How to use "conjugal" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "conjugal" in popular movie and book plots

  • Bea requests that the prison has conjugal visits that Walford has.  - First Blood (Wentworth)
  • They sleep in separate bedrooms but put up an appearance of conjugal bliss in front of outsiders.  - Shajarur Kanta (2015 film)
  • Tulasi has a ten-year-old son by then, ostensibly from her one-&-only conjugal encounter, and wishes that her son redeems his life by becoming Sastri's student — A chance she desperately wanted for herself but was denied by Fate.  - Sankarabharanam
  • Victor decides to infiltrate the laundry arguing working for Moses and the exhaust pipe with two roads, one of which gave the street taking advantage of conjugal visits notes.  - La Mujer del Presidente
  • One of the inmates, Joan Burton, has been illicitly having conjugal relations late at night with her husband, Glen, a convict in the other wing.  - Women's Prison (1955 film)
  • Stiles manages to swing a deal with the head of the white gang, dr D, (Brian Dennehy), to get a conjugal visit with his wife three months early so he can see his new baby.  - The Jericho Mile
  • Amy pretends to remember with fondness their six-week romance all those years ago, but problems arise when Johnny wants to get closer and demand his conjugal rights.  - Lost Honeymoon
  • At first conjugal night, just after ceremony, Neha says to her husband that she is not Nikita.  - Dishayen
  • She feels that she is partially to blame for Portius’s affair because she denied him conjugal relations, what she refers to as her “secret sin.  - The Fields (novel)
  • Her emotions and desires have, however, always been repressed by a husband more intent on teaching her than on conjugal matters, and by a nagging mother-in-law.  - Choritrohin
  • So, Manjari started scheming and creating all sorts of practical problems in Ujan & Hiya's happy conjugal life; but her schemings did not have any effect; she started to feel frustrated and lonely.  - Ekhane Aakash Neel
  • Becca is revealed to be a girl he used to visit in jail for a conjugal visit.  - Happily Ever After (How I Met Your Mother)
  • While Indranil continues his surveillance of the surreal world of words, rhythms, rhymes and imaginations Radhika single-handedly pulls out the private and public aspects of conjugal life.  - Shob Charitro Kalponik
  • When a juicy brief concerning a writ for "restitution of conjugal rights" appears, they take opposite sides in the case.  - A Pair of Briefs
  • Dino Ortolani is suffering from insomnia and having frequent flashbacks to the events that led to his life-sentence for murder and assault with a deadly weapon, and he has put in a request for a conjugal visit with his wife.  - The Routine
  • The desperate Marie-Loup complies with the ceremony but then refuses Xavier his conjugal rights.  - Nouvelle-France (film)
  • He plays on Jorge's good nature to get him to step in during conjugal visits and help impregnate his jailbird girlfriend, Paula.  - Dark Blue Almost Black
  • Stray sheep, dodgy drug deals and snatched conjugal rights are common, as the inmates of HMP Radford Hill are reunited with family and friends.  - The Visit (TV series)
  • The honest cop cannot fulfill her demands and suffers constant harassment from his wife who denies him conjugal bliss.  - Bahumati
  • Four years later, during a conjugal visit, Zdisław gives her directions to the buried cash by tapping on her back.  - Love Stories
  • Muriel relents and allows Wicksteed to remain, provided he resumes his long-neglected conjugal duties.  - Habeas Corpus (play)
  • Under the rules, Arjun is banned from his conjugal rights for a year.  - The Great Indian Novel
  • Peyrac respects her decision and does not pursue his claim to conjugal rights, wishing to seduce her rather than use force.  - Angélique, the Marquise of the Angels
  • The prisoners turn out to be an advantage to Gabrielle one afternoon when Carlos's lawyer refuses to give Gabrielle a conjugal visit.  - My Heart Belongs to Daddy (Desperate Housewives)
  • Rena's half-sister Barbie sneaks off to the conjugal visit trailers and engages in sexual intercourse with her stepfather (Rena's father), unbeknownst to the family.  - American Girl (film)
  • Horace Gauge (John Armstrong) was an inmate who was executed in the electric chair for murdering his wife during a conjugal visit.  - The Suffering (video game)
  • The plan takes a while to get off the ground, because Carmelo is very shy and Rosalia is more than a match in conjugal fidelity.  - Divorce Italian Style

Meaning of "conjugal" in English

  • of or relating to marriage or to the relationship between a wife and husband
    - conjugal visits

Meaning of "conjugal" in Hindi

  • विवाह संबन्धी ( Vivah sanbandhi, vivah sanbandhee, wiwah sanbandhi)
  • वैवाहिक ( Vaivahik, waiwahik)
  • दाम्पत्य ( Dampaty, daampaty)
  • दाम्पत्यजनित ( Dampatyajanit, daampatyajanit, dampatyazanit)
  • दाम्पतिक ( Dampatik, daampatik)

Synonyms of "conjugal"

  • connubial

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