How to use "century" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "century" in popular movie and book plots

  • But a quarter of a century or more later, circumstances have forced them to change: Will and Claire have long split up.  - Helpless (play)
  • His social and physical decline corresponds to the decline of his idol Boullée, who until the 20th century was hardly known.  - The Belly of an Architect
  • In late 20th century Boston Carolinus locates Peter Dickinson, a former scientist turned board game designer who is obsessed with dragons.  - The Flight of Dragons
  • It is set more than a century after the prologue, when a starship is built in Titan's orbit.  - Fiasco (novel)
  • Oblomov is a member of the upper middle class and the son of a member of Russia’s nineteenth century landed gentry.  - Oblomov
  • The book is set in the 17th century in the Badgworthy Water region of Exmoor in Devon and Somerset, England.  - Lorna Doone
  • In the 1st century BC, the Roman Republic has slid into corruption, its menial work done by armies of slaves.  - Spartacus (film)
  • The Son'a are a splinter faction of Ba'ku who gave up their bucolic existence a century earlier to embrace the use of technology.  - Star Trek: Insurrection
  • The police are laughable by 20th century standards.  - Riders of the Purple Wage
  • Normally, the Eternals traverse from century to century within Eternity in a kind of temporal elevator called a kettle.  - The End of Eternity
  • In the 5th century AD, a Christian mob threatens the home of a magician in Hellenistic Egypt.  - Promethea
  • Agnes Nutter was a witch in the 17th century and the only truly accurate prophet to have ever lived.  - Good Omens
  • Once he arrives at home, a talking cricket who has lived in the house for over a century warns him of the perils of disobedience and hedonism.  - The Adventures of Pinocchio
  • In nineteenth century chemist Louis Pasteur (Paul Muni) believes that diseases are caused by unseen microbes.  - The Story of Louis Pasteur
  • More than a century later, an unknown outsider called the Mule has begun taking over planets belonging to the Foundation at a rapid pace.  - Foundation series
  • The story takes place in the early 21st century against a background of an overpopulated Earth with a violent, dysfunctional society.  - I Will Fear No Evil

Meaning of "century" in English

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