How to use "contiguous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "contiguous" in popular movie and book plots

  • Navy, are attempting to prevent refugees and illegal immigrants from the eastern hemisphere and the vicinity of the impact zone from entering into the contiguous United States, using deadly force, which disturbs Palace, who witnesses refugees at sea being killed by them.  - Countdown City
  • Meanwhile, Süleyman and Hürrem's son, Mehmed, gets murdered by his closest Şahin Bey (Ilyas who works for Mahidevran) by wounding him and transferring a contiguous disease into his body.  - Muhteşem Yüzyıl
  • Due to the lack of people to maintain New York City as well as cities all over the contiguous United States, fires burned unchecked and New York City is now flooded in some areas.  - After America
  • The contiguous United States has, in an instant, been thrown back into the 19th century.  - One Second After
  • On the eve of the Iraq War, March 14, 2003, the bulk of the population of the contiguous United States, (along with the bulk of the populations of Canada, Mexico, and Cuba) disappears as the result of a large energy field that later come to be known as "The Wave".  - Without Warning (Birmingham novel)
  • Eventually the artist is famous and rich enough to afford to go on Somec himself - but declines to do so, preferring to live his life as a contiguous whole rather than skipping across time like a stone across the water.  - Skipping Stones
  • The military, backed by a resurgent American wartime economy, begins the three-year-long process of retaking the contiguous United States from both the undead as well as groups of hostile human survivors.  - World War Z
  • During the escape Reilly suffers a concussion which, during the tournament final against rival Springfield State, gradually returns his mental abilities to normal; one of his friends, however, is able to answer the final question ("What is the geographic center of the contiguous United States.  - The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
  • After the former contiguous United States is unified under one faction, the independent Commonwealth of Hawaii agrees to join the new government.  - Shattered Union
  • The TARDIS interior set seen in this story – for both the Doctor's and the Master's time machines – is unique to the series, with walls consisting of far larger and contiguous bowl shaped 'roundels'.  - The Time Monster
  • The land was divided into four contiguous areas called spheres: land, subterrain, sea, and sky.  - Neutopia
  • A decade after its defeat, the contiguous United States is occupied by a United Nations peacekeeping force, the United Nations Special Service Unit (UNSSU), composed primarily of Communist state forces.  - Amerika (miniseries)
  • The events in Dragondrums take place after Dragonsinger and are contiguous with some events in The White Dragon, which discusses characters and events elsewhere on Pern.  - Dragondrums
  • They return to the contiguous United States on a ship on which, unknown to them, Georgia is also travelling.  - The Gold Rush

Example sentences for "contiguous" in interesting articles

  • As all rows are distributed into contiguous ranges (so-called tablets) among different tablet servers, row scans only involve few servers and thus are very efficient.Figure 3: Data in a wide-column store.Bigtable, which pioneered the wide-column model, was specifically developed to store a large collection of webpages as illustrated in Figure 3.  - NoSQL Databases: A Survey and Decision Guidance
  • Having a contiguous work chunks allowed me to plow through what previously felt like more than six months worth of stuff.urllib3 commits since moving to GithubMore like thisPublishing and contributing to open source is going to continue happening regardless whether I’m getting paid for it or not, but it will be slow and unfocused.  - Urllib3, Stripe, and Open Source Grants
  • But it is alarming just how large those disparities are.Let’s start with the basics: Most Americans in the contiguous United States live in or near metropolitan areas.All of those people — 50% of the U.S.  - Reasons to consider a cartogram
  • In a row-based database, data is stored in contiguous rows of attributes, and columns are related through table metadata.  - Data Warehousing 101
  • It sees enemies everywhere around it, and while its leadership wishes ill on the United States, the application of Sharia in the caliphate and the expansion to contiguous lands are paramount.  - What ISIS Really Wants
  • Others, Borlaug among them, are skeptical about whether yield itself can be engineered. So far gene recombination can move only single genes or small contiguous gene units.  - Forgotten Benefactor of Humanity (1997)
  • It sees enemies everywhere around it, and while its leadership wishes ill on the United States, the application of Sharia in the caliphate and the expansion to contiguous lands are paramount.  - What ISIS Really Wants
  • Pittsburgh has shown how it can apply variants of those forces in a "right-sized" city to make itself into an important high-tech center.What Andrew Moore tells prospects when explaining why they should do their research or start their company in Pittsburgh:Moore told me that the compact geographic footprint of Pittsburgh, combined with its relatively small population, means that there’s “a density effect,” especially in the Oakland area around CMU, Pitt, and UPMC, and in the immediately contiguous areas for two or three miles out.  - How to Create a Tech Start-Up Scene – Pittsburgh's success provides clues
  • Residential customers in the contiguous United States pay from $0.09/kWh to $0.20/kWh, a significant portion of which pays for transmission and distribution costs.  - What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change

Meaning of "contiguous" in English

  • very close or connected in space or time
    - immediate contact
    - the immediate vicinity
    - the immediate past
  • having a common boundary or edge; abutting; touching
    - the side of Germany conterminous with France
    - Utah and the contiguous state of Idaho
    - neighboring cities
  • connecting without a break; within a common boundary
    - the contiguous 48 states

Meaning of "contiguous" in Hindi

  • निकटवर्ती ( Nikatavarti, nikatavartee, nikatawarti)
  • लगा हुआ ( Laga hu, lagaa huaa)
  • सटा हुआ ( Sata hu, sataa huaa)
  • मिला हुआ ( Mila hu, milaa huaa)
  • समीपस्थ ( Samipasth, sameepasth)
  • स‌ंलग्न ( Sanlagn)
  • संलग्न ( Sanlagn)
  • सन्निहित ( Sannihit)
  • आसन्न ( Aasann)
  • निकटस्थ ( Nikatasth)
  • संसक्त ( Sansakt)

Synonyms of "contiguous"

  • adjoining
  • neighboring
  • abutting
  • conterminous
  • adjacent
  • immediate

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