How to use "declaration" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "declaration" in popular movie and book plots

  • will be lashed and branded; those who deserted after the declaration of war will be hanged as traitors.  - One Man's Hero
  • The novella ends with consent for this marriage a declaration of union for Shekhar and Lalita.  - Parineeta
  • An injured Caldicott reappears, reacting to Steve's declaration that "It's over" by saying he will start his experiments again elsewhere.  - Disturbing Behavior
  • Dare is ultimately arrested for treason for his declaration of independence.  - 1602: New World
  • As Princess Olive awaits Popeye/Aladdin's declaration of his love, he turns to the camera and remarks "I don't know what to say.  - Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp
  • But Marge is so moved by Patty's heartfelt declaration of love for Veronica during the ceremony that she reveals Veronica's Adam's apple.  - There's Something About Marrying
  • With the counterfeit wine as a casus belli, they send a formal written declaration of war, but this is misplaced by the State Department.  - The Mouse That Roared
  • The President fears that the people of the United States will demand a declaration of war against the Russians for this attack.  - World War III (miniseries)
  • Saul makes the declaration that King Rat is not the one true leader of all rats and he is not Prince Rat, but he is one of them, Citizen Rat.  - King Rat (Miéville novel)
  • In response to his earlier declaration of love, she tells him that love doesn't exist—only sex.  - A Short Film About Love
  • Echoing Dyne's earlier declaration on the strength of humanity, Alex's team attacks and defeats Ghaleon as his fortress crumbles around them.  - Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
  • The speech amounts to a declaration of love, reaching a climax with the exclamation "Stavrogin, you're beautiful.  - Demons (Dostoyevsky novel)
  • Sir John tells Sally that she and Bill ought to return to Lambeth, but he is moved by Sally's heartfelt declaration of love for Bill.  - Me and My Girl
  • The Mice arm themselves for battle to avenge the Frog King's treachery, and send a herald to the Frogs with a declaration of war.  - Batrachomyomachia
  • The latter declaration builds the importance of Hans, Otto's son, in's eyes as a way to gain access to the castle officials.  - The Castle (novel)
  • Despite their misgivings (and Belvedere's declaration that he detests children), the Kings reluctantly agree to a trial period.  - Sitting Pretty (1948 film)

Meaning of "declaration" in English

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