How to use "decline" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "decline" in popular movie and book plots

  • Unfortunately his joie-de-vivre is mainly due to alcohol and she too becomes dependent on it starting a decline and fall.  - Tchin-Tchin
  • The "Team Zissou" venture has hit a decline however; having not released a successful documentary in nine years.  - The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  • The story does establish one key element in the history of Cyador: the ultimate decline of the advanced technology of the Rationalists.  - The Saga of Recluce
  • This eventually lead to the sexual impotence of the planet's entire male population; a rapid decline in the birthrate soon followed.  - Devil Girl from Mars
  • As they make their journey, Quatermass speculates as to whether there is any connection between recent events and the decline in society.  - Quatermass (TV serial and film)
  • King Lorik starts to mourn the decline of his kingdom.  - Dragon Quest (video game)
  • Marcello also witnesses a fight between his parents that is later revealed to mark the beginning of his father’s decline into mental illness.  - The Conformist
  • His grand failure is that he lacks the conviction he believed to accompany greatness and continues his decline into madness.  - Rodion Raskolnikov
  • His social and physical decline corresponds to the decline of his idol Boullée, who until the 20th century was hardly known.  - The Belly of an Architect
  • Here, Duchess's loyalty to Madame prompts her to decline O'Malley's proposal of marriage.  - The Aristocats
  • The Empire itself has entered into an even more rapid phase of decline and civil wars.  - Foundation and Empire
  • Though the empire appears stable and powerful, it is slowly decaying in ways that parallel the decline of the Western Roman Empire.  - Foundation (Isaac Asimov novel)
  • The arson is agreed to very reluctantly by his partner (Jack Gilford), a stable family man who watches Harry's decline with alarm.  - Save the Tiger
  • Three days into the mission, the crew makes a television transmission, which the networks decline to broadcast live.  - Apollo 13 (film)
  • Bowling remembers the slow and painful decline of his father's seed business—resulting from the nearby establishment of corporate competition.  - Coming Up for Air
  • Ten years later, Helena and her nurse Nana are talking about current events—particularly the decline in human births.  - R.U.R.

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