How to use "condone" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "condone" in popular movie and book plots

  • Knowing Pete is a part of this, Gene firmly tells him that even though he does not condone fighting of any kind, and that they have a deal going on, Pete has his permission to teach Garth a lesson, even if the fight might get Pete suspended from school.  - The Best of Times (TV series)
  • However, because his tribe does not condone theft and claims it is dishonorable, Tommy instead opts to steal from those who have no honor, leading him to target corrupt politicians, racist bankers, and thugs alike.  - The Ridiculous 6
  • However, the rabbi realizes that Shira is acting to please her family and refuses to condone the marriage.  - Fill the Void
  • Believing that her husband will condone what she has done, Nora confesses.  - A Doll's House (1918 film)
  • Bhagyaraj confesses the truth as he gets drunk, and tries to explain himself, and even her family tries to convince her to condone this one little mistake, but Saritha cannot forgive him his unfaithfulness and they break up.  - Mouna Geethangal
  • Radulfus can neither condone nor condemn; Donata is her own penance.  - The Potter's Field (Peters novel)
  • Driven by grief, Willow fights and overpowers Buffy, who is forced to fight when she is unable to condone Willow's actions.  - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 6)
  • Ciaran, once in Bishop Henry's service, tells how he stabbed Bossard, wrongly believing that his master would condone the impulsive crime.  - The Pilgrim of Hate
  • to face bullies by asking Mike to teach him to fight (who insists he doesn't condone fighting with girls) and giving him a whistle.  - Kids Ain't Like Everybody Else
  • Although unable to officially condone the actions of the young women, the dean offers a chance for Tobey to carry out Paxton’s “punishment” while turning a blind eye.  - Three in the Attic
  • When he tries to bring evidence of the squad's abuse of power, he learns that the squad is protected by well-connected and very influential people who already know and condone the squad's methods.  - Extreme Justice (film)
  • Unable to go to the British authorities, who cannot condone assassination of a head of state, and pursued both by agents of that state and by the police, he decides to go literally underground in Dorset.  - Rogue Male (novel)
  • Ram confesses the truth as he gets drunk, and tries to explain himself, and even Sadhna's family tries to convince her to condone this one little mistake, but Sadhana cannot forgive him his unfaithfulness and she divorces Ram.  - Ek Hi Bhool
  • While the judge does not condone racial prejudices and agrees that they should be fought, he also says that he cannot ignore that they exist and, if Ellen remains with Frank and Julie, will negatively impact her when she reaches adulthood.  - One Potato, Two Potato
  • (The book's plot is constructed so as to lead the reader to condone the cold-blooded killing of unarmed prisoners, since otherwise the prisoners in question would have escaped and perpetrated terrible atrocities).  - The World Next Door
  • The Angels of Doom is run by Jill Trelawney, a young woman who is willing to condone just about any action—including the murder of The Saint, if needs be—in her quest to wreak havoc on Scotland Yard, which she blames for the death of her father.  - She Was a Lady
  • move as the police do not really want Frank caught as they secretly condone his actions.  - The Punisher (2000 series)
  • Although he hesitates to condone killing Wulfgar, DaSilva absorbs his new training and begins to understand the terrorist.  - Nighthawks (film)
  • The Bulls play for an iconic coach (Spradlin) who turns a blind eye to anything that his players may be doing off the field or anything that his assistant coaches and trainers condone to keep those players in the game.  - North Dallas Forty
  • He claims not to condone such libertine, amorous behavior then or now.  - Legion of the Lost
  • Digory resists, knowing his mother would never condone theft, but hesitates.  - The Magician's Nephew

Example sentences for "condone" in interesting articles

Meaning of "condone" in English

  • excuse, overlook, or make allowances for; be lenient with
    - She condoned her husband's occasional infidelities

Meaning of "condone" in Hindi

  • क्षमा करना ( Kshama karana, kshamaa karanaa)
  • छोड देना ( Chhod dena, chhod denaa)
  • ध्यान न देना ( Dhyan n dena, dhyan na denaa)
  • मार्जन करना ( Marjan karana, maarjan karanaa, marzan karana)
  • छोड़ देना ( Chhod dena, chhod denaa)
  • जाने देना ( Jane dena, jane denaa, zane dena)
  • दोष मार्जन करना ( Dosh marjan karana, dosh maarjan karanaa, dosh marzan karana)
  • माफ करना ( Maph karana, maaph karanaa, maf karana)
  • माफ़ करना ( Maf karana, maaf karanaa, maph karana)
  • स‌ंक्षमण करना ( Sankshaman karana, sankshaman karanaa)
  • अनदेखी करना ( Anadekhi karana, anadekhee karanaa)
  • छूट देना ( Chhut dena, chhoot denaa)

Synonyms of "condone"

  • excuse

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