How to use "causal" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "causal" in popular movie and book plots

  • One of the crew manages to survive long enough to send a distress call, which the artifact sends back in time, creating a causal loop.  - Tharsis (video game)
  • It is a means of instantaneous teleportation using exotic physics, which has by now developed to a stage where it will have no meaning to the causal being.  - Tomorrow and Tomorrow (novel)
  • He claims to the police that he has passed his knowledge of black magic to his disciple, Magiara, and also shares time with the causal thrill-seeking Patrizia.  - Don't Torture a Duckling
  • Maugham with ease develops an ever-enlarging deterministic plot that commences with the causal effect of Sheppey's win and then progresses that effect upon the way that it is believed that it will influence all of the near and not so near others in his life.  - Sheppey (play)
  • of the El-Hazard plot line is a causal loop, or an example of the predestination paradox.  - El-Hazard

Example sentences for "causal" in interesting articles

Meaning of "causal" in English

  • involving or constituting a cause; causing

Meaning of "causal" in Hindi

  • कारणात्मक ( Karanatmak, kaaranaatmak)
  • प्रेरणार्थक ( Preranarthak, preranaarthak)
  • कारण संबंधी ( Karan sanbandhi, kaaran sanbandhee)
  • हेतुक ( Hetuk)
  • कारण बतानेवाला ( Karan batanevala, kaaran batanevaalaa, karan batanewala)

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