How to use "coward" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "coward" in popular movie and book plots

  • However, when Duffman goes in to save Homer, a shark attacks and Duffman refuses to go in, revealing himself to be a coward too.  - Old Yeller-Belly
  • Miraz agrees to the duel, not wanting to look like a coward in front of his men.  - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  • The Emperor declares the Doctor a coward and orders him to be exterminated, but before the Daleks can kill him, the TARDIS materialises.  - The Parting of the Ways
  • Siddhu realises that his father was a good man, but, like everybody else, was a coward and lacked the strength to fight injustice.  - Ghulam (film)
  • Faced with this prospect, Simpson pleads pathetically to Hornblower for his life, revealing himself for the coward he is.  - The Even Chance
  • Andy is deemed a coward and shot by a Confederate major.  - Gettysburg (The Outer Limits)
  • Onewa was a coward and Matau had died in a chute accident.  - Bionicle Adventures
  • Porky, sick and tired of Sylvester's 'foolishness', decides to show Sylvester what a coward he is by going into the kitchen himself.  - Scaredy Cat
  • Later, in France, Monte is branded a coward for shirking his duty when his replacement is shot down in his place.  - Hell's Angels (film)
  • When Jason calls his father a coward for running away from the syndicate, Tom destroys some of Jason's Bruce Lee memorabilia in the garage.  - No Retreat, No Surrender
  • King Richard assumes that the Earl has turned coward and denies him permission.  - Robin Hood (1922 film)
  • Fortunately for Jumba, while 625 has all of Stitch's powers, he's an incredibly lazy coward who prioritizes sandwiches above all else.  - Stitch! The Movie
  • However, he is quickly revealed to be a coward hiding behind bravado as Dorothy stands up for her friends.  - The Wiz
  • Mistaking Bateman for another colleague, Carnes claims that the Patrick Bateman he knows is too much of a coward to have committed such acts.  - American Psycho
  • Upon finding Tristam in the Inn (who gives Benjamin the Multi-Key), they find the coward who left Arion in the mine in a locked house.  - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
  • As the Borg continue to assimilate, Worf suggests destroying the ship, but Picard angrily calls him a coward and vows to continue the fight.  - Star Trek: First Contact

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