How to use "compassion" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "compassion" in popular movie and book plots

  • His compassion for his father in the wake of Curt's recent loss compels him to alter the timeline in a very specific way.  - A World of Talent
  • Finding compassion difficult to come by even in those within her profession, Carrie decides she can make a difference one person at a time.  - Stone Pillow
  • Borowiecki, who has never shown human compassion toward his subordinates, authorizes the police to open fire nevertheless.  - The Promised Land (1975 film)
  • Although Rukmani's fatalistic attitude toward hardship exasperates him, he feels compassion for her and helps her when he can.  - Nectar in a Sieve
  • As a result, he shows human compassion while still resembling the other children and retaining some degree of psychic powers.  - Village of the Damned (1995 film)
  • Her compassion brings about Hetty's contrite confession.  - Adam Bede
  • The ex-convict thanks Shekar before leaving as Anjali was the only person to show compassion to him.  - Anjali (film)
  • The story's revenge plot becomes a story of compassion and forgiveness.  - Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
  • After witnessing Fräulein von Bernburg's compassion for the other girls, Manuela develops a passionate love for her teacher.  - Mädchen in Uniform
  • Some are degraded and come close to losing their humanity, while others display levels of courage and compassion beyond expectations.  - King Rat (Clavell novel)
  • The Doctor is surprised at Peri's compassion when she thought he had died.  - The Twin Dilemma
  • McCoy pointedly comments that compassion is something computers lack.  - The Ultimate Computer
  • David admits that it is his compassion he is after, explaining how he lost it years ago due to racial intolerance he encountered in his life.  - Wong's Lost and Found Emporium
  • Shigehira hopes for Amida’s compassion and rebirth in the Pure Land.  - The Tale of the Heike
  • Through his observations of dr Niide's compassion and a series of destitute patients, dr Yasumoto learns what being a doctor really means.  - Red Beard
  • Instead, Cedric teaches his grandfather that an aristocrat should practice compassion towards those dependent on him.  - Little Lord Fauntleroy

Meaning of "compassion" in English

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