How to use "chivalry" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "chivalry" in popular movie and book plots

  • However, he has none of the love for chivalry his two uncles have.  - The Lords of Vaumartin
  • Walter's conscience, seeing that vows of chivalry are often futile and harmful, compels him to break his to Engaine and contrive to wed Maryam in the very clutches of Sung Yung, putting her beyond the power of Chinese magistrates to enforce the criminal transaction.  - The Black Rose (novel)
  • Maharana Pratap was leading forward with his knighthood, chivalry and art of battling; at the same time emperor Jalal ud-Din Muhammad Akbar of Mughal dynasty (who persecuted king Udai Singh from Chittor) was now ready to tackle the conflict in the form of a battle.  - Maharana Pratap: The First Freedom Fighter
  • Finally, the earl agrees to his daughter's engagement with Degrevant, convinced by his daughter and his wife's pleas and by Degrevant's obvious chivalry and strength.  - Sir Degrevant
  • The film is ″(a) tale of chivalry in modern times, involving a Glasgow grocer and a Russian princess imprisoned in a deserted castle″ according to the British Film Institute.  - Huntingtower (film)
  • "It's nice to know chivalry isn't dead," Bree smiles.  - Excited and Scared
  • Arthur is praised as an example of chivalry whose name is eternal.  - Iwein
  • The Saracen emir, whose chivalry is exemplary, reassures the father and orders a search to be made for the missing son.  - Song of Armouris
  • Chen initially harbours a grudge against Huo and seeks to kill Huo, but dismisses the idea as he becomes more impressed with the latter's chivalry and patriotism.  - Huo Yuanjia (2008 TV series)
  • During his adventures Wan's actions and deeds show the Wulin community what kind of man he is, his chivalry earning him the respect of the elders of other schools, leading them to act as intermediaries between him and Wudang.  - Reincarnated (TV series)
  • His cult of the noble (which was much more a dream of living in a Burne-Jonesish world of sunlit castles and pure chivalry than it was of toadying after titles), his fiercely traditionalist Catholicism, his horror of the urban proletariat, were too wide-eyed to be either dangerous or mean.  - For Love & Money
  • The boy's education comes from books dedicated to male hero worship and chivalry in the mansion's library.  - L'isola di Arturo
  • Gaillardia is reunited, the Russians, British and Americans leave and Carlton-Browne is granted orders of chivalry by both Gaillardia and Britain for his services to world peace.  - Carlton-Browne of the F.O.
  • Turner's sense of chivalry is aroused, and a fight occurs when the boyfriend arrives.  - Coming Attraction
  • And over it all, like a dream, hovers the Grail which is the epitome of chivalry and Christian decency, qualities which are in desperately short supply as the armies of France and England struggle at the beginning of what will be known as the Hundred Years War.  - Harlequin (novel)
  • Emsworth's sense of chivalry is aroused, and he offers to sell her encyclopaedias for her, while she has a lie down on the couch.  - Birth of a Salesman
  • Realising that the rules of chivalry have not been met, Sir Braggart declares the duel void and declares war.  - Up the Chastity Belt
  • It isn't too long into her misadventure that the formerly hermitic Si Si discovers that the world outside is far from being the world of chivalry that she expected and there are people practically lining up to take advantage of her.  - Ambitious Kung Fu Girl
  • He remembers the dramatic death of General Johnston: how events spun out of control in its aftermath, how the disorganized and leaderless Confederate army fell victim to a surprise Federal attack the next day, how Johnston's old-fashioned chivalry had been no match for the reality they had encountered.  - Shiloh (Foote novel)
  • In a land where chivalry and honor are everything, what happens when rebels from Australia, enamored of the amazing technology held by the Americans, hatch a plot to bring some of it back to their homes.  - The Miocene Arrow
  • The King, respecting the chivalry of Saladin to send Ilderim, agrees and banishes Kenneth from England.  - King Richard and the Crusaders
  • He is so impressed with Miao's sense of chivalry that he starts wondering if Ping A'si was mistaken about Miao.  - The Young Flying Fox
  • Despite his suspicion of Bertha, Tarzan's natural chivalry leads him to grant her shelter and protection among the apes.  - Tarzan the Untamed
  • Still, Guenevere secretly mourns the loss of her beloved Lancelot, who has returned to the Sacred Lake of his boyhood, hoping to restore his faith in chivalry in the place where he learned to be a knight.  - The Knight of the Sacred Lake
  • It recounts the tale of Aucassin, son of Count Garin of Beaucaire, who so loved Nicolette, a Saracen maiden, who had been sold to the Viscount of Beaucaire, baptized and adopted by him, that he had forsaken knighthood and chivalry and even refused to defend his father's territories from enemies.  - Aucassin and Nicolette
  • With the help of Don Coyote's noble horse Rosinante (voiced by Brad Garrett), Sancho Panda (voiced by Don Messick) and his voice-of-cynicism donkey Dapple (voiced by Frank Welker), these crusaders of chivalry ride the countryside fighting for truth, justice, and beauty.  - The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda
  • His chivalry stirred, Bleke tells her he plans to buy the paper.  - The Episode of the Live Weekly
  • the flower of chivalry is cut down, but freedom waves her conquering flag on high.  - William Tell (play)
  • The age of feudalism and chivalry was passing away, and the King of France was inciting the wealthy citizens of Flanders against his own rebellious vassal the Duke of Burgundy.  - Quentin Durward
  • His intentions are partially subverted by a priest who befriends Norman and teaches him his letters and chivalry towards women.  - The Outlaw of Torn
  • "Thus the romance would trace back the model of ideal civilization that it proposes, a model also for the orders of chivalry created from the 14th century onwards, to a legendary origin where the glory of Alexander is united with the fame of Arthur".  - Perceforest
  • Their commanding officer, Hauptmann Otto Heidemann (Karl Michael Vogler) is an aristocratic officer whose belief in chivalry and the laws and customs of war conflict with Stachel's contempt for them.  - The Blue Max
  • An English knight, Bowen (Dennis Quaid), mentors a Saxon prince, Einon (Lee Oakes), in the Old Code, the ideals of chivalry in the hope that he will become a better king than his tyrannical father Freyne (Peter Hric).  - Dragonheart
  • He bemoans the lack of chivalry and honour among his fellow returnees.  - The Neutronium Alchemist
  • He is obsessed with Southern ideals of chivalry and is strongly protective of women, especially his sister.  - The Sound and the Fury
  • Some of them manage to get behind enemy lines and, deprived of any hope to turn the battle, break the code of chivalry by murdering the young and defenseless English pages and setting fire to the English tents.  - Henry V (1989 film)

Example sentences for "chivalry" in interesting articles

  • Don Quixote is man obsessed with chivalry who sets out in search of adventure on his ageing horse Rocinante and with his faithful squire Sancho Panza 1616: Cervantes dies aged 68, with six teeth remaining.  - Spain Finds Cervantes' Tomb in Madrid

Meaning of "chivalry" in English

  • courtesy towards women
  • the medieval principles governing knighthood and knightly conduct

Meaning of "chivalry" in Hindi

  • बहादुरी ( Bahaduri, bahaaduree)
  • वीरता ( Virata, veerataa, wirata)
  • क्षात्रधर्म
  • मर्यादापूर्ण व्यवहार ( Maryadapurn vyavahar, maryaadaapoorn vyavahaar, maryadapurn wyawahar)
  • मर्यादापूर्ण व्यवहार

Synonyms of "chivalry"

  • gallantry
  • politesse
  • knightliness

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