How to use "cloister" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "cloister" in popular movie and book plots

  • The Order have a cloister vow to only interact with other Alderaanians in order to keep their musical culturally pure, and their leader Pareece has kept the knowledge of Alderaan's destruction from them.  - Star Wars: Princess Leia
  • The TARDIS's cloister bell begins to sound, and Clara races to the TARDIS to find it locked.  - Hide (Doctor Who)
  • Later that day, Lucian and Puppis finally arrive at a cloister run by his friend Father Schirer (Francis Blanche), a priest and psychiatrist.  - The Eroticist
  • Though the audience is not shown the contents of the room (numbered 11) that the Doctor is lured to open, the sound of the TARDIS' cloister bell can be heard.  - The God Complex
  • Then the TARDIS's cloister bell is heard; the Doctor races back to his machine, needing to travel in time to prevent its systems from overheating, and promises Amelia that he will return in five minutes.  - The Eleventh Hour (Doctor Who)
  • Unresponsive, Sigma vanishes, and the Doctor staggers back into the TARDIS to the ominous sound of the cloister bell.  - The Waters of Mars
  • He declares that he is the son of Ivan the Terrible and was not, as reputed, murdered in 1591 as a child, but raised in a cloister and that he afterward was in the service of the Prince of Sendomir.  - Demetrius (play)
  • He rushes into the TARDIS only to hear the cloister bell, and announces that the universe is in danger.  - Turn Left (Doctor Who)
  • After being sent from his cloister to Rome, he finds a Count, disguised as a monk as a means of seeing his lover, and pushes him (whether intentionally or not is ambiguous) from a "Teufelssitz" ("devil's perch").  - The Devil's Elixirs
  • The monk asks Marcello to return to the cloister that night, agreeing Marcello returns armed with a poniard hidden under his vest.  - The Abbess
  • The scene shifts to the Augustinian cloister in Erfurt in 1506, when Luther becomes a full-fledged monk of the Order of Eremites of st Augustine at the completion of his novitiate.  - Luther (1973 film)
  • Since he will soon be entering the Augustinian cloister Martin Luther holds a "going away" party at a local public house with his fellow law students.  - Martin Luther (1953 film)
  • After two weeks he escapes the cloister dressed in drag.  - Histoire de M. Vieux Bois
  • To release Luciana, Angelica will have to persuade the nuns to leave the convent and pray in the open, but to leave the cloister is expressly forbidden.  - Anima (film)
  • Then Jessica and Franklin (Richard Grant) decide to fake their daughter's death and cloister her away in their mansion where Penelope spends her life immersing herself in intellectual pursuits such as literature, horticulture, and music.  - Penelope (2006 film)
  • The Seventh Doctor hears the cloister bell tolling within the TARDIS and changes the coordinate setting.  - The Sirens of Time
  • An informer shows the cloister where Koremori’s family (including Rokudai is hiding).  - The Tale of the Heike

Example sentences for "cloister" in interesting articles

Meaning of "cloister" in English

  • a courtyard with covered walks (as in religious institutions)
  • residence that is a place of religious seclusion (such as a monastery)
  • seclude from the world in or as if in a cloister
  • surround with a cloister
  • surround with a cloister, as of a garden

Meaning of "cloister" in Hindi

  • विहार ( Vihar, vihaar, wihar)
  • एकान्त वास करना ( Ekant vas karana, ekant vaas karanaa, ekant was karana)

Synonyms of "cloister"

  • religious residence

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