How to use "composed" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "composed" in popular movie and book plots

  • The original Peaches sing a team song composed by Evelyn and pose for a group photo.  - A League of Their Own
  • Portraying the epitome of Germanic heroism, Judith was likely composed during a time of war as a model for the Anglo-Saxon people.  - Judith (poem)
  • A second chorus composed of spirits of Dionysian Mystics soon appear.  - The Frogs
  • The team is composed of Juno, Vela, and their wardog mascot Lupus.  - Jet Force Gemini
  • To settle the lawsuit, the league agrees to add an additional team—the Bears—which is composed of the worst players.  - The Bad News Bears
  • The game is composed of four different rounds roughly based on the missions from the original Shinobi, which are divided into three stages.  - Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
  • Within the gas giant is the Helix, a Suliban aggregate structure composed of hundreds of Suliban ships, which they scan to find Klaang.  - Broken Bow (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • A symbiotic species, each individual composed of two species, both non-humanoid, is discussed in detail.  - Star Maker
  • The entrance leads to a tunnel where the walls, ceiling, and floor of the cavern are composed of fossil-like Blue.  - Blue Gender
  • This novel is the story of the Berrys, a quirky New Hampshire family composed of a married couple, Win and Mary, and their five children.  - The Hotel New Hampshire
  • The novel is set in a distant future when humans are part of an interstellar civilization called the ConSentiency composed of many species.  - The Dosadi Experiment
  • The Commonwealth is defended by the High Guard, a large armada composed of numerous ships.  - Andromeda (TV series)
  • As Karellen explains, the time of humanity as a race composed of single individuals with a concrete identity is coming to an end.  - Childhood's End
  • After recovering from the ordeal, Friday takes a vacation to visit her group family, composed of several husbands and wives and many children.  - Friday (novel)
  • After Fred leaves, his father reads the citation for his Distinguished Flying Cross as composed by General Doolittle.  - The Best Years of Our Lives
  • They discover a young girl composed of nanomachines, which is what Krelian, a Solarian leader, seeks.  - Xenogears

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