How to use "credence" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "credence" in popular movie and book plots

  • mrs Hale happens in at this moment and without giving credence to the story of the old lady, discharges her on the spot.  - Tommy's Atonement
  • In the autumn of 1678 the great wave of anti-Catholic hysteria known as the Popish Plot, sparked by the invention by the informer Titus Oates of a wholly fictitious Jesuit-led conspiracy to murder the King, broke out in England, and gained some credence in Ireland also.  - Richard Stephens (judge)
  • Starting with the birth of the Jesus child, the film deviates wildly from the New Testament template, with the Virgin Mary now giving birth to twins, likely to give credence to the idea that Gnostic The Gospel of Thomas was actually written by the twin brother of Jesus.  - Jesus – The Film
  • This lends credence to Walt's story and torpedoes Hank's credibility.  - Confessions (Breaking Bad)
  • In Gordianus's absence, she hired Hieronymus to investigate, and now his murder seems to lend credence to the threat.  - The Triumph of Caesar
  • Meeting with a group of terrorists, Nadia orders the very murder which Hennessey predicted, which once discovered adds credence to Hennessey's other predictions.  - Day of Chaos
  • This lends spurious credence to rumours about her conduct; and it forces her sister, Lady Clavering, to ask Harry to assist her when she returns.  - The Claverings
  • However, the presence of the army lends credence to the words of Seyton and Siward.  - The Tragedy of Macbeth Part II
  • But the consequences of the boys' identity-trading serves only to lend credence to the old saying "Stay in your own backyard".  - Alfalfa's Double
  • At the Press Club, Zoe gives credence to Qwill's theories.  - The Cat Who Could Read Backwards
  • Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) become involved in the investigation when Mostow insists that he was possessed during the killings; his claims are given credence when another murder occurs after his arrest.  - Grotesque (The X-Files)
  • James later lends some credence to Georgina's concerns, admitting that the journey over muddy roads and the channel crossing "nearly killed [him]".  - Missing Believed Killed
  • Parker's son, Lyle, bears scars that lend credence to the story.  - Shapes (The X-Files)
  • Elena is skeptical, having given no credence up to this point that other supernatural beings such as witches and vampires could exist.  - Stolen (Armstrong novel)
  • When Gideon's overwhelming interest in Roy begins to lend credence to the rumors that Gideon is gay, Roy starts to wonder just why he was asked to join the team.  - The Slaughter Rule
  • The assassination plot was just one of many against the queen that received credence during the final decade of her reign.  - James Archer (Jesuit)
  • The novel and film are set largely in Melbourne, at a time when the policies of economic liberalisation was gaining credence in Australian politics and were arguably affecting many lives similarly to Eddie and Tanya.  - Three Dollars
  • Shelley gives credence to the talk of monsters, but the judge does not.  - Frankenstein Unbound
  • This almost causes the final breach between Caldwell and his wife, especially since gossip has had Farr and Victoria drifting into an affair, a rumor to which Caldwell lends no credence but one that Victoria has heard, leading her to think that she is in some way responsible for Farr's impending dismissal.  - A Gathering of Eagles
  • A call to Devoe's long-time friend and Russian counterpart, Dimitri Vertikoff, adds credence to his hypothesis and he is assigned as dr Kelly's military liaison.  - The Peacemaker (1997 film)
  • Anna returns to help Mongkut, since her presence in his entourage will give credence to the tale about the white elephant.  - Anna and the King
  • Having led wild-goose chases in the past, she is humoured by the officers there who give her reports no credence whatsoever.  - The Ladykillers
  • Tarrant is nearly killed by Blake's colleagues when Avon and his crew save him, giving credence to Tarrant's accusation that Blake has betrayed them to the Federation.  - Blake's 7
  • Professor Andrew had previously recorded in the preface of the history that "One significant excision as a result of these requirements (in the chapter on The Wilson Plot) is, I believe, hard to justify" giving credence to these new allegations.  - Harold Wilson
  • Neo's skill during virtual combat training lends credence to Morpheus's belief that Neo is "the One", a man prophesied to lead the insurrection of enslaved humans against the machines.  - The Matrix

Example sentences for "credence" in interesting articles

  • "But just as a side note, it's not India that's made the threat but a high court judge in a city," Kakkar told me "Then there's the Supreme Court above this so I'm not giving much credence to this." He then pointed out Google said it can't censor such content and I remembered Facebook also said it won't help India censor the Web. This all changed, however, when Kakkar followed up to tell me the Indian government today sanctioned the court's stance.  - India OKs censoring Facebook, Google, Microsoft, YouTube
  • Most people point towards it being a hack, and there's some videos out there floating around that give credence to this theory.  - Entire cities dead on some World of Warcraft realms
  • At $75 million, that’s still enough to give credence to the claim that Komen has been involved in every major breast-cancer breakthrough for the past 29 years.  - Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer
  • Similar concerns have been raised over the past few years, but the AMA report adds credence to the issue and is likely to prompt cities and states to reevaluate the intensity of LED lights they install.  - Some cities are taking another look at LED lighting after AMA warning
  • Some would point to the inherent fatalism within Islam,32 and certainly anyone who has spent considerable time in Arab taxis would lend credence to that theory, but perhaps the reason is less religiously based and more a result of political culture.  - Why Arabs Lose Wars (1999)
  • Gifted Phoenix offered this recommendation: ” A thought-provoking blog post from Canada calling for a rethink of giifted education.” Jeanne Bernish (Cincinnati, OH) of Race to the Middle also helped greatly to give it added credence among Americans committed to raising school standards. The post has also rekindled interest in my 2009 book, The Grammar School: Striving for Excellence in a Public School World (Formac, 2009).  - Why Do Schools Stigmatize "Gifted Children"?
  • Whether it is unhealthy behaviours or direct stress, the mind is crucial and this study is lending real credence to that."'Governments don't get it'While Rhesus macaques do form strict societies, they are far more simplistic that human ones.  - Low social status 'can damage immune system'
  • it is hard for me to give credence to a claim that there is something objectionably “appropriative” about a blonde ­haired child’s wanting to be Mulan for a day.  - The New Intolerance of Student Activism
  • Contrasting the dismal results of Tennessee’s preschool system with the more promising results in places such as Boston, which promotes active, child-centered learning (and, spends more than twice the national average on preschool), lends further credence to the idea that preschool quality really does matter.It’s become almost a cliché to look to Finland’s educational system for inspiration.  - Kindergarten Has Become the New First Grade
  • Such a metric could—perhaps with “smiley and frowny emoticons,” Rockmore offered—warn people about pages with low-verifiability ratings, or add credence to easy-to-vet pages.  - One Easy Way to Make Wikipedia Better

Meaning of "credence" in English

  • a kind of sideboard or buffet
  • the mental attitude that something is believable and should be accepted as true
    - acceptance of Newtonian mechanics was unquestioned for 200 years

Meaning of "credence" in Hindi

  • विश्वास ( Vishvas, vishvaas, wishwas)
  • प्रतीति ( Pratiti, prateeti)
  • साख ( Sakh, saakh)
  • विश्वसनीयता
  • पत ( Pat)

Synonyms of "credence"

  • credenza
  • acceptance

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