How to use "coexist" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "coexist" in popular movie and book plots

  • In Marvel Land, people coexist in peace and harmony with nature and the animals are docile.  - Valkyrie no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu
  • The school teaches monsters how to coexist with humans, including disguising as them, but any real humans found on campus are to be killed.  - Rosario + Vampire
  • Eventually, the two leaders agree to coexist in peace.  - Kings of the Sun
  • As in that work, there coexist two dissimilar, segregated societies, one developed and the other backward.  - Kazohinia
  • Taki and other special police members track down and fight Daishu, but later find that he hoped to coexist with humans.  - The Wicked City (1992 film)
  • The virus is made as a failsafe device, in case the plan to coexist between vampires and humans fails.  - The Breed (2001 film)
  • He agreed to save the Night Walkers from the sorcerer, but in return they must also learn to coexist with the humans in peace.  - Jack of Fables
  • In this utopia, humans and androids known as AutoReivs coexist peacefully under a total management system.  - Ergo Proxy
  • Two centuries after the events of Mega Man Zero series, in the year 25XX, humans and Reploids now coexist peacefully.  - Mega Man ZX
  • Tales of Rebirth is set in a world where humans (called Huma) and beast people (Gajuma) coexist in relative peace.  - Tales of Rebirth
  • She happens upon a wolf pack and is able to coexist with them.  - Julie of the Wolves
  • The plot of Mega Man X7 takes place in the 22nd century, during an age when humans coexist with humanoid robots called "Reploids".  - Mega Man X7
  • There are several universes that coexist — each somewhat different from the others.  - Charlie Jade
  • All religions peacefully coexist and Halba openly encourages freedom of inquiry.  - The Journey of Ibn Fattouma
  • It is a time of technological transformation, and sailing ships and steamers coexist on the high seas.  - A High Wind in Jamaica (novel)
  • The apes and humans then decide to coexist with one another and begin a new society.  - Battle for the Planet of the Apes

Meaning of "coexist" in English

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