricious as she is flamboyant, and after an argument, finds himself castaway on a remote planet.  - Ports of Call (Vance novel)
  • The mayor and his officers are plaguing Brightford with capricious rule and economic hardship.  - The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man
  • Lizbeth, who is Luciana and Andrés's daughter, is capricious and spoiled because she is accustomed to always having what she wants, while Víctor Manuel, who is Andrés's son with his first wife, is like a son to Luciana and works at her fashion house.  - El Privilegio de Amar
  • Professor teaches the capricious girl queen is semiliterate, bratty, and does not wish to be taught.  - The Twelve Months (1956 film)
  • Dion is trying to bring stability and democracy to the transitional government there by teaching the capricious young tyrant of the city, Dionysius the Younger, about more tolerant forms of government.  - The Mask of Apollo
  • While some of the beings act in a benevolent manner, a few seem capricious and cruel, and even completely deranged.  - Time for Yesterday
  • Moonshadow loses his innocence, but eventually makes peace with the world and reconciles himself to the actions of his seemingly capricious alien father.  - Moonshadow (comics)
  • They observe the relentless cruelty and torture that is rained down upon the slaves by the cold and practical Weylin, the petty and hysterical Margaret, and the capricious and spoiled Rufus.  - Kindred (novel)
  • Vera (Neve Campbell) is a femme fatale for the 21st century: a beautiful, capricious young woman living in New York who begins exploring the limits of her sexual and intellectual power.  - When Will I Be Loved (film)
  • His ultimate goal, however, is to dominate and humiliate the people within his community through intimidation via his increasingly capricious and violent misuse of his ever-strengthening powers.  - Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb
  • Gnaghi becomes infatuated with the mayor's capricious daughter, Valentina (Fabiana Formica).  - Cemetery Man
  • After encounters with several women, they meet the free-spirited, capricious Catherine (Jeanne Moreau), a doppelgänger for the statue with the serene smile.  - Jules and Jim
  • Moebius has explained that the story was improvised in a deliberately whimsical or capricious manner.  - Airtight Garage
  • Zinaida, as is revealed throughout the story, is a thoroughly capricious and somewhat playful mistress to these rather love-struck suitors.  - First Love (novella)
  • Walking through the streets at night Cordelia encounters Xander and Willow who are now aggressive, capricious vampires.  - The Wish (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • As she grows older, Pearl becomes capricious and unruly.  - The Scarlet Letter

Example sentences for "capricious" in interesting articles

  • Lautman Rudimentary stepwells first appeared in India between the 2nd and 4th centuries A.D., born of necessity in a capricious climate zone bone-dry for much of the year followed by torrential monsoon rains for many weeks.  - India's Forgotten Stepwells
  • The obstacles he encountered in trying to save his friend Lee, similarly, were not capricious or arbitrary.  - A disturbing report from the front lines of the war on cancer
  • Regardless of recent amendments to SOPA, both bills will risk fragmenting the Internet's global domain name system (DNS) and have other capricious technical consequences.  - An Open Letter From Internet Engineers to the U.S. Congress
  • Modern electrical grids are in some ways like busy airports, with sweaty controllers staring at monitors, feverishly adjusting power outputs from big plants to the capricious swirls of human demand for air-conditioning, baseboard heating, and microwave popcorn.  - What If We Never Run Out of Oil?
  • Modern electrical grids are in some ways like busy airports, with sweaty controllers staring at monitors, feverishly adjusting power outputs from big plants to the capricious swirls of human demand for air-conditioning, baseboard heating, and microwave popcorn.  - What if we never run out of oil? (2013)
  • In the stretches between avalanches and other discontinuities, A-societies are often surprising not by being capricious but by being much more stable than intuition would suggest.  - Seeing Around Corners: The new science of artificial societies (2002)
  • Some may accuse us of capricious choices and blatant omissions (and, no, it won’t be the first time).  - Microchips That Shook the World
  • Some may accuse us of capricious choices and blatant omissions (and, no, it won’t be the first time).  - 25 Microchips That Shook the World

Meaning of "capricious" in English

  • determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason
    - authoritarian rulers are frequently capricious
    - the victim of whimsical persecutions
  • changeable
    - freakish weather

Meaning of "capricious" in Hindi

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Synonyms of "capricious"

  • freakish
  • whimsical
  • impulsive

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