How to use "coalesce" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "coalesce" in popular movie and book plots

  • Inspector Genette eventually discovers how the artificial meteorite that destroyed Terminator was created: someone launched a large number of smaller objects on trajectories that would eventually cause them to coalesce above Mercury, but low enough that the planet's defense system could not destroy the now large object in time.  - 2312 (novel)
  • The film ends with the couple arriving at Adam's flat, where they coalesce into a happy spooning threesome.  - Three (2010 film)
  • The town's militant past is reawakened and forces coalesce to protect citizens from an unseen enemy.  - Bunker Hill (film)
  • Over the theme from Chariots of Fire, as Michael narrates "trite catchphrases", a sheet of paper is depicted making a journey around the world, carrying a variety of messages meaningful to the recipients; as Pam's animated whirling sheets of paper coalesce into the company logo to end the ad, the employees as well as the other patrons of the bar show their approval.  - Local Ad
  • During the funerals of Solan and Hope, some of Hope's ashes rise from the pyre and travel to a nearby town, where they coalesce to form the charred body of Hope.  - Armageddon Now
  • The explosion dislodges many asteroids from their orbits, which coalesce into one giant cluster heading for Earth.  - The Day the Sky Exploded
  • The fictional world of is populated by wizards who coalesce into guilds to hone their magical abilities and apply them for paid job requests.  - Fairy Tail
  • The runes written on it coalesce into another message from the Doctor, this time telling them to open a dimensional portal.  - Timewyrm: Revelation
  • Divorced, alcoholic and approaching fifty, his problems coalesce in a long night of the soul in a hotel room in Greenock.  - 1982, Janine

Example sentences for "coalesce" in interesting articles

  • They’re expert users of the apps that coalesce with their lives, not of computers.Apps that do more for us — magic apps.  - The Post-Mac Interface
  • Three weeks later, there are more than a million stem cells, which are put into smaller dishes where they coalesce into small strips of muscle about a centimetre long and a few millimetres thick.The strips are then painstaking layered together, coloured and mixed with fat.The resulting burger was cooked and eaten at a news conference in London two years ago.  - Team wants to sell lab grown meat in five years (2015)
  • These effects coalesce into one cohesive, indivisible experience of the sunset, one that differs from your friend’s.  - Awakening (during anesthesia)
  • He told me, "I came to a run in the Sugarscape that we called the Protohistory, which was really this made-up toy history of civilization, where it starts with some little soup of agents and they go to peaks on the Sugarscape and coalesce into tribes and have lots of kids and this forces them down in between the peaks and they smash into the other tribe and they have all this assimilation and combat and all this other stuff.  - Seeing Around Corners: The new science of artificial societies (2002)
  • “Because it is subtle and incremental, there is no single moment that triggers widespread resistance or creates a focal point around which an opposition can coalesce … Piecemeal democratic erosion, therefore, typically provokes only fragmented resistance.” Their observation was rooted in the experiences of countries ranging from the Philippines to Hungary.  - How to Build an Autocracy
  • As the Democrats have failed to coalesce around a single, straightforward proposal, their rivals have seized on public hesitancy over "socialised medicine" and now the chance of far-reaching reform is in doubt. Most damaging of all has been the tide of vociferous right-wing opponents whipping up scepticism at town hall meetings that were supposed to soothe doubts.  - The brutal truth about America’s healthcare
  • Furthermore, it is especially striking how multiple rule violations and lapses can coalesce so as to enable a disaster’s occurrence, such as cited in Example #4.  - The normalization of deviance in healthcare delivery (2010)
  • In story after story, journalists and conspiracy theorists alike coalesce around a topic giving it continuous coverage, but polarizing the public discourse into communities of shared belief.  - Social media's effect on journalism is greater than shift from print to digital

Meaning of "coalesce" in English

  • mix together different elements
  • fuse or cause to grow together

Meaning of "coalesce" in Hindi

  • इकठ्ठा होना ( Ekaththa hona, ekaththaa honaa)
  • मिलना ( Milana, milanaa)
  • जुड जाना ( Jud jana, jud janaa, zud zana)
  • एक साथ मिलना
  • साथ ( Sath, saath)
  • साथ-साथ बढ़ना ( Sath-sath badhana, saath-saath badhanaa)
  • एक साथ मिलना ( Ek sath milana, ek saath milanaa)
  • एकीभवन ( Ekibhavan, ekeebhavan, ekibhawan)
  • एक हो जाना ( Ek ho jana, ek ho janaa, ek ho zana)
  • स‌ंरोहण ( Sanrohan)
  • संम्मिलित या संलीन हो जाना ( Sanmmilit ya sanlin ho jana, sanmmilit yaa sanleen ho janaa, sanmmilit ya sanlin ho zana)

Synonyms of "coalesce"

  • conflate
  • meld
  • commingle
  • immix
  • fuse
  • combine
  • blend
  • flux
  • merge
  • mix

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