How to use "chicanery" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "chicanery" in popular movie and book plots

  • The three intend to protect an impending land exchange between honest rancher Merrick (John Maxwell) and peace-seeking Indian chief Yellow Hawk (Jay Silverheels) against the crooked chicanery of land baron Clay Bennett (David Bruce).  - Masterson of Kansas
  • After a lab analysis proves the chicanery involved, Foster shoots a sheriff, but Rex manages to make sure the guilty parties both end up behind bars.  - Rodeo King and the Senorita
  • However, what begins as a routine case of an apparent copycat suicide soon develops into something of a more sinister nature, revealing family secrets, corporate chicanery involving the arms trade, government agents and Iraq.  - Good Morning, Midnight (Hill novel)
  • They resort to chicanery to save the firm.  - The Firm of Girdlestone
  • The story is based on the requirement of Spanish land owners in California to register their lands before a deadline and the chicanery practiced by some to prevent registration.  - The Man from Monterey
  • Frustrated by their inability to contact Buffy and by the demon butler's chicanery on The Immortal's behalf, they decide to go home.  - The Girl in Question
  • ”Chip knew all along that it was power hunger—not altruism—that drove Wei to chicanery and murders.  - This Perfect Day

Example sentences for "chicanery" in interesting articles

Meaning of "chicanery" in English

  • the use of tricks to deceive someone (usually to extract money from them)

Meaning of "chicanery" in Hindi

  • टाल मटोल ( Tal matol, taal matol)
  • छल ( Chhal)
  • धोखा
  • हेरा-फेरी ( Hera-pheri, heraa-pheree, hera-feri)
  • वाक्छल ( Vakchhal, vaakchhal, wakchhal)
  • धोखा ( Dhokha, dhokhaa)
  • छल-कपट ( Chhal-kapat)
  • कुतर्क ( Kutark)
  • प्रवंचना ( Pravanchana, pravanchanaa, prawanchana)
  • वितण्डा ( Vitanda, vitandaa, witanda)
  • झाँसापट्टी ( Jhansapatti, jhaansaapattee, zhansapatti)
  • वाग्जाल ( Vagjal, vaagjaal, wagzal)

Synonyms of "chicanery"

  • wile
  • chicane
  • guile
  • shenanigan
  • trickery

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