How to use "defensive" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "defensive" in popular movie and book plots

  • Inside the besieged compound, the British ambassador gathers the beleaguered ambassadors into a defensive formation.  - 55 Days at Peking
  • Now trapped between their old and new enemies, the Bugs fight an increasingly desperate defensive war.  - The Shiva Option
  • Biggs' secretary, Beverly (Loretta Devine), becomes comically defensive and aggressive, believing Dudley is there to take her job.  - The Preacher's Wife
  • Called the "Battillac" (rhymes with "Cadillac"), it is outfitted with a sun roof and lots of defensive devices.  - Batfink
  • They are the only major species outside the control of the Mercatoria, being rumoured to possess devastating defensive weaponry.  - The Algebraist
  • The US team goes into a defensive mode as the Soviet team becomes increasingly aggressive to score in the final ten minutes.  - Miracle (2004 film)
  • Queen, brooding over her regrettable experiences, adopts a defensive and disagreeable attitude, which becomes obvious to everyone around her.  - Alex Haley's Queen
  • Data attempts to use the link to disable the Borg's weapons and defensive systems, but cannot, as they are protected by security protocols.  - The Best of Both Worlds (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • The Doctor sends Gilmore and his men to establish a defensive position at the school.  - Remembrance of the Daleks
  • Furlong suddenly becomes defensive and attempts to infect them.  - The Faculty
  • The Ghosts spearhead a NATO assault on Moscow by cutting through a strong ultranationalist defensive line in the woods outside the capital.  - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (2001 video game)
  • After a short defensive fight against Princess Emeraude, the Magic Knights have no choice but to kill her.  - Magic Knight Rayearth
  • The platoon is sent back to the front line to maintain defensive positions, where Taylor shares a foxhole with Francis.  - Platoon (film)
  • Arregui allows Molina to penetrate some of his defensive self and opens up.  - Kiss of the Spider Woman (film)
  • When he becomes frustrated, it is explained that these actions have helped him learn defensive blocks through muscle memory.  - The Karate Kid
  • Star One controls a large defensive barrier that has prevented extra-galactic incursions.  - Blake's 7

Meaning of "defensive" in English

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Meaning of "defensive" in Hindi

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