How to use "deference" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "deference" in popular movie and book plots

  • When Willy learns about his luck, he immediately renunciates his victory out of deference to his friends.  - The Three from the Filling Station (1930 film)
  • Matters reach the village panchayat, which hands a stiff punishment to Nandan, who performs the same in deference to his love for the land.  - Godhuli
  • All this earns Kamban a special place in the heart of Kulothunga who treats him with utmost deference and affection.  - Ambikapathy (1957 film)
  • Substantially "daughter of evil" was at the position of a queen, however, out of deference to her mother the queen she decided she would rule the kingdom as a princess and would not take over the throne until she came of age.  - Story of Evil
  • But, due to huge cultural deference between North Kolkata and South Kolkata, Abir becomes irritated to stay over there.  - Le Chakka
  • Seeking quarter in inns, houses of ill fame, and at his father's castle on Long Island, Bombo initiates a series of angry disputes when the characters he encounters fail to show the respect and deference that is his due as a pilgrim.  - Father Bombo's Pilgrimage to Mecca
  • After a very fruitful reunion and a bit of sleep, the witcher is awakened by an urge to urinate, but in deference to his hosts, decides against relieving himself in the flower pots outside the window and decides to find the courtyard.  - Time of Contempt
  • When he sees that she treats it with greater deference even than he, he decides to marry her, imagining that his library is in very good hands.  - Auto-da-Fé (novel)
  • Faced with this evidence, the Diktatorat retires to consider its verdict, and realises that in deference to world opinion they can no longer convict and execute Dredd with any credibility.  - The Doomsday Scenario
  • This effectively opened the 'door' and allowed for the subsequent capture of Jerusalem and the rest of the countryGeneral Allenby, in deference to the Holy City, walked into the city, coming as a Liberator not a conqueror.  - The Lighthorsemen (film)
  • When Joseph is placed under the charge of Ednan, Potiphar's overseer, Ednan torments Joseph for his refusal to show deference for the Egyptian god Amun.  - Joseph (film)
  • His firm allows him to return to work out of deference to his previous contributions to its success.  - Regarding Henry
  • Their day is made so pleasant partly because of the kindness of people they encounter, who, although strangers, seem to find them a charming couple, to genuinely enjoy their company, and to treat them with deference and respect---in stark contrast to the treatment the two are receiving from their children.  - Make Way for Tomorrow
  • On the following day, Clive welcomes Claude, Sonia and Kevin (in reality an astrophysicist) for an idyllic birthday lunch in the sunlit garden of his country mansion, and their relationships are characterised by mutual affection and good humour, albeit with signs of self-restraint in deference to the occasion.  - Providence (1977 film)
  • Hafiz provides iced madigari juice as a celebratory drink in deference to Rafik's Neo-Hadithian non-alcoholic principles.  - Acorna: The Unicorn Girl
  • She does not show proper deference to her elders.  - The Shrouded Planet
  • The Presidency then devolves onto Douglass Dilman, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, a black man earlier elected to that office in deference to his race.  - The Man (Wallace novel)
  • This makes Wash all the more upset because of her casual deference to Mal and dishonesty with him.  - War Stories (Firefly)
  • It becomes apparent, largely through the obsequious deference paid to Stark by Mayor Sargent, and the objection of old maid mrs Cassan to questions from Cunningham and his love-interest, Angela Benedict (sitting nowhere near him), that greed has possessed most of the town's citizens and they are just one step away from selling out.  - 7 Faces of Dr. Lao
  • He visits him in prison, where Lantenac expresses his uncompromising conservative vision of society ordered by hierarchy, deