How to use "copious" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "copious" in popular movie and book plots

  • An eighteen-year-old high school dropout, Nate smokes copious amounts of marijuana with his best friend Topher Clark (Kenny Wormald), a 27-year-old who had moved from Boston.  - Kid Cannabis
  • In Venice Michael stares lovingly at a photo of his mother - taken in the same spot in Venice, and takes an overdose of his cancer drugs, washed down with copious amounts of wine.  - The Most Fun You Can Have Dying
  • He compiles copious notes on them, Lilith and the rest of her family as he continues to aid in her growth.  - The German Doctor
  • Agatha has severe burns to her face and body, and takes a copious amount of medication.  - Maps to the Stars
  • Walter has knowledge of many wondrous inventions from the east—papermaking, gunpowder, the telescope, and the compass—but proof of their existence and Walter's copious notes of all he'd seen have been left behind during their escape.  - The Black Rose (novel)
  • Fry discovers the insect first, who sprays Fry with copious amounts of liquid in self-defense.  - The Butterjunk Effect
  • When Sarah becomes inebriated at the party, her parents attribute blame to Ken, even though it was Sarah who made the conscious decision to drink copious amounts of alcoholic beverages.  - Sarah T. – Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic
  • They give the book to Astrid, a skilled decoder, along with copious volumes of data from biotechnology corporation Massive Dynamic about the numbers stations.  - 6955 kHz
  • He also begins the process of cutting back on his drinking, though it is difficult with the copious alcohol use in the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce offices.  - The Summer Man
  • The Colonel introduces Philip to the wonders of the moors: the newly hatched birds whose nests are tucked in tree boughs and the copious bugs crawling under the peat.  - Run Wild, Run Free
  • Sally is depressed due to her mother forcefully putting her in Alex's care and giving her copious amounts of Adderall.  - Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010 film)
  • In the bio-dome, they find the two crew members (Andy Stone and Tarak Ital): they have become infected by a water-borne virus that causes their bodies to generate copious amounts of water and become zombie-like in movement.  - The Waters of Mars
  • In a bizarre tale of gangster morality, Begbie ‘solves’ this dilemma by coming to an arrangement with Power and Dickie that involves copious amounts of violence and actually suits nobody, not even Franco himself.  - Skagboys
  • Warner undertakes a massive ten-year study on gerontology, and takes copious notes on all events he observes (including the "threatening" telephone message), but finally loses them all in a fire at his apartment, and "feels dead" from the regret.  - Memento Mori (novel)
  • On the death of their father Lars, a retired Professor of History, Erik Davidsen and his sister Inga, a philosopher, clean out his home office in rural Minnesota and, while going through his copious papers, find a cryptic note written and signed by someone they do not know called Lisa which suggests to them that as a boy back in the 1930s their father was involved in some illicit act and that he has kept his promise never to tell anyone about it.  - The Sorrows of an American
  • The other girls take her inside to console her, and Jie brings first her and then all of the betel nut girls copious amounts of his marijuana.  - Help Me Eros
  • In this sequel, the children have decided to play that they are gypsies and begin their usual practice of copious reading and reproduction of authentic practices.  - The Gypsy Game
  • is mortified and cues the curtain down, and as the Stooges drink copious amounts of punch to quell the feathers in their mouths,K.  - Three Hams on Rye
  • Although the work is hard, there are merenda, consisting of huge outside picnics at which copious quantities of food are eaten, last year's wine drunk and bawdy gossip exchanged between the contadini.  - A Small Place in Italy
  • Don spends the morning assembling a playhouse for her while drinking copious amounts of beer.  - Marriage of Figaro (Mad Men)
  • Louise gets up every morning and eats a copious breakfast, she walks the dogs, hunts in the autumn and skates in the winter, just like hundreds of other well-born, well-bred English girls of average means.  - The Heart of a Woman (Baroness Orczy novel)
  • Batz has an overgrown, sentient penis, which he tries to tame using strong medication, obscure mechanical contraptions, and copious amounts of porn.  - Bad Biology
  • He is told that he must rest and take copious medication, while Christiane adds that there is no hope of any marital relations until he is fully well.  - Diabolically Yours
