How to use "deduce" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "deduce" in popular movie and book plots

  • Soon, Moriyama is able to deduce that someone connected to Furuya is orchestrating all of these events.  - The Bad Sleep Well
  • They deduce that these events coincided with any disturbances of the ground around Hobbs End.  - Quatermass and the Pit (film)
  • At USC, Smith and Theresa deduce that Eddie had been set up by the Japanese who had altered the tapes.  - Rising Sun (novel)
  • He and Crawford deduce where the films were processed.  - Manhunter (film)
  • Race and Poirot deduce she must have seen the real murderer leave Linnet's cabin and that she was trying to blackmail him/her.  - Death on the Nile
  • Realising that Sir Stanley is going to be staying only one night, they deduce that any theft of the formula will be attempted that night.  - The Seven Dials Mystery
  • The head of the research company and the Japanese military deduce that Tanaka is causing the poisonous gas and order him to be killed.  - Memories (1995 film)
  • Jonah and the nuclear scientists who are on board deduce that the Soviets needed Lajes intact and accordingly attacked it with a neutron bomb.  - Down to a Sunless Sea
  • The three talk while in jail, and Caliban manages to deduce what has happened to Beddle and rushes off to save him.  - Isaac Asimov's Utopia
  • They deduce that it is entirely based on allegories from Tamarian folklore.  - Darmok
  • In London, the Special Branch raids Calthrop's flat, finding his passport, and deduce that he must be travelling on a false one.  - The Day of the Jackal
  • Natalie and Alex deduce that Carter is a part of O'Grady's scheme after seeing him return Bosley's keys.  - Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
  • When a KGB officer informs Ritter about a certain detail in one of the leaks, he is able to deduce the source.  - Without Remorse
  • The crew deduce it to be a less-advanced, earlier version of Data.  - Star Trek: Nemesis
  • Witnessing this, the young Hoenikkers finally deduce the properties of ice-nine.  - Cat's Cradle
  • At a masquerade ball hosted by Shreck, Wayne and Kyle deduce each other's secret identities.  - Batman Returns

Meaning of "deduce" in English

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Meaning of "deduce" in Hindi

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