How to use "compliant" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "compliant" in popular movie and book plots

  • The BFG plans to give the man-eating giants the nightmare Sophie caught the night before, so they will be more compliant once caught.  - The BFG (2016 film)
  • Although he had been compliant until now in their charades, Jonah decides that he no longer wants to force people to hurt themselves.  - Seconds Apart
  • Ellis does not want the surgery, but Meredith fears that she will not be compliant with her medication.  - Wishin' and Hopin' (Grey's Anatomy)
  • Billy claims that won't be necessary and leads a compliant Jade back to his car.  - Sweet Temptation (film)
  • Smonny Clattuc controls the Yips through her compliant husband, Titus Pompo.  - Throy
  • Milgrim is addicted to anti-anxiety drugs, and is kept docile and compliant by Brown, who controls his supply of Rize.  - Spook Country
  • He rejects her, making her realize that her once compliant husband is rebelling.  - Century (novel)
  • She devises a plan to be compliant and believes that she will soon be able to return to court.  - The Other Boleyn Girl (2003 film)
  • He crash-lands on a Pacific island and ends up in the arms of a compliant local maiden.  - The Bulldog Breed
  • : corporate concentration, slashed government budgets, and military adventurism abroad, aided by a compliant corporate media.  - Ecotopia Emerging
  • The village was designed by alien merchants who intend to breed them into compliant slaves.  - A New Life (The Outer Limits)
  • After Billy is brutally beaten, Vicky agrees to become the gang's sexually compliant "biker mama" if they release Billy.  - The Born Losers
  • Caven reasserts his authority by telling Madeleine her father is alive and threatening to kill him unless she returns to her compliant self.  - The Space Pirates
  • Ruiz injects Alice with heroin to keep her compliant and puts her on the slave block.  - Monolith (comics)
  • Dutch takes away Lisa (weakened and compliant because of the sun) and the survivors as they leave the city forever.  - The Omega Man
  • She treats the meekly compliant Georgy like an unpaid servant.  - Georgy Girl

Meaning of "compliant" in English

  • disposed or willing to comply

Meaning of "compliant" in Hindi

  • आज्ञाकारी ( Aagyakari, aagyaakaaree)
  • अनुवर्ती ( Anuvarti, anuvartee, anuwarti)
  • सुनम्य ( Sunamy)
  • दबैल ( Dabail)
  • मुलायम ( Mulayam, mulaayam)

Antonyms of "compliant"

  • defiant
  • noncompliant

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