How to use "colossal" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "colossal" in popular movie and book plots

  • In the house's basement, Parks and Hendricks discover a colossal nest of mosquito eggs.  - Mosquito (film)
  • Deeming the idea "tremendous, colossal and putrid," the Stooges flee to their pharmaceutical lab and mix a powerful serum.  - Bubble Trouble (film)
  • Deeming the idea "tremendous, colossal and putrid," the Stooges flee to their pharmaceutical lab and mix together a powerful serum.  - All Gummed Up
  • Fired from job after job because of Mary's ineptitude, Larry keeps up his spirits by dreaming of producing a colossal ice show.  - The Ice Follies of 1939
  • Escaping, they discover an elaborate system of machinery and antennas hidden in the colossal statue of Athene Promachos.  - The Glory That Was
  • As Tom examines his throbbing fingers, Jerry prepares to push a colossal grandfather clock to the floor.  - Quiet Please!
  • The rock hatches into a colossal alien life form, which proceeds to attack Japan with bolts of energy from its many appendages and orifices.  - Negadon: The Monster from Mars
  • A crew of eight pilot a colossal nuclear bomb aboard the spaceship Icarus II, with the intent to jump start the sun, and return to Earth.  - Sunshine (2007 film)
  • The man comes in, and reveals his secret role as Simister, head of a colossal criminal gang, inherited from his father.  - Mystery Mile
  • The colossal entity eventually occupies the whole interior of the farmhouse.  - The Dunwich Horror
  • On the way, they find what is left of the island of Kalliste, just destroyed by a colossal volcanic explosion.  - The King Must Die
  • The Jovian Consensus is placed on an emergency alert when a colossal wormhole opens above Jupiter.  - The Naked God
  • At this point the colonists believe everything is a hoax (despite the colossal size of Rama) created by the ISA.  - The Garden of Rama
  • Set one year after the events of the first game, Zero is still actively hunted by Neo Arcadian forces in the colossal desert.  - Mega Man Zero
  • Inside of the temple are frenzied devotees, and the colossal seated statue of the wingbed god Moloch is a hollow bronze furnace.  - Cabiria
  • A Tyrannosaurus threatens Ann, but Kong kills it after a colossal battle.  - King Kong (1933 film)

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