How to use "coda" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "coda" in popular movie and book plots

  • However, the coda of the episode features the bear taking the Enchiridion to the Lich-possessed snail, setting up the events for the fourth season finale, “The Lich”.  - In Your Footsteps
  • The novel's coda reveals that despite her death, Georgia is somehow alive and well in an unknown CDC facility.  - Deadline (Grant novel)
  • One Nazi does fall prey to the demon, who masquerades as a German-speaking woman, Nicole, during a coda in the closing credits.  - The Devil's Rock
  • A short coda shows a heavily pregnant Teresa, seven months later, living a life of peace and quiet in a seaside villa somewhere in Spain.  - La Reina del Sur (telenovela)
  • The players did not go back on the ice, but this coda was based on an interview with defenseman Gary Bergman, who said that he stopped before leaving the ice for the final time and took in the "old barn" (Luzhniki Ice Palace).  - Canada Russia '72
  • The film ends with the coda 'One Year Later', and shows Ta meeting his five school chums at the train station, thus beginning Art of the Devil 2.  - Art of the Devil 3
  • The film's coda reveals Viktor, having survived his wound, on a vampire ship fleeing the fortress and being sealed in an elder hibernation chamber by Tanis.  - Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
  • Luther and Wanda spend the rest of their lives together, with a coda that takes place several decades later, just after her death.  - Terraplane (novel)
  • In a coda to the film, Wiebe achieves the world record of 1,049,100 in his garage.  - The King of Kong
  • Greenslade then ends the show after introducing a coda "for those of you cretins who would like a happy ending": Seagoon, over a background of romantic music, proposes marriage.  - The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler (of Bexhill-on-Sea)
  • The opening coda then explains that The Texas Rangers "were formed as a volunteer troop to contain the Comanche" before indicating the locale as north-west Texas in 1858.  - Comanche Moon (miniseries)
  • In an enigmatic coda to the dream sequence, Carol sees two kaftan-clad hippies (Mike Kennedy and Penny Brown) who have apparently witnessed the whole thing without intervening.  - A Lizard in a Woman's Skin
  • A coda follows the montage.  - Mission Accomplished (The Wire)
  • Then, a Doll-specific coda is shown:.  - DoDonPachi DaiOuJou
  • In many ways Phallos is a coda to Delany's exploration of prehistoric attitudes and technologies, psychologies and sexualities, and a story that connects the prehistoric "nameless gods" from his four-volume series Return to Nevèrÿon, to the historical world of the actual Roman Empire.  - Phallos (novella)
  • Against a view of the present-day Andersonville National Cemetery, the movie's end coda reads:.  - Andersonville (film)
  • David then climbs out of bed again, goes to his window, and witnesses the very same flying saucer of his dream slowly descending into the sandpit; the screen then holds on young David, who says "Gee whizz", and then dissolves to the film's "The End" title card, as the film's ethereal music reaches its crescendo in coda with the final fade-out.  - Invaders from Mars (1953 film)
  • Nola and Jamie's reunion however, is followed by a coda which dismantles the "happy ending" of the couple coming together.  - She's Gotta Have It
  • Her hopes of going away are disappointed and, her fantasy destroyed, a short coda reveals how her personality has changed.  - The Member of the Wedding
  • The coda is set on Christmas Eve 1963.  - The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
  • The last meeting for them is a wistful coda on New York's Upper West Side, when they have both moved on to someone new.  - Annie Hall

Example sentences for "coda" in interesting articles

Meaning of "coda" in English

  • the closing section of a musical composition

Meaning of "coda" in Hindi

  • कोडा ( Koda, kodaa)
  • समापक (चिह् न)
  • समापक (चिह्न)

Synonyms of "coda"

  • finale

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