How to use "confound" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "confound" in popular movie and book plots

  • Johnny and Margot separate on their way back into Britain in order to confound their pursuers.  - Salting the Battlefield
  • They disclose and confound Savage's hidden agenda before they become a happy couple.  - Sky Pirates
  • Harry's inquiries confound the hat, which sorts him into Slytherin before declaring this a joke and correcting it to Ravenclaw.  - Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality
  • In answer to his pleas, she uses his own recent arguments to confound him.  - Minna von Barnhelm
  • Lord Satanus reveals that he used the war to spread a modified viral version of DMN, the anagogic drug he had once used to destabilize Metropolis and confound Superman.  - Reign in Hell
  • But inept Nazi agents, counterspies, racketeers and multiple fakes of the masterpiece soon confound all attempts.  - Lady from Lisbon
  • Much of Helosunde had been under Desei occupation, and Nalenyr provided Helosundian refugees sanctuary and support to confound Desei designs on Nalenyr.  - A Secret Atlas
  • Following a fellow inmate's suggestion, he decides to switch to bank robbery instead, with a special twist of his own design: first by having the security cameras record TV shows he would connect them to with a modified remote control, then entering disguised as a celebrity; the confusion over this unexpected appearance would serve to confound a detailed description.  - Almost an Angel
  • To confound matters, Arkady soon discovers that Isakov is also the primary candidate for the Russian Patriots and will receive judicial immunity as a Russian Senator if elected.  - Stalin's Ghost
  • But Thomas' remarkable manual dexterity and intellectual acumen confound Blalock's expectations, and Thomas rapidly becomes indispensable as a research partner to Blalock in his forays into heart surgery.  - Something the Lord Made
  • Once again, Tim finds Wilby in Elwood’s form and is convinced that his talking dog could make millions; when Tim wanders off momentarily, Wilby returns to his human form, leaving a silent Elwood to confound Tim further.  - The Shaggy D.A.
  • Sensing a powerful, dangerous force in pursuit across her land, Raederle uses her abilities to confound it, thinking she is protecting Morgon; but discovers that the force she thought was Ghisteslwchlohm is Morgon himself, who has stolen much of Ghisteslwchlohm's power during his long captivity, while the helpless man he pursued was Deth, who betrayed him.  - Heir of Sea and Fire
  • Mrs Who quotes to Meg a passage from the Bible about God choosing the foolish of the world to confound the wise, and the weak to defeat the strong.  - A Wrinkle in Time
  • Eighteen confound it.  - Tell England
  • She soon finds herself in the company of both the White and Red Queens, who relentlessly confound Alice by using word play to thwart her attempts at logical discussion.  - Through the Looking-Glass

Example sentences for "confound" in interesting articles

  • For the greater the hostility toward Muslims in Europe and the deeper the West becomes involved in military action in the Middle East, the closer ISIS comes to its goal of creating and managing chaos. This is a strategy that has enabled it to confound far superior international forces, while enhancing its legitimacy in the eyes of its followers.  - The War ISIS Wants
  • Complex interactions between subsystems and baroque coding styles (some of them remnants of programs written 20 or 30 years ago) confound developers and auditors alike.  - The Athens Affair – The most audacious cell-network break-in (2007)
  • Complex interactions between subsystems and baroque coding styles (some of them remnants of programs written 20 or 30 years ago) confound developers and auditors alike.  - The Athens Affair
  • other options url_transforms : {shorten: { twitter: 'bitly',facebook: 'bitly'} },shorteners : {bitly : {}}} Comments You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. The mobility of healthy wealthy people into increasingly economically segregated counties could confound this analysis.  - Health Inequality in the US
  • An alternative explanation—the social selection hypothesis—suggests that schooling is a proxy for unobserved endowments and/or preexisting conditions that confound the relationship between the two variables.  - Relationship between Education and Mental Health: New Evidence from Twin Study
  • However, as pleiotropy was quantified using LD score regression to perform a single test for each pair of phenotypes, the multiple testing problems associated with the polygenic profile score method did not confound the estimates of pleiotropy shown here.  - Shared genetics between cognitive functions and physical and mental health
  • Differences in setting, or the selection of subjects, can confound results.  - The Reformation: Can Social Scientists Save Themselves?

Meaning of "confound" in English

  • mistake one thing for another
    - I mistook her for the secretary
  • be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly
    - This question completely threw me
    - This question befuddled even the teacher

Meaning of "confound" in Hindi

  • मिलाना ( Milana, milanaa)
  • घबडाना ( Ghabadana, ghabadanaa)
  • गडबड करना ( Gadabad karana, gadabad karanaa)
  • हक्का-बक्का करना ( Hakka-bakka karana, hakkaa-bakkaa karanaa)
  • डराना ( Darana, daranaa)
  • साहस तोडना ( Sahas todana, sahas todanaa)
  • नाश करना ( Nash karana, naash karanaa)
  • पराजित करना ( Parajit karana, paraajit karanaa, parazit karana)
  • गड़बड़ करना ( Gadabad karana, gadabad karanaa)
  • एक को दूसरा समझना ( Ek ko dusara samajhana, ek ko doosaraa samajhanaa, ek ko dusara samazhana)
  • घबड़ाना ( Ghabadana, ghabadanaa)
  • चकरा देना ( Chakara dena, chakaraa denaa)
  • हतबुद्धि कर देना ( Hatabuddhi kar dena, hatabuddhi kar denaa)
  • हराना ( Harana, haranaa)
  • साहस तोड़ना ( Sahas todana, sahas todanaa)
  • गलत साबित करना ( Galat sabit karana, galat saabit karanaa)

Synonyms of "confound"

  • confuse
  • bedevil
  • discombobulate
  • fuddle
  • befuddle
  • throw
  • fox

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