  • All drink copious amounts of wine, the gift of Bacchus, until they are robbed of their wits.  - Sémélé
  • The Banefire is fed by copious quantities of blood: among the victims held by the Clave for future sacrifice are a group of Haruchai, the descendants of the race which formerly served the Land as the Bloodguard.  - The Wounded Land
  • Bentley consequently drives the detectives to a random country house, drinks copious claret, smokes endless cigarettes, and predictably gets nowhere with the case.  - Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown
  • Over the next five years, Ned runs Jerzy, who provides copious amounts of information about the Polish intelligence.  - The Secret Pilgrim
  • As they attempt to solve the case, Nick and Nora share a great deal of banter and witty dialogue, along with copious amounts of alcohol.  - The Thin Man
  • Overwhelmed by his thinness, he goes out and buys copious amounts of normal-sized clothing to celebrate, and a $47,000 Viper sports car on his faculty expense account.  - The Nutty Professor (1996 film)
  • There are scenes of the full lesbian sexual gamut, which extends from episodes of individual nuns' self-stimulation to non-monogamous lesbian sex to a final nun-centered crucifix-bondage scene, with copious use of the whip and the rope.  - Sacred Flesh
  • As far as every day life goes, Roarke enjoys buying copious amounts of jewelry, clothing, and expensive food — particularly real coffee, which is very expensive in the era of the books — for Eve, as he is quite conscious of the fact that before him, no one except her few friends really gave her anything at all.  - Eve Dallas
  • Among them are: Barry Badrinath who is good at drinking games like Beer Pong and has since become a male prostitute, Steve "Fink" Finklestein who has a PhD in Chemistry, and Phil "Landfill" Krundle who has been known to drink copious amounts of beer.  - Beerfest
  • Later on, Anderson consumes copious amounts of pizza, alcohol, and even cocaine.  - The MySpace Movie
  • Over the next few days, Suzuki uses Tara as a beguiling distraction while conditioning Larry with mineral baths and copious amounts of alcohol, exacerbating the pain in Larry's shoulder.  - The Manster
  • But, that night (the same night Desmond quits drinking) a gambler rigs Desmond to win copious amounts of money to pay for his legal bills.  - Evelyn (film)
  • After considerable effort by the palace staff, BFG is given a copious breakfast.  - The BFG (1989 film)
  • However, a robber murders Uncle Flem and inspires Patricia to use her newfound powers to battle crime in New York City, while she also tries to tell her best friend Mark Wetson that she wants to be his girlfriend and has copious amounts of lesbian sex.  - SpiderBabe
  • They meet Lisa's new boyfriend Eddy (Gérard Darmon), and the four have many fun times, often fueled by copious amounts of alcohol.  - Betty Blue
  • The fight ends with both covered in copious amounts of each other's blood.  - Twelve (novel)
  • He also smokes cigarettes and cannabis, drinks copious amounts of alcohol, plays computer games, and has adventurous sex with a married woman, Yvonne.  - Complicity (novel)
  • They sign the will in the library where Miss Greenshaw shows them the copious diaries of her grandfather and expresses a wish to have them edited and published, but says she hasn't the time to undertake such a task.  - The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
  • The close-knit group cope with their circumstances with a mixture of humour, cheek, practical jokes and copious quantities of beer.  - The Odd Angry Shot
  • Underhill's classical education, through which he learns Greek and Latin, provides him with the ability to recite copious lines of poetry, which his countrymen ridicule.  - The Algerine Captive
  • The action cements Terekhov's abilities in the eyes of his crew and earns him copious goodwill from the people of the Talbott Cluster.  - The Shadow of Saganami
  • Making matters worse, the student body is starting to sprout shells, drink water in copious amounts, and crawl on the walls of the school.  - Uzumaki (film)
  • The castle is the ultimate bureaucracy with copious paperwork that the bureaucracy maintains is "flawless".  - The Castle (novel)
  • The letter includes copious quotations from Fausto's diary.  - V.
  • In order to counter this lack, he toured a large number of stately homes around France, taking copious notes on subjects like architecture, ladies' and men's fashions, jewellery, garden design, greenhouse plants (a seduction scene takes place in Saccard's hothouse), carriages, mannerisms, servants' liveries; these notes (volumes of which are preserved) were time well spent, as many contemporary observers praised the novel for its realism.  - La Curée

Example sentences for "copious" in interesting articles

  • How, I wondered, is it possible that the layperson exercise instructor is on a first-name basis with a serious, yet rare medical condition? Is this a thing with CrossFit? It turns out it is.Rhabdomyolysis: As Told By CrossFit?A quick search of the Interwebs reveals copious amounts of information about rhabdo purveyed by none other than CrossFit trainers.  - CrossFit's Dirty Little Secret
  • The dominant culture has had two decades to demonstrate to us in copious detail what it’s willing to offer — the good parts and the bad ones — and now it’s your turn.  - When Nerds Collide (2014)
  • For a brief time, then, lithium, the third element in the periodic table, is the third most common element in the Universe.Pathetic! But once you start forming stars, all of that changes.The moment the first star is born, some 50-to-100 million years after the Big Bang, copious amounts of hydrogen start fusing into helium.  - What's the third most common element?
  • And frankly, m’dear, I took the time to type all this out for you; it’s the least you could do.As my final rebuttal to your complaints of copious clicking: don’t think you need to do this all at once.  - Master web development with over 9000 tricks
  • Instead of writing or pushing my side projects forward, I’ve been binge-watching Netflix, reading blog posts full of productivity tips, and playing copious amounts of Pokémon Go.Time to re-focus.Here are some tips for making more time for your side projects.  - Making Time for Side Projects
  • Not that the trip was all work—it coincided with the Latvian midsummer festival, an all-night affair involving folk songs and dancing, fueled by copious helpings of beer and wild boar sausage.  - Russia’s Cold War Mapmakers
  • The crew members were “unutterably kind,” Berta wrote, offering them food and copious beer.  - Lost at Sea on the Brink of the Second World War
  • As the procession slowly wound its way around the field, the crowd roared hoarsely but full-throatedly, clapped, thumped chairs and boards, stomped feet and smiled through copious tears.  - Sachin Tendulkar leaves India in tears
  • Taking an advanced course should not be synonymous with copious amounts of homework.  - Paly student tells of school stress
  • I have received copious amounts of support from them, but no physical help with the build.  - 700+ hp electric Honda S2000 built by high school senior
  • Tearful sniffling becomes open weeping, barely stifled by the copious use of tissues.  - The employees shut inside coffins
  • The swastika and other Nazi symbols are banned in Germany. Image copyright AFP Image caption The IfZ edition of Mein Kampf includes copious notes by scholars providing context Mr Wirsching told the German news agency DPA that the IfZ was planning a shorter, French-language edition.  - Germany sees 'overwhelming' sales of Hitler's Mein Kampf

Meaning of "copious" in English

  • affording an abundant supply
    - copious provisions
    - food is plentiful
    - a plenteous grape harvest
    - a rich supply
  • large in number or quantity (especially of discourse)
    - a subject of voluminous legislation

Meaning of "copious" in Hindi

  • बहुत ( Bahut)
  • विपुल ( Vipul, wipul)
  • प्रचुर ( Prachur)
  • बहुत अधिक ( Bahut adhik)

Synonyms of "copious"

  • plenteous
  • ample
  • rich
  • plentiful
  • voluminous

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