How to use "decorum" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "decorum" in popular movie and book plots

  • The standard of beauty in this underground realm is fat and wrinkled, so Frank employs various pretenses of decorum to keep a good distance from Loa.  - Hidden World (novel)
  • She must solve the mystery, all while maintaining proper decorum and a delicate social balance.  - Soulless (novel)
  • After Harleigh rejects her, Elinor “abandons decorum altogether”; she dresses up as a man and frightens Juliet with her threats of suicide.  - The Wanderer (Burney novel)
  • The ceremony for this requires him to kneel before Rudolf, and in the interests of decorum this is performed in a tented area.  - König Ottokars Glück und Ende
  • mr Babcock disapproves of Mame's lifestyle (as did her brother, Edwin) and wants to interject decorum and discipline in Patrick's life.  - Auntie Mame (film)
  • For this reason, contact between adolescents and young of both sexes for the middle classes is restricted to the tennis club dance halls where strict decorum is observed.  - Rocky Road to Dublin (film)
  • In Picard's place, Starfleet assigns Captain Edward Jellico (Ronny Cox), who exhibits a vastly different style of command and decorum to the Enterprise crew, particularly to William Riker (Jonathan Frakes).  - Chain of Command (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • The decorum in the operating theater is very casual, loud country and rock music, and the chatter between him and his partner, dr Murray Kaplan, not particularly professional.  - The Doctor (1991 film)
  • Jo asks her wealthy Aunt March (Lucile Watson) for Marmee's train fare, but the two have a heated argument when the impatient Jo refuses to address Aunt March with the decorum the proud woman demands.  - Little Women (1949 film)
  • The unhappily married Lady Constantine breaks all the rules of social decorum when she falls in love with Swithin st Cleeve, an astronomer who is eight years her junior.  - Two on a Tower

Example sentences for "decorum" in interesting articles

  • Both men wore regulation green flight suits, an unironic Air Force nod to the continuity of military decorum in the age of drone warfare.Since its inception, the drone program has been largely hidden, its operational details gathered piecemeal from heavily redacted classified reports or stage-managed media tours by military public-affairs flacks.  - Confessions of a Drone Warrior
  • This is in keeping with the decorum of the game, of course.  - Autism’s First Child
  • Julie Lythcott-Haims, a parent of two and a former freshman dean at Stanford, summarized the prevailing sentiment of those autumn e-mails as: What are we doing to our kids? Palo Alto Online, a community news site, tried to maintain decorum in the comment sections, but the anguish and guilt spilled over.  - The Silicon Valley Suicides

Meaning of "decorum" in English

  • propriety in manners and conduct

Meaning of "decorum" in Hindi

  • सभ्यता ( Sabhyata, sabhyataa)
  • औचित्य ( Auchity)
  • युक्तता ( Yuktata, yuktataa)
  • शिष्टता ( Shishtata, shishtataa)
  • शिष्टाचार ( Shishtachar, shishtaachaar)

Synonyms of "decorum"

  • decorousness

Antonyms of "decorum"

  • indecorousness
  • indecorum

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