How to use "cue" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "cue" in popular movie and book plots

  • Tracy decides that he is going to take a break from rehearsals after he is called back on stage to read his cue cards.  - Jack-Tor
  • At this point, the adult lets go of Senzaki's hand; a cue for him to grab hold of the boy instead.  - Limit of Love: Umizaru
  • Karen and Sara are exceptionally good, but Sara throws the game by sinking the cue ball on the same shot as the 8-ball.  - Stickmen (film)
  • Afterwards, Juliet brings to Jack's cell a movie, which consists of Juliet speaking through cue cards.  - The Cost of Living (Lost)
  • Jerry receives his cue to go on stage, with no material and no pants.  - The Doll (Seinfeld)
  • The programmed Number Eighty-six arrives on cue at the stroke of 4 o'clock and loudly charges Number Two with being "unmutual".  - A Change of Mind
  • Kelly is cast in a role to be a jeep driver and when his cue is called, Bart turns up out of the bushes and confronts him about Tabby.  - The Battle of Shaker Heights
  • It was later revealed that Vito was found with a pool cue in his anus, a message that he was killed because of his homosexuality.  - Vito Spatafore
  • He tracks down one of the men who attacked him, Eddie Keats, and splits his head open with a pool cue in Keat's own bar.  - Heaven's Prisoners
  • Aurora stakes him with another cue stick, but Mina (now a vampire herself) attacks, allowing Orlock to escape.  - Dracula 3000
  • On cue an earthquake begins as the promised volcanic eruption starts.  - The Enemy of the World
  • Stephen volunteers to do the job instead and is told the cue from Frasier.  - Goodnight, Seattle
  • Taking this as his cue to speak with her, he finds out that she is blissfully happy.  - The Mysterious Mr Quin
  • Macdonald takes this as a cue to send two thousand troops to the area.  - Louis Riel (comics)
  • Several other labor unions, including goat milkers, newsroom cue card holders and theme park zombies join the strike.  - The President Wore Pearls
  • Eventually, Fast Eddie picks up a cue himself, and does well in several games, but is taken in by a pool shark named Amos (Forest Whitaker).  - The Color of Money

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