How to use "colonist" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "colonist" in popular movie and book plots

  • Another is that the dreams are slowly driving him insane, along with everyone else on the ship, driving one colonist to suicide.  - The Dream Millennium
  • Later, after a colonist is killed by the werewolves, Magdy and Enzo are among those who head into the woods for revenge.  - Zoe's Tale
  • The wraiths arrive at night and due to a colonist panicking, they begin attacking them.  - Wraiths of Roanoke
  • This nearly eliminates every colonist with memory of Earth.  - Off Armageddon Reef
  • However, the Mysterons have killed and reconstructed Frazer, a Lunarville 6 colonist who is transporting the atomic device to Crater 101.  - Crater 101
  • Much of the colonist population is killed, but the Empire sends no help.  - Dogs of War: Battle on Primus IV
  • Every colonist on Plateau would revolt.  - A Gift from Earth
  • While on the planet, Data is greeted by a colonist named Ard'rian (Eileen Seeley).  - The Ensigns of Command
  • Logan will kill all the armed male colonists defending the colony, finally assassinating the colonist leader John Brown.  - Chrome (video game)
  • Each colonist lives in ous own individual cell, travelling between them only via transmat, creating a population afflicted with agoraphobia.  - Three's a Crowd (radio)
  • That night, a colonist named Cassandra attempts to seduce Sisko.  - Paradise (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • They soon find an automated total survival suit (TSS) system, which activates and marches them to the Dome, the colonist base.  - Kinda (Doctor Who)
  • Colonist Lisbeth Hutchins awakens and finds a fellow colonist called Ethan during the chaos.  - Aliens: Colonial Marines
  • The survivors flee inside the Solo Ship and Karala, who was mistaken by Bes as a colonist is let aboard as well.  - Space Runaway Ideon
  • Spock encounters Leila Kalomi, a colonist who had fallen in love with him many years prior.  - This Side of Paradise (Star Trek: The Original Series)
  • Layouts' top precog, has received a "draft notice" from the UN for involuntary resettlement as a colonist on Mars.  - The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch

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