How to use "cryogenic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "cryogenic" in popular movie and book plots

  • In this alternate history, Fry narrowly misses falling into the cryogenic tube, and is never frozen.  - Anthology of Interest I
  • Trill, the main character, is judged guilty and ordered in a space cryogenic prison for 250 years.  - Captive (video game)
  • He was given a sentence of 10,000 years in cryogenic prison.  - Contra: Shattered Soldier
  • The cutscene shows the soldiers being revived by a failsafe mechanism that automatically brings them out from cryogenic suspension.  - Abomination: The Nemesis Project
  • Rowan lures Jason into a cryogenic pod and activates it.  - Jason X
  • Aboard the AKI space craft, a space station dedicated to biological research, Laura Lewis is in a deep cryogenic slumber.  - Enemy Zero
  • Davros is placed in cryogenic suspension and taken to Earth to stand trial for his crimes.  - Destiny of the Daleks
  • The trip will take the Infinity 27 years to complete, requiring that the crew enter cryogenic sleep.  - Galaxina
  • The Doctor plans to electrify the cryogenic chamber to prevent the Wirrn from attacking more of the human crew.  - The Ark in Space
  • Only their elite were able to survive, suspended in cryogenic hibernation.  - The Mysterious Cities of Gold
  • The Alien Queen awakes from cryogenic stasis and begins to produce eggs.  - Alien vs. Predator (film)
  • His caretaker, a young woman, wants him to confirm that he was put in cryogenic sleep in June 2023.  - Quarantine (The Twilight Zone)
  • Keyes and his team have set a trap in a nearby slaughterhouse, using thermally insulated suits and cryogenic weapons to capture it for study.  - Predator 2
  • Seeing no way to get out of the machine and return to safety, he triggers a built-in cryogenic device.  - Fiasco (novel)
  • Raizo Kasshu) to be arrested and placed in a cryogenic state.  - Mobile Fighter G Gundam
  • Among the stars, Powers spots the cryogenic chamber of dr Evil, who vows revenge on Powers.  - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

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