How to use "coerce" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "coerce" in popular movie and book plots

  • Garrett steals the recording from a safe deposit box, in order to coerce Truart into revealing his employer.  - Thief II
  • The princess decides to coerce the professor.  - The Super Inframan
  • He shows her that he has all the evidence written down, and attempts to coerce her into making a confession.  - Dark Passage (film)
  • He unsuccessfully attempts to coerce the hologram to end the demonstration.  - The Arsenal of Freedom
  • Kyle steals the laptop containing Pat's diary and tries to coerce Pat into revealing the computer's password, so he can access the files.  - It's Pat
  • He mutilates the boy to coerce Aliena into not resisting as he and his man-at-arms gang rape her.  - The Pillars of the Earth
  • Due to security protocols, tensions begin to surface between Soong and Malik, as to how to coerce Lucas into divulging the entry codes.  - Cold Station 12
  • Meta continues to coerce Guy to carry out her revenge plans.  - Cowards Bend the Knee
  • Peter and Wendy see that Hook and Smee have captured Tiger Lily so that they might coerce her into revealing Peter's hideout.  - Peter Pan (1953 film)
  • Klieg extricates the weapon from the wall, an X-ray laser he calls a cybergun, to coerce the Cybermen to do their bidding.  - The Tomb of the Cybermen
  • Fields and Hostetler manage to coerce Steve into signing a written confession of bestiality.  - Deadwood (TV series)
  • When Beau tries to coerce him to go with them, Chérie reminds him that he can't force Virgil to do what he wants.  - Bus Stop (1956 film)
  • Flynn quickly learns that the MCP and its second-in-command, Sark, rule over programs and coerce them to renounce their belief in the Users.  - Tron
  • Nolan uses corporal punishment to coerce Charlie into revealing who else is in the Dead Poets Society, but he resists.  - Dead Poets Society
  • As Terry increasingly leans toward testifying, Friendly decides that Terry must be killed unless Charley can coerce him into keeping quiet.  - On the Waterfront
  • Dom follows and tries to coerce Kimiko into joining SEGA for protection from fans, but she refuses.  - Megatokyo

Meaning of "coerce" in English

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Meaning of "coerce" in Hindi

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