How to use "confinement" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "confinement" in popular movie and book plots

  • It damages Volkerps and then Nino uses the bolts of energy to drive Volkerps into confinement within the stone box.  - Crazy as a Soup Sandwich
  • The solitary confinement causes Young to lose his sanity.  - Murder in the First (film)
  • After a long and secluded confinement in addition to fruitlessly trying to communicate with the humans, he nearly succumbs to madness.  - Happy Feet
  • Trapped in close confinement with Arthur, Will begins to resent him.  - The Swimming Pool Library
  • Most of the violence is directed against Tarek and they lock him up in solitary confinement inside a "black box" resembling a safe.  - Das Experiment
  • While they plan to use this as a weapon, Eve breaks out of her confinement to find Patrick.  - Species II
  • He is expecting to be kept in solitary confinement until he is shot.  - Darkness at Noon
  • Because of his change in luck, he is released from confinement after the elderly couple he conned decides not to press charges.  - Rivals (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • Zira joins Cornelius in confinement while Hasslein takes his findings to the President (William Windom).  - Escape from the Planet of the Apes
  • The strain of confinement causes the Van Daans to argue and pits the strong-willed Anne against her mother (Gusti Huber).  - The Diary of Anne Frank (1959 film)
  • Jenny escapes her confinement to the villa's basement, but is captured by Bennett.  - Commando (1985 film)
  • They break out of their confinement and escape in a plane, which runs out of fuel soon after take-off.  - Capricorn One
  • Bibikov is kept in solitary confinement until he eventually commits suicide.  - The Fixer (novel)
  • In 2046, an inmate named Corry is sentenced to solitary confinement on a distant asteroid for 50 years.  - The Lonely (The Twilight Zone)
  • When Butch is ordered into solitary confinement for sparking a protest over the prison food, he passes along his knife before being searched.  - The Big House (1930 film)
  • Mallory is held in solitary confinement elsewhere in the prison, awaiting her transport to the mental hospital.  - Natural Born Killers

Meaning of "confinement" in English

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