How to use "complacent" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "complacent" in popular movie and book plots

  • Amara, for the most part, proved complacent and calm, asking Crowley many questions about the world God created while she was learning but expressed a slight fear of him.  - The Darkness (Supernatural)
  • His approach, which advocates understanding the political and social context of a crime, allows him to not only predict the next target but identify the killer, a man who believes that comedy is making people complacent and is a danger to democracy.  - Number 11 (novel)
  • Miles then becomes complacent and dr Parker reveals that Hive in the future will become "the agency of the world".  - Hive Propolis
  • Deanna once again orders Rick to withdraw, but Rick points his revolver at the crowd and goes on a rant, telling Deanna how Alexandria is too complacent and will eventually destroy itself under her leadership, and that the way to survive is to have people like Pete executed.  - Try (The Walking Dead)
  • A chance encounter with a mysterious young woman leads him on a journey of a very different sort, and within the blink of an eye, Hart is forced to leave his complacent life behind for a world in which the line between fantasy and reality is blurred.  - The Girl on the Train (2013 film)
  • Torp and fellow war correspondent "The Nilghai" (Dudley Digges) try to warn him about it, but he pays no heed; he becomes complacent and lazy.  - The Light That Failed (1939 film)
  • A complacent Edwardian worldview that an Oxford education did nothing to shake is undermined when Blettsworthy is betrayed in business and in love by his best friend, Graves, and his mistress, Olive Slaughter.  - Mr. Blettsworthy on Rampole Island
  • The attack was arranged byJI himself to kill BrandoJI delivers the killer blow before telling that Brando is too complacent of Hemal and he's going to kill him after killing Brando.  - Pravegaya
  • Nothing happens for the first hour and a half, yet just as the group is starting to become complacent they begin to hear noises, and their candles start to go out.  - The Midnight Game
  • A later murder takes place in Angelo's presence, and he is complacent about it.  - Notre Paradis
  • Lonappan (Jayaram), the protagonist, is a complacent inmate of a lunatic asylum, whose life becomes the subject of the graduation film of a movie-school student (Geethu Mohandas).  - Sesham
  • The results he produces shock the town's complacent leaders, who discover the people are deeply unhappy with the status quo and wants radical changes in living conditions and other services.  - He Snoops to Conquer
  • Believing the glee club members are becoming complacent ahead of the forthcoming sectionals, director Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) divides the club into boys against girls for a mash-up competition.  - Vitamin D (Glee)
  • Holmes has his theory about the murder, but the innocent Theodore is arrested for murder by the complacent detective from Scotland Yard.  - The Sign of Four (1932 film)
  • Manhattanite Julie Messinger, a complacent housewife and mother of two raucous young sons, is married to Richard, a chauvinistic and self-centered magazine art director and author of a best-selling children's book.  - Such Good Friends
  • Sasakura reveals that Kusanagi, as such a skilled pilot, was one of the few Kildren who survived long enough to question their existence, while Midori expresses her lack of understanding of how the base personnel can be so complacent with the state of affairs.  - The Sky Crawlers (film)
  • Later, a complacent Rodrigo is shown helping Nagasaki magistrates to identify forbidden Christian objects.  - Silence (1971 film)
  • The rival News is getting most of the advertising revenue due to its friendly attitude toward the complacent local government, and Hoats had been trying to combat that.  - Colonel Effingham's Raid
  • He has a penchant for exaggeration when he's not telling outright lies, and he publicly humiliates his long-suffering but passively complacent wife Kim with his shameless flirting with various women and an affair with Beaty, a friend of the family.  - And When Did You Last See Your Father?
  • Hank struggles to keep the small family business alive and consequently widens the rift between himself and his complacent wife Viv, who wants him to put an end to the territorial struggle but is resigned to his doing things as he sees fit.  - Sometimes a Great Notion (film)
  • He becomes complacent in his life and hears about the death of a relative in Missouri.  - Adam at 6 A.M.
  • Ravi delivers the killer blow before telling that Selvam is too complacent of Prabhu and he's going to kill him after killing Selvam.  - Polladhavan (2007 film)
  • But the people grew complacent and Erius, a usurper king, claimed his young half-sister's throne.  - The Bone Doll's Twin
  • Petrukha's father regrets this because he was a dutiful worker compared to his complacent brother.  - Hadji Murat (novel)
  • A divorced mother of two sons, she tends to be complacent in both her personal and professional lives, the ideal target for Herman, a vulgar man with the need to be in total control of everyone and everything.  - Mrs. Harris
  • Now it pays hefty, regular dividends to its complacent shareholders.  - The Wheeler Dealers
  • The old-style, somewhat complacent Confederate elites—the planter class—are eclipsed in political life by the mass-based, militaristic Freedom Party, driven by Featherston's burning vision of national greatness and revenge.  - American Empire: The Victorious Opposition
  • Sixteen years back, the world of Shekhar and Nandita with their little daughter was nearer to perfection so much that no one could suspect that in his complacent heart was lying the seed of betrayal.  - Ankahee (2006 film)
  • Instead, Fox now runs a protection racket, extorting and terrorizing the complacent citizens, threatening them with violence if they do not pay exorbitant taxes to him.  - Minnesota Clay
  • To spite the hated unfaithful ways of her father, she has settled into a complacent relationship and is struggling (not too hard) with issues of fidelity to her kind but unexciting husband.  - Personal Velocity: Three Portraits
  • At first, only abortionists are targeted by the laws, and complacent feminists dismiss the idea that the situation will get worse.  - Rain Without Thunder
  • The complacent life of the British community in Bengal is shattered by the Rebellion.  - Nightrunners of Bengal
  • Curiously, Jadzia seems complacent about the entire affair.  - Dax (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • During their trip, O'Brien mentions the mounting tension and makes his loyalty to Sisko clear to a complacent Dax.  - Dramatis Personae (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • Seventeen-year-old Ben Marshall is the sensitive, poetry-writing son of complacent and emasculated Robert, a vicar obsessed with ornithology, and domineering overbearing mother Laura, whose strong religious beliefs lead her to perform numerous charitable acts while ignoring the emotional needs of her own family, such as forcing Ben to deliver meals on wheels despite his having no car.  - Driving Lessons
  • Kelly agrees, but then goes back on his word and destroys the complacent Dunne in a single round.  - Champion (1949 film)
  • A pessimistic journalist named Charles Foreman (Bernard Lee) tries unsuccessfully to rouse his complacent readers on the home front from the notion of a Phoney War before it is too late.  - Dunkirk (1958 film)
  • The crew are rounded up and brought down; Scotty is fascinated by the engineering knowledge available to the androids; Ensign Chekov (Walter Koenig) finds the idea of living on a planet full of complacent female androids not too bad.  - I, Mudd
  • The original twenty cymeks (calling themselves the Titans) had conquered the complacent universe by exploiting humanity's reliance and dependency on machines, yet the Titans were later overthrown themselves by Omnius, an artificial intelligence of their design.  - Dune: The Butlerian Jihad
  • Since kindergarten, he has been regularly harassed by handsome Rick Sanford (Van Der Beek) and his complacent cohorts, for not being "normal" due to being overweight and is, in their view, "named after a cow".  - Angus (film)
  • The series explains that humanity had become entirely complacent and dependent upon thinking machines; recognizing this weakness, a group of ambitious, militant humans calling themselves the Titans use this widespread reliance on machine intelligence to seize control of the entire universe.  - Dune (franchise)
  • Miles and Luna fall in love, but Miles is captured and brainwashed into becoming a complacent member of the society, while Luna joins the rebellion.  - Sleeper (1973 film)
  • The uncle is a complacent and self-consciously respectable bachelor who suspects that the student does very little studying.  - At Swim-Two-Birds
  • In a reversal of an earlier convention scene, with Gates appearing on a huge screen, looking down on Jobs onstage (Jobs underestimating how dangerous Gates could become), Jobs now looks down on a complacent and overconfident Gates, prefiguring his eventual return to dominance in the industry.  - Pirates of Silicon Valley
  • Lewis, an Oxford and Cambridge scholar himself, suggests in his work that even intellectuals are not impervious to the influence of such demons, especially during complacent acceptance of the "Historical Point of View" (Letter XXVII).  - The Screwtape Letters

