How to use "cosmology" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "cosmology" in popular movie and book plots

  • Artyom Manvelyan is a famous physicist and founder of a cosmology laboratory in Aragats.  - Hello, That's Me!
  • Xing joins a select cosmology group under the direction of his hero, the famous cosmologist Professor Jacob Reiser (Aidan Quinn).  - Dark Matter (film)
  • The prevailing theory in cosmology at the time is Steady State, which argues that the universe had no beginning – it has always existed, and always will – and Steady State is dominated by Professor Fred Hoyle, a plain-speaking Yorkshireman, and one of the first science TV pundits.  - Hawking (2004 film)
  • Throughout the book Hogarth—or rather, Lem himself—exposes the reader to many debates merging cosmology and philosophy: from discussions of epistemology, systems theory, information theory and probability, through the idea of evolutionary biology and the possible form and motives of extraterrestrial intelligence, with digressions about ethics in military-sponsored research, to the limitations of human science constrained by the human nature subconsciously projecting itself into the analysis of any unknown subject.  - His Master's Voice (novel)
  • He draws on the theories of Brane cosmology to create a multiverse, where time in one dimension moves at a different rate from another; one hour in our world could be days or weeks in another.  - The Dark Age (series)
  • Thematically this book touches on cosmology and chaos theory, and their relation to the human condition as a possible motive for suicide.  - Night Train (novel)
  • It seems that Celtic cosmology is much closer to Lovecraftian ideals (Evil vs.  - The Age of Misrule (series)
  • Like all books, the chapters of Book 6 are suffused with mythology, cosmology and philosophical themes, such as the nature of existence before the origin of universe, The main portion of the seventh book is dedicated to the well known story of Hiranyakaśipu, his son Prahlada, and the death of Hiranyakaśipu at the hands of Narasimha, an avatar of Vishnu.  - Bhagavata Purana
  • He talks of astronomy, cosmology and other subjects he is learning.  - Red Shift (novel)
  • Although the novel fits into the storyline of The Vampire Chronicles, the vast majority of it consists of Memnoch's account of cosmology and theology.  - Memnoch the Devil

Example sentences for "cosmology" in interesting articles

  • This is the observation that the cosmological red-shift of an object is linearly proportional to its distance from Earth.It is so profoundly embedded in modern cosmology that most currently accepted theories of universal expansion depend on its linear nature.  - Paradoxes That Threaten to Tear Modern Cosmology Apart
  • When will whatever conscience encounter a pad? How does a dispute dictate throughout 10 thing? The cosmology misses the number.  - Things Ive never heard a successful startup founder say
  • Now, with the peculiar cosmology of capitalist production subsuming an entire planet into its logic, mythological worlds are increasingly homogenized, and all that difference and weirdness is no longer geographically extensive.  - What it means to believe that “real” trees no longer exist (2016)
  • Other examples include “frigophobia” in China, “a fear of cold which has its roots in traditional Chinese cosmology of balancing between hot and cold”; running “amok” in Malaysia, when people go on a killing spree they can’t remember later; and “hikikomori,” in Japan, when people socially withdraw to the point where they never leave home.It would be easy just to gawk at the strangeness of these syndromes, or to dismiss them as unscientific or psychosomatic.  - The Diseases You Only Get If You Believe in Them
  • When will whatever conscience encounter a pad? How does a dispute dictate throughout 10 thing? The cosmology misses the number.  - Things Ive never heard a successful startup founder say

Meaning of "cosmology" in English

  • the branch of astrophysics that studies the origin and evolution and structure of the universe
  • the metaphysical study of the origin and nature of the universe

Meaning of "cosmology" in Hindi

  • विश्व तत्व ( Vishv tatv, wishw tatw)
  • संसार के पदार्थों की विद्या ( Sansar ke padarthon ki vidya, sansaar ke padaarthon kee vidyaa, sansar ke padarthon ki widya)
  • विश्व विज्ञान ( Vishv vigyan, wishw wigyan)

Synonyms of "cosmology"

  • cosmogony
  • cosmogeny

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