How to use "chemical" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "chemical" in popular movie and book plots

  • However, DeRoc sabotages the opening night by placing a chemical in the liquor turning the crowd into a sexually violent mob aimed at Omaha.  - Omaha the Cat Dancer
  • She runs into the Mutos, exiled descendants of those mutated by chemical weapons early in the war but they are captured by the Thals.  - Genesis of the Daleks
  • During the conflict, many forms of chemical and biological weapons have been used, poisoning the planet's atmosphere and oceans.  - Rogue Trooper
  • Stephen confronts Adcox about the deadly backdrafts during a multiple-alarm fire at a chemical plant.  - Backdraft (film)
  • Galena reveals that the Red Mercury bombs can only be armed through a chemical process known only to a scientist named Boris in Chechnya.  - Shadow Ops: Red Mercury
  • She explains that an experimental chemical designed to suppress aggression was added into Miranda's air.  - Serenity (film)
  • Newman tells a story of having been a chemist with the Army’s chemical warfare division in Saigon.  - Jacob's Ladder (film)
  • To this end, he has procured a large stockpile of chemical weapons, including VX nerve gas and blister gas.  - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
  • Ruth willingly gets out of the boat to push it to shore, leaving her with severe chemical burns to which she later succumbs.  - Dante's Peak
  • Finally, before returning, Holmes spent time doing chemical research on coal tar derivatives in Montpellier, France.  - The Adventure of the Empty House
  • This is only a brief respite, as further ahead the branch negotiates a tight curve adjacent to a chemical plant.  - Runaway Train (film)
  • Central Florida itself was hit heavily with neutron and chemical weapons, in order to destroy the life there and preserve the technology.  - Fountain of Dreams
  • The trio take refuge in a nearby cottage that is soon surrounded by black smoke—a Martian chemical weapon.  - Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds
  • After Wayne's funeral, it is revealed that his death was staged using his own chemical concoction that can suspend his vital life signs.  - The Dark Knight Returns
  • Dane demonstrates Grazer to investors by destroying a Chinese chemical weapons plant.  - Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
  • The Nocturnal Missions form a prequel storyline dealing with German plans for chemical warfare.  - Wolfenstein 3D

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