Example sentences for "complacent" in interesting articles

  • Once everyone and his mother was on Facebook, they weren’t leaving it, even when the Internet’s most used site (i.e., Google Search itself) was used as inducement to join.While Facebook clearly outpaced Google in focus and esprit de corps, the plucky upstart against the complacent incumbent, there was still the issue of revenue.  - How Mark Zuckerberg Led Facebook’s War on Google Plus
  • First, that it encourages parents to be complacent about their children's internet use.  - Why David Cameron's war on internet porn doesn't make sense
  • "In the last 29 years, Sir has never ever said 'well played' to me because he thought I would get complacent and stop working hard.  - Sachin Tendulkar leaves India in tears
  • The majority of students are put through the same brainwashing techniques in order to create a complacent labor force working in the interests of large corporations and secretive government, and worst of all, they are completely unaware of it.  - Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling in Graduation Speech
  • 55,900 in 2004) as they had seven years earlier, when they had had 22,100 more applicants to choose from. By the fall of 2011, serious cracks began to appear in legal academia’s complacent facade.  - Law school applications are collapsing
  • But that approach risks looking complacent given the realities of recent years and prospects for the future."The research comes as Prime Minister Theresa May warned last week of a growing divide between a "more prosperous older generation and a struggling younger generation".The think tank has launched a commission to explore growing inequality between generations.  - Millennials 'set to earn less than Generation X'
  • He saw a world in which Americans were made pliant and complacent because of their cravings for distraction.  - Are We Having Too Much Fun?
  • “Promoting determinism is complacent and dangerous.”Yet not all scholars who argue publicly against free will are blind to the social and psychological consequences.  - There’s No Such Thing as Free Will
  • Everything about the man seemed to suggest Western notions of a complacent functionary in a complacent, oil-rich kingdom.But Turki doesn’t fit the stereotype, and neither does his country.  - Why the Saudis Are Going Solar

Meaning of "complacent" in English

  • contented to a fault with oneself or one's actions
    - his self-satisfied dignity

Meaning of "complacent" in Hindi

  • संतुष्ट ( Santusht)

Synonyms of "complacent"

  • self complacent
  • self satisfied

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