How to use "conscript" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "conscript" in popular movie and book plots

  • Gabriel Dufour (Nino Rocher) is a young conscript in the French army during the first World War.  - The Fear (2015 film)
  • Dredd and Alpha ascend to the highest floor of the tower to find and switch off the missile defense system, where they stumble across the tower's last survivor, a conscript Sino-Cit soldier named Lam.  - Judge Dredd: Pre-Emptive Revenge
  • As an independent, strong-willed, young woman helping her father sell rugs at the village market, she meets, falls in love with and marries Mosaad (Hany Adel), an army conscript serving in the Central Security Forces.  - Asmaa
  • One of the peasant farmers, Enrique, is tending his sick wife when Captain Grisham and his men arrive at his front door and forcibly conscript him to Colonel Montoya's depleted army.  - Fever (Queen of Swords)
  • The Soviets immediately conscript the POWs, shooting those who refuse or were too slow to don the Red Army uniform.  - My Way (2011 film)
  • Bardiya had been a conscript soldier in the Tugar army as a light mounted cavalryman but sentenced to death for desertion.  - The Year of the Horsetails
  • After three years a conscript sailor, Aleksey (Aleksey Chadov), comes back from the Black Sea Fleet to Moscow for a meeting with his waiting girlfriend, Masha (), and old classmates.  - Heat (2006 film)
  • If anyone could be called the protagonist of the story, it would be Angelo, a confused Italian soldier who abandoned his studies of mathematics in order to enlist as a conscript in the Italian army and see war firsthand.  - Inshallah (novel)
  • The film also interviews Michalis Petrou, a conscript who served in the Military Police and was trained to become one of the most notorious torturers of the EAT-ESA.  - Your Neighbor's Son
  • Fleeing from the nationalists who want to conscript the boys into their army to fight the Japanese, they make a three-month journey across the snow-bound Liu Pan Shan mountains to safety on the edge of the Mongolian desert, the first 900 km on foot.  - The Children of Huang Shi
  • The two prisoners cope with the situation in very different ways, as the war-hardened and cynical sergeant Sasha (Oleg Menshikov) works to escape while the young and naive conscript Vanya (Sergei Bodrov, Jr) tries to make friends with his captors and falls in love with the daughter Dina.  - Prisoner of the Mountains
  • Peg-Leg Pete was depicted as a leading soldier of the former army and Mickey as a conscript of the latter one.  - The Barnyard Battle
  • The film opens on the evening of 24 April 1974, as a young conscript soldier (Daniel) kisses farewell to his girlfriend (Rosa) before boarding a train from Lisbon back to his Army base at Santarem.  - April Captains
  • Tolstoy makes a chapter-length aside about Petrukha: childless, he volunteered as a conscript in place of his brother who had a family of his own.  - Hadji Murat (novel)
  • Army conscript private who was captured while defecating.  - Some Kind of Hero
  • The next day, partisans arrive at Florya's house and conscript him.  - Come and See
  • The core of the plot is the romantic triangle formed by the protagonist, a conscript soldier named Private Brigg; a worldly professional soldier named Sergeant Driscoll and Phillipa Raskin, the daughter of the Regimental Sergeant Major.  - The Virgin Soldiers
  • After an assault by an unknown enemy landship, Shu is forced to join an army of child soldiers; children trained for the looting of villages, in which they kidnap female villagers for breeding, and conscript orphaned male children into the ever dwindling ranks of Hamdo's army.  - Now and Then, Here and There

Example sentences for "conscript" in interesting articles

  • It can be smashed effectively only by taking the profit out of war. The only way to smash this racket is to conscript capital and industry and labor before the nations manhood can be conscripted.  - War Is a Racket by General Smedley D. Butler (1933)
  • It can be smashed effectively only by taking the profit out of war. The only way to smash this racket is to conscript capital and industry and labor before the nations manhood can be conscripted.  - War Is a Racket (1935)
  • The conscript parts of national armed forces may be formed into disaster relief units as they hang around anyway with no real job to do except securing fossil energy sources abroad and helping out the border police.  - We lost the war. Welcome to the world of tomorrow (2006)
  • Exhibit A was the betrayal of Syrian troops fighting Israel in the Golan in 1967: having withdrawn its elite units, the Syrian government knowingly broadcast the falsehood that Israeli troops had captured the town of Kuneitra, which would have put them behind the largely conscript Syrian army still in position.  - Why Arabs Lose Wars (1999)
  • It is terrible to die as a conscript in the trenches or a civilian in an aerial bombing campaign, but to perish from overwork, beating or cold in a labour camp can be a greater evil.  - John Gray: Steven Pinker is wrong about violence and war
  • Bertron • August 15, 2013 10:21 AM Government has always had the power to conscript people.  - The NSA is Commandeering the Internet
  • Barron returned to Logan Heights to conscript about 30 enforcers from Mexican immigrant families.  - How DEA Agents Took Down Mexico's Most Vicious Drug Cartel

Meaning of "conscript" in English

  • someone who is drafted into military service
  • enroll into service compulsorily

Meaning of "conscript" in Hindi

  • अनिवार्य भारती ( Anivary bharati, anivaary bhaaratee, aniwary bharati)
  • भरती किया हुआ ( Bharati kiya hu, bharatee kiyaa huaa)

Synonyms of "conscript"

  • draftee
  • inductee

Antonyms of "conscript"

  • voluntary
  • military volunteer
  • volunteer

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