How to use "centrifugal" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "centrifugal" in popular movie and book plots

  • Late in the Joseph Stalin era, a teacher of physics, Dimitri Lopatkin, invents a machine which revolutionizes the centrifugal casting of pipes, then a difficult and time-consuming operation.  - Not by Bread Alone
  • They see a cyclist in the film ride in a carnival Wall of Death - a high walled barrel-like tank where centrifugal force keeps the rider up in the air circling.  - Eat the Peach
  • The character of Justine — who is portrayed by Durell as alluring, seductive, mournful, and prone to dark, cryptic pronouncements — has been described by critics as the centrifugal force of the novel.  - Justine (Durrell novel)
  • It had been primarily devised as a ring in which the gravity force is simulated by the centrifugal force exerting upon all objects inside a ring tube in the direction opposite to the centre of the ring.  - Paradyzja
  • Cirocco, Gaby, and Gene decide to climb up to this place using the support cables that maintain the structure against centrifugal force.  - Titan (John Varley novel)
  • It rotates, providing artificial gravity that is 992% as strong as Earth's gravity through the action of centrifugal force.  - Ringworld

Example sentences for "centrifugal" in interesting articles

  • The panel, which would be closer to Earth, would experience more gravitational pull down toward the planet and less centrifugal force away from it, while the bus would be tugged upward by the opposite effects.  - How Japan Plans to Build an Orbital Solar Farm

Meaning of "centrifugal" in English

  • tending to move away from a center
  • conveying information to the muscles from the CNS
  • tending away from centralization, as of authority

Meaning of "centrifugal" in Hindi

  • अपकेन्द्री ( Apakendri, apakendree)
  • केन्द्रापसारी ( Kendrapasari, kendraapasaaree)
  • केन्द्रापग ( Kendrapag, kendraapag)

Synonyms of "centrifugal"

  • motor

Antonyms of "centrifugal"

  • centripetal

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