How to use "concave" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "concave" in popular movie and book plots

  • The story occurs in a concave world representing Earth's Moon, inhabited by pseudo-folkloric characters: the first half on the dark side of the Moon, and the second half on the Earthward side.  - Puppeteer (video game)
  • In the story, Colbie and Deverel inadvertently slip onto the frictionless surface of an enormous concave mirror built by unknown alien beings, and must use the laws of physics to come up with a way to avoid oscillating in a pendulum motion back and forth across the mirror until eventually the small amounts of friction brings them to a stop in the center.  - The Men and the Mirror

Example sentences for "concave" in interesting articles

  • NBD, right? But look how many light effects are going on with them.The top lip of the inset control panel casts a small shadowThe “ON” slider track is also immediately set in a bitThe “ON” slider track is concave and the bottom reflects more lightThe icons are set out a bit.  - Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI
  • If we can define this lower bound for a custom metric, we can use the same algorithm for it.This means we can, for example, change the algorithm to search K points closest to a line segment (instead of a point):distance from a line segment to a bounding box as a lower bound of distances to points within the boxThe only modification to the algorithm we need is replacing point-to-point and point-to-box distance calculations with segment-to-point and segment-to-box distances.In particular, this came in handy when I built Concaveman, a fast 2D concave hull library in JS.  - A dive into spatial search algorithms
  • Cooked in a concave pan called an appachatti, the batter forms crisp, lacy upper edges and pools in the center to form a thick, pillowy mound.  - A Guide to the Breads of India
  • The speaker covers the ear almost completely, its punctured concave chamber allowing the head and ear to move in relation to the handset without compromising the sound’s pathway to the ear.  - How Portability Ruined the Telephone (2015)

Meaning of "concave" in English

  • curving inward

Meaning of "concave" in Hindi

  • नतोदर्र ( Natodarr)
  • खोखला ( Khokhala, khokhalaa)
  • पोला ( Pola, polaa)
  • खाली ( Khali, khaalee)
  • नतोदर
  • धनुषाकारी ( Dhanushakari, dhanushaakaaree)
  • नतोदर ( Natodar)

Antonyms of "concave"

  • bulging
  • convex

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