How to use "contrite" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "contrite" in popular movie and book plots

  • When the bartender, Bill, calls Chris out on her brash behavior, a contrite Chris asks that Bells be rehired and admits to Crick that she has been an awful fool.  - Cafe Society (1939 film)
  • She is contrite about having hurt Mark, whom she realizes has become infatuated with her.  - Nothing in the Rules
  • Later a contrite Meredith is relieved that Austen was the OD and disobeyed the order.  - The Deep Six (novel)
  • The novel concludes with Captain Douglas renouncing his passion for Madeleine Philips and a contrite Bealby returning to Shonts and telling his mother he is willing to "'ave another go" at a career in domestic service.  - Bealby
  • Years later, Susan meets up with an apparently contrite Henchard and their future could have been set on a positive path had Henchard been able to get past his ingrained selfishness.  - The Mayor of Casterbridge (2003 film)
  • After she explains, he is contrite but they continue at cross purposes when she angrily rejects his drunken advances.  - Foxfire (1955 film)
  • This leads to a contrite John jogging into town to the local docks where he passes a young couple who are moving into a riverside house they have rented.  - Black Point (film)
  • Consequently, Glykera forgives the contrite Polemon in act V and marries him, whereas Pataikos betroths Moschion to another girl.  - Perikeiromene
  • A contrite Kitty hands over another intercepted love letter from Warren and gives Shirley her blessing for a happy life.  - Stage Mother (film)
  • A contrite Danny apologizes and tells her that he has fallen in love with her.  - She Had to Say Yes
  • The next day, Vincent sets off by canoe into the Canadian wilderness, taking the Indian girl up north to her tribe, now accompanied by a contrite Brody.  - The Wild North
  • Tom, meanwhile, finds himself hotly defending Dinah's honor to Bernice, and as the contrite Dinah is about to leave for the train station, he insists on riding with her in the family carriage.  - Adventure in Baltimore
  • A contrite Gino returns to the track, where he willingly lets Michel speed past him.  - The Racers
  • A contrite Don shows up at the audition for a replacement actor.  - The Matinee Idol
  • He is not comforted by a contrite Lewis' apologies for assumption and statement that Bayliss' emotional approach to the job has actually made him a good cop, and says he is left without any identity as he is no longer worthy of being a Buddhist.  - Zen and the Art of Murder
  • A contrite Jonas returns to Monica asking her to listen.  - The Carpetbaggers (film)
  • Sugunakar Rao comes to Chennai in the role of her boss – a contrite and repentant Sugunakar, who now wants to re-marry Suhasini and redress the wrongs he had done.  - Idi Katha Kaadu
  • Later, when John's sickly wife dies, Sidney helps the struggling Hewett family with some of his savings, and John becomes contrite about his earlier misunderstanding of Sidney's nature.  - The Nether World
  • Gregson and Vallière decide to move on, but are soon joined again by the contrite Cook who apparently was left behind by the Badonians.  - Terra Incognita (short story)
  • Joan's contrite mother arrives to visit Joan, and explains to the heads that her neglect of Joan stems from a resentment that Joan survived an illness years before, while her more loved twin brother died.  - The Naughtiest Girl in the School
  • Upon their arrival at home, Augusta seems contrite and willing to make amends.  - Augusta, Gone
  • Ramanathan comes to Chennai in the role of her boss – a contrite and repentant Ramanathan, who now wants to remarry Anu and redress the wrongs he had done.  - Avargal
  • Soon, a contrite Bess finds Harry performing with a carnival and presents him with two one-way tickets to Europe.  - Houdini (film)
  • At this, Peders is immediately contrite about the way he has been treating her.  - Interview (2007 film)
  • Peabody realizes her mistake and for once is contrite about jumping to conclusions.  - The Golden One
  • The desperate and contrite Fotheringay calls on his powers one last time to put things back as they were before he ever entered the pub the day before, willing away his power to work miracles.  - The Man Who Could Work Miracles
  • Being able to turn invisible, Starichok-Borovichok soon wins, and offers a contrite Ivan the prize anyway - a fine bow and quiver of arrows.  - Jack Frost (1964 film)
  • On his return to Fort Grant, Cooper threatens to quit unless Fenton releases Jenkins, who is both contrite and seriously ill.  - Hang 'Em High
  • Her compassion brings about Hetty's contrite confession.  - Adam Bede
  • He is obviously contrite and he has not yet forgiven himself for his actions.  - My Name Is Joe

Example sentences for "contrite" in interesting articles

  • You can always release a contrite press release if you get caught.  - Deleting Uber is the least you can do
  • As Kramer later explained, in a contrite Facebook post, “the actual impact on people in the experiment was the minimal amount to statistically detect it — the result was that people produced an average of one fewer emotional word, per thousand words, over the following week.” As contagions go, that’s a pretty feeble one.  - The Manipulators: Facebook's Social Engineering Project

Meaning of "contrite" in English

  • feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses

Meaning of "contrite" in Hindi

  • दुःखित ( Duhkhit)
  • पश्चातापी ( Pashchatapi, pashchaataapee)
  • मनोव्यथित ( Manovyathit, manowyathit)
  • अनुतापी ( Anutapi, anutaapee)
  • पश्चात्तापी ( Pashchattapi, pashchaattaapee)

Synonyms of "contrite"

  • ruthful
  • rueful
  • remorseful

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