How to use "defame" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "defame" in popular movie and book plots

  • So the two organize a plan to defame the mayor, in order to start up a parliamentary inquiry, and that the mayor is forced to resign.  - L'ora legale
  • He explains that Strindberg has begun living with one of his models (Calypso), which is the evidence the investigators need to defame Strindberg.  - Inferno (play)
  • Veer plans to defame Naina but Raqhav foils his plans.  - Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil
  • The Kalathu Veedu family, of the village head Sivan Kaalai is a renowned and influential family of a village near Madurai, Ponraasu, the head of the Kaara Veedu is jealous of Sivankaalai and wants to defame him at any cost.  - Kalathu Veedu
  • dr Kripalani involved Meghna (a second year student and grand daughter of the famous and influential dr Subol Majumdar) in his evil plan to frame Krishnedu and defame his character.  - Care Kori Na
  • Initially mischief mongers try to defame Abdaar and succeed as her engagement breaks.  - Meri Dulari
  • In retaliation, Agnes college under the leadership of Sree defame the name of Allosyus college by trapping them in a scandal.  - Rain Rain Come Again
  • The village doctor tries to seduce her, but fails and proceeds to defame her into believing that Matea maintains relations with the priest.  - La Viuda Negra (1977 film)
  • On Surendran's instruction, Kannan Srank plots to defame Indu by accusing her of having an affair with Mahi.  - Mayavi (2007 film)
  • Despite having already make his best, Homer gets mad at Ned and decides to go to the media and defame him as some corrupt slumlord.  - No Loan Again, Naturally
  • Komal falls for him and he convinces her to run away with him (so that he can publicly defame Arun by leaving his sister).  - Meri Jung
  • She cannot recite what has happened, as it would defame her mother, but she in unable to bear the taunts of the villagers and thus she commits suicide by jumping into the well.  - Dus Kahaniyaan
  • Hanumantha Rao tries every possible trick to defame Gandhi and separate him from Lakshmi and Harika but fails.  - Challenge (1984 film)
  • Also in the plot, the hero makes use of Shakeela's films to defame the minister and she herself makes an appearance in the film.  - Veede
  • As Kelly tries to exonerate herself, one disappointment follows another, and enemies old and new parade through the jailhouse to defame her.  - The Naked Kiss
  • Even though her life is in peril, she won't allow her kind attorney, Haskins, to defame the character or motives of the children.  - Emma (1932 film)
  • Jagi seeks vengeance against Kenshiro by committing heinous crimes while impersonating him, seeking to defame Kenshiro, but is quickly exposed and eliminated.  - Fist of the North Star
  • Next he uses a contrived street brawl and his newspaper connections to defame both mathematics teachers (Botchan and Porcupine) and to force Porcupine's resignation.  - Botchan

Example sentences for "defame" in interesting articles

Meaning of "defame" in English

  • charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone
    - The article in the paper sullied my reputation

Meaning of "defame" in Hindi

  • निन्दा करना ( Ninda karana, nindaa karanaa)
  • कलंक लगाना ( Kalank lagana, kalank laganaa)
  • बदनाम करना ( Badanam karana, badanaam karanaa)
  • अपवाद करना ( Apavad karana, apavaad karanaa, apawad karana)
  • मानहानि करना ( Manahani karana, manahani karanaa)

Synonyms of "defame"

  • smirch
  • denigrate
  • smear
  • slander
  • besmirch
  • asperse
  • calumniate
  • sully

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