How to use "convex" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "convex" in popular movie and book plots

  • The doctor is carrying four wrist watches; a beautiful dealer in art is carrying a bottle of quicklime and another of phosphorus; and the owner of the Anglo-Egyptian Importing Company is carrying the ringing mechanism of an alarm clock and a convex piece of glass.  - Death in Five Boxes
  • It wedges into the hole convex side down, creating a perfect seal.  - The Son of the Sun

Example sentences for "convex" in interesting articles

  • The other hemisphere, known as the bullet or plug, has a perfectly matched convex surface on the opposing side.  - How to Get a Nuclear Bomb (2006)
  • And on the speaking side, you might be surprised to remember that your mouth presses up directly against the 500’s microphone enclosure, where dozens of apertures in the plastic cover direct audio toward the convex microphone it contains.  - How Portability Ruined the Telephone (2015)

Meaning of "convex" in English

  • curving or bulging outward

Meaning of "convex" in Hindi

  • उन्नत्तोदर ( Unnattodar)
  • मध्योन्नत ( Madhyonnat)
  • उभडा हुआ ( Ubhada hu, ubhadaa huaa)
  • उबरता हुआ ( Ubarata hu, ubarataa huaa)
  • उन्नतोदर ( Unnatodar)

Synonyms of "convex"

  • bulging

Antonyms of "convex"

  • concave

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