How to use "cataclysm" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "cataclysm" in popular movie and book plots

  • Soon it transpires that the reason behind this cataclysm is mysterious Ivan's approaching them, walking on water.  - 150 000 000
  • Mister Fantastic and Maker (the Mister Fantastic of Earth-1610) make plans to survive the cataclysm with a small group of colleagues; Mister Fantastic selects heroes and important scientists, while Maker intends to save himself and the Cabal.  - Secret Wars (2015 comic book)
  • Though the cataclysm is predominantly a zombie apocalypse, many other disastrous events are going on, including invasions from fungi, Triffids, and lovecraftian monsters.  - Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
  • Her hostility and the forest's cataclysm are explained in flashbacks.  - Ori and the Blind Forest
  • In the 21st century, an environmental cataclysm forces the human race to abandon Earth and to settle on a new world, Nova Prime.  - After Earth
  • At first skeptical Barrabus reminds them that the Shadovar used to protect the town before the primordial cataclysm and that he himself lived through it by hiding under the town bridge.  - Neverwinter (novel)
  • The League track down the Legion of Doom and subdue them, but fail to prevent an apocalyptic cataclysm via solar flare.  - Justice League: Doom
  • This sets of a cataclysm wherein the debris of Shaydan then pelts the earth with meteors which wipe out the dinosaurs leaving only mammals.  - Orion in the Dying Time
  • Mata Nui notes the half buried structures and ruins in the desert, evidence of the cataclysm that occurred 100,000 years ago.  - Bionicle Super Chapter Books
  • The family reunites, then flees a massive cataclysm as the land begins to violently rip apart.  - The Croods
  • The Time Trapper tells Rokk that — despite his many battles with the Legion — he has actually been attempting to save the 30th century all along from an impending cataclysm in time.  - End of an Era (comics)
  • bomb to Earth-Prime, finding it to be uninhabited and lifeless, having suffered an unknown cataclysm that caused it to leave solar orbit.  - Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
  • Hoffman believes that this cataclysm will be preceded by strange events and weather patterns.  - Force Majeure (Millennium)
  • None of them can know that their fates will be intertwined as the cataclysm engulfs them.  - Four Steps to Death
  • Fourteen years after a worldwide cataclysm called Third Impact devastated the Earth, Asuka Langley Shikinami and Mari Illustrious Makinami, pilots of the Evangelion cyborgs, are sent into space to retrieve a container in which Evangelion Unit 01 and its pilot Shinji Ikari are sealed.  - Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo
  • Jean himself begins to predict a coming apocalypse, and claims that the cataclysm has arrived to "save the hearts of man".  - End of the World (1931 film)
  • With the power it gives him he compels the barbarian chieftain, Czinczar, to surrender, but not before Czinczar shows him the body of an alien, one of a species that Czinczar believes caused the cataclysm that devastated human civilization thousands of years before.  - Empire of the Atom
  • Having gathered the survivors of Nangong clan from the cataclysm 18 years before, she returned with vengeance, with her grown-up son, Dongfang Tiexin, to her childhood home where she suffered ignominy for being born a girl.  - Weapons of the Gods (comics)
  • A man and his young son struggle to survive after a global cataclysm has caused an extinction event.  - The Road (2009 film)
  • Set after a world-altering cataclysm called the Blaze that took place on May 14, 2032, Baroque focuses on a nameless, mute, and amnesiac protagonist.  - Baroque (video game)
  • In May 1962, the superhero Astonishman triggers a worldwide cataclysm known as the Green Event.  - The End League
  • The last segment of Ezio's memories brings an astonished Ezio and Desmond to a futuristic chamber underneath the Sistine Chapel, where a hologram of the goddess Minerva addresses Desmond by name and through Ezio warns him of an impending cataclysm with the potential to destroy all life on Earth.  - Desmond Miles
  • Professor Minott is a mathematician at Robinson College in Fredericksburg, Virginia who has determined that an apocalyptic cataclysm is fast approaching that could destroy the entire universe.  - Sidewise in Time
  • In 2015, fifteen years after a global cataclysm known as the Second Impact, the child Shinji Ikari is summoned to Tokyo-3 by his estranged father Gendo, the commander of the paramilitary organization NERV.  - Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
  • Adron's spell explodes into a sea of chaos that destroys Dragaera City, a cataclysm later called Adron's Disaster.  - Five Hundred Years After
  • He wakes up the next morning to find two Brownies sitting at the end of his bed and that a horrific cataclysm has wiped out 12 areas in the world, including Tir Asleen.  - Shadow Moon (novel)
  • He digs all of them up but they are all small, and Varrus does not think that these are large enough for the cataclysm that happened to the cattle.  - The Skystone
  • Suddenly a strange cataclysm takes place, with millions of people worldwide going insane and many densely populated areas becoming a 'no-go' zone.  - Czarne oceany
  • Covenant, who has finally gained full comprehension of and control over the power of the wild magic, uses it to destroy the Illearth Stone: in the final cataclysm Foamfollower is killed and so, seemingly, is Covenant.  - The Power that Preserves
  • Suddenly there's an earthquake, and the ghosts of the Carthaginians bring the group (the two yakuza, the TV reporter and some university students) to the future, when the sea level has increased and all the islands which compose the Japanese archipelago have been submerged; the Japanese people have thus emigrated in the other countries, and they're now scattered around the world, and in particular in Europe, where after the cataclysm a dictatorship has been established, they've become slaves and bandits.  - Japan (1992 manga)
  • Then town mechanic and resident jack-of-all-trades Henry Deacon and other scientists at the Eureka Advanced Research Facility initiate a reversal to the impending cataclysm before the town — and entire world — are absorbed in the vortex.  - Pilot (Eureka)
  • Maracot who becomes possessed by the spirit of Warda, the man who managed to convince a handful of Atlanteans to prepare for the worst and thus built an Ark which saved them from the cataclysm which destroyed their land.  - The Maracot Deep
  • The single survivor of the cataclysm is Simon Hart, whose unconscious body with the diary at his side is found by the landing French sailors.  - Facing the Flag
  • But one reckless fool had succumbed to temptation and gone back in time, triggering a cataclysm that had wrecked qujal civilization.  - Gate of Ivrel
  • Determining the exact year of the long-ago supernova and the star system's distance from Earth, he calculated the date the emitted light from the explosion reached Earth, proving that the cataclysm that destroyed the peaceful planet was the same star that heralded the birth of Jesus.  - The Star (Clarke short story)
  • Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony picks up where Dungeon Siege II left off: after the second cataclysm altered the world of Aranna.  - Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony
  • Just as the ever-expanding particles are about to engulf the lab and explode into an atomic cataclysm that could destroy the world, the head of the research facility calculates a formula to reverse the effects of the reaction, incorporates a random element, and succeeds in desensitizing the new lifeform, rendering it powerless.  - Production and Decay of Strange Particles
  • When the volcano that the Nargas worship erupts, they must escape the cataclysm engulfing the land.  - The People That Time Forgot (film)
  • If the shuttle reaches Earth, it will cause an even greater cataclysm than Axis' impact would have intended.  - Another Century's Episode
  • The story revolves around near mythical Japan, which has been destroyed in a vaguely described natural cataclysm several decades before the story opens.  - Tea from an Empty Cup
  • Meanwhile, the Spectre appeals to the Lords of Order to allow Earth's magicians to join in Earth's defense, only to be told that he must instead ensure their neutrality for fear of provoking the Lords of Chaos from intervening on behalf of the invaders and escalating the conflict into a cataclysm that would mean the destruction of everyone involved.  - Invasion! (DC Comics)
  • While in captivity, Hale and the others are joined by two more prisoners: Monat (Brian Moore), an extraterrestrial who died - along with the rest of mankind - in a cataclysm in the year 2039; and a young girl named Gwenafra (Nikita Kearsley), the only human being in Riverworld reborn as a child.  - Riverworld (2003 film)
  • Blackstar fires his weapon at the monorail, destroying it in a cataclysm that throws the combatants and horses from the track.  - Sabre (Eclipse Comics)
  • The resulting cataclysm awakens a giant, prehistoric monster called Gamera, who has the appearance of a giant turtle with large tusks.  - Gamera: The Giant Monster
  • The story is continued in Heroes Chronicles: The Sword of Frost, eventually leading to a cataclysm that sets the stage for Heroes of Might and Magic IV.  - Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade
  • He plans to use her to initiate Third Impact, a cataclysm which will kill everyone on Earth, and reunite with his deceased wife Yui.  - The End of Evangelion
  • Popotan takes place in the distant future within the remnants of Tokyo, destroyed by a cataclysm and since altered by geological transformations.  - Popotan
  • These gods were captured and imprisoned in nine orbs by the dark god Khull-Khuum 1000 years before the events of the game, during a cataclysm referred to as "The Devastation".  - Stonekeep
  • However, the Black Wings were able to return the Black Mage to reality for a moment, causing a cataclysm known as the Big Bang.  - MapleStory
  • The game opens with an introduction about a seaside town which was damaged by a cataclysm and consequently sunk into the depths of the earth.  - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
  • They are given bare details of the current Earth: an undefined cataclysm has reduced the human population to a mere few million.  - Houston, Houston, Do You Read?
  • It encompasses the discovery of the comet, the Los Angeles social scene, and a cast of diverse characters whose fate is to be among the few who survive the massive cataclysm and the resulting tsunamis, plagues, famines, and battles among scavengers and cannibals.  - Lucifer's Hammer
  • A recurring theme is that the actions of the group may hasten the cataclysm they are trying to avoid, or alter history in undesirable ways.  - Odyssey 5
  • This cataclysm forced the remnants of humanity to the stars in search of new land and resources.  - Allegiance (video game)
  • However, even this cataclysm does not drive the locals to open up to their alien visitors, so the crewmen deploy a device working as a giant lens or laser, capable of displaying images (but also concentrating beams to the point of being a powerful weapon) and following a suggestion by Tempe, show the Quintans a "fairy tale" by projecting a cartoon onto Quinta's clouds.  - Fiasco (novel)
  • In 2015, fifteen years after a global cataclysm known as the Second Impact, teenager Shinji Ikari is summoned to the futuristic city of Tokyo-3 by his estranged father Gendo Ikari, the director of the special paramilitary force NERV.  - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Example sentences for "cataclysm" in interesting articles

  • NEPC’s communications cataclysm was a byproduct of the battle between eyeball and transit networks.  - Detailed report shows how U.S. Internet access monopolies punish rivals
  • And their struggle is not to win the war, but to defuse it.The characters who pursue war — generally government officials — are portrayed as vainglorious and arrogant schemers who rashly court cataclysm for the sake of their grandiose ambitions.Yet even these antagonists are not treated as devils, but as deeply flawed human beings.  - Miyazaki's Beautiful Anti-War Dreams
  • And their struggle is not to win the war, but to defuse it.The characters who pursue war — generally government officials — are portrayed as vainglorious and arrogant schemers who rashly court cataclysm for the sake of their grandiose ambitions.Yet even these antagonists are not treated as devils, but as deeply flawed human beings.  - Miyazaki's Beautiful Anti-War Dreams
  • NEPC’s communications cataclysm was a byproduct of the battle between eyeball and transit networks.  - Detailed report shows how U.S. Internet access monopolies punish rivals
  • But what about the third form of the apocalypse, that which helps us understand the end? How do MMOs help us come to terms with the causes and effects of an apocalypse on any scale?The media scholar Richard Grusin attributes the popularity of end-of-the-world scenarios in popular media to a phenomenon he calls “premediation,” the representation of cataclysm to build the public’s expectations for a real cataclysm.  - When a Video-Game World Ends
  • characterized as the president’s “combination of toughness and restraint, of will, nerve, and wisdom, so brilliantly controlled, so matchlessly calibrated, that [it] dazzled the world”—the Soviet leadership blinked: Moscow dismantled the missiles, and a cataclysm was averted.  - The Real Cuban Missile Crisis (2013)
  • Yet it is all too easy to forget just how deeply this newfound equality was rooted in the cataclysm of the world wars.The pressures of total war became a uniquely powerful catalyst of equalizing reform, spurring unionization, extensions of voting rights, and the creation of the welfare state.  - The Only Thing, Historically, That's Curbed Inequality: Catastrophe
  • Neither she nor anyone else, Epstein included, believes that an array of little dots explains the Rwandan cataclysm or any other real-world event; the very notion is silly.  - Seeing Around Corners: The new science of artificial societies (2002)

Meaning of "cataclysm" in English

  • an event resulting in great loss and misfortune
    - the earthquake was a disaster
  • a sudden violent change in the earth's surface

Meaning of "cataclysm" in Hindi

  • पानी की बाढ ( Pani ki badh, panee kee baadh)
  • पृथ्वीप्लाव ( Prithviplav, prithveeplaav, prithwiplaw)
  • पानी की बाढ़/पृथ्वीप्लाव

Synonyms of "cataclysm"

  • calamity
  • tragedy
  • catastrophe
  • disaster

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