How to use "craven" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "craven" in popular movie and book plots

  • She falls in love with a visiting American (Monte Blue) but is also pursued by the craven outlaw Manuel Corrales.  - Mademoiselle Midnight
  • Lacking a conscience and filled with craven self-loathing, he roamed the width and breadth of Xanth in search of anyone happier than he was.  - The Dastard
  • In a craven urge for fame, many of her classmates (mostly Lana) bluff that they are friends of the princess to reporters.  - The Princess Diaries (film)
  • At the end of a long day, the body of John Craven is found hidden behind a remote farmhouse and Calder later details to Fortesque, somewhat improbably, precisely how three men ambushed and killed Craven in a carefully designed trap.  - The Headmaster (short story)
  • In the wagon, the Major and Hawks encounter a semi-drunken gentleman who introduces himself as Colter Craven (Carleton Young) and calls for his wife, Allaryce (Anna Lee), who addresses him as "Doctor".  - The Colter Craven Story
  • While Al Craven (Ted Healy), the brother of Nicky's secretary Fitz (Patsy Kelly), searches for alcohol to keep Farraday from sobering up, Nicky calls the newspapers, saying that Farraday is on his deathbed.  - Sing, Baby, Sing
  • The film opens in Los Angeles International Airport where fans and haters of heavy metal singer Slade Craven (John Mann) gather up.  - Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal
  • She is discovered by English officers and is soon sent to live with a friend of the family named mr Craven (Derek Jacobi), even though the two of them have never before met.  - The Secret Garden (1987 film)
  • Steven Craven and Nico Bradley run away from home and travel to Mexico.  - Hellraiser: Revelations
  • Jerry Craven arrives on the scene, but—weary of conflict and mentally traumatized by his own death and resurrection—expresses his desire to live in peace with Krishna.  - Supergod
  • In 1946, Lady Mary Craven (Cherie Lunghi) visits an American orphanage, telling the children about an exchange program that will allow one child to travel to England and stay at Misselthwaite Manor, which is now an orphanage.  - Back to the Secret Garden
  • The following day, Eileen meets reporter Chic Clark at the Wallace Theatrical Production office, while Ruth seeks employment at Manhatter, where she has an argument with magazine owner Ralph Craven and leaves in a huff.  - My Sister Eileen (1942 film)
  • Bounty hunter Blade (Maurizio Merli), who uses a tomahawk as a throwing weapon, arrives at the mining town of Suttonville with the outlaw Burt Craven (Donald O'Brien) as his prisoner.  - Mannaja
  • After a last brutal torture by police officers, Tommy Douglas (Tony Mooney) and Bob Craven (Sean Harris) give Dunford a loaded gun to do their business and abandon him in a desolate area.  - Red Riding
  • At South Station, Boston, police homicide detective Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson) picks up his daughter Emma (Bojana Novakovic), who comes home to visit and vomits while getting into the car.  - Edge of Darkness (2010 film)
  • Back in Boston, they start to drift apart, and Laura becomes obsessed with the Craven Slucks, a local rock band, throwing herself at its lead singer Jeff.  - Laura Warholic
  • In town, the deputy reports to Barney Craven (Edward Hearn), leader of a gang which is trying to silence Harry.  - Tumbling Tumbleweeds (1935 film)
  • When tempestuous Mary Lennox (Margaret O'Brien), born in India to wealthy parents, is orphaned by a cholera epidemic, she is sent to live with her reclusive and embittered Uncle Archibald Craven (Herbert Marshall) and her ill-behaved, bedridden cousin Colin (Dean Stockwell) at their desolate and decaying estate known as Misselthwaite Manor.  - The Secret Garden (1949 film)
  • The film is a nostalgic homage to the exploitation films of Wes Craven and Tobe Hooper that follows a group of free-loving hippies who escape to a modern-day Woodstock for a weekend of debauchery, only to be stalked by a radical-minded psychopath dressed and talking like Ronald Reagan.  - The Tripper
  • Then Major Joe Craven (James Garner), another close friend of Bond's, is killed when a wing of his XF-120 tears away, confirming Bond's warning.  - Toward the Unknown
  • Mother One explained to Team 7 they were double crossed by Craven and I/O and asked them to accompany her to her boss, industrialist Armand Waering.  - Wetworks
  • When they return to the Craven house, she receives a call from a person who orders her to go to a particular address.  - The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1963 film)
  • To make the audience hate Celeste's character, Montana and David come up with a last-minute plot change in which she will accidentally kill a young, destitute deaf-mute, played by the newly-cast Lori Craven (Elisabeth Shue).  - Soapdish
  • Hilary Craven successfully passes herself as Betterton's wife Olive, because he is miserable and wants desperately to escape.  - Destination Unknown (novel)
  • The story begins in the Valley of Humiliation with Much Afraid, being beset by the unwanted advances of her cousin, Craven Fear, who wishes to marry her.  - Hinds' Feet on High Places
  • Grace is shocked and disconcerted to find that Charteris, on his own light‐hearted admission, has been in a similar position with Julia Craven and others.  - The Philanderer
  • Fearful he would do it again, Mary evasively asks to plant seeds in an "unwanted" part of the Manor, to which Lord Craven grants permission before leaving the country for the rest of the year.  - The Secret Garden (1993 film)
  • Yorkshire police officer Ronald Craven (Bob Peck) is returning home with his daughter Emma (Joanne Whalley) having picked her up from a meeting of an environmental organisation at her university campus.  - Edge of Darkness
  • Set during the 15th century, the sorcerer dr Erasmus Craven (Vincent Price) has been mourning the death of his wife Lenore (Hazel Court) for over two years, much to the chagrin of his daughter Estelle (Olive Sturgess).  - The Raven (1963 film)
  • Mrs Craven died after an accident in the garden, and the devastated Mr Craven locked the garden and buried the key.  - The Secret Garden

Meaning of "craven" in English

  • lacking even the rudiments of courage; abjectly fearful
    - a craven proposal to raise the white flag
    - this recreant knight
  • an abject coward

Meaning of "craven" in Hindi

  • कायर/उत्साहहीन मनुष्य
  • कायर ( Kayar, kaayar)
  • कापुरूष ( Kapurush, kaapuroosh)
  • उत्साहहीन मनुष्य ( Utsahahin manushy, utsahaheen manushy)
  • कातर ( Katar, kaatar)
  • नीच ( Nich, neech)

Synonyms of "craven"

  • poltroon
  • recreant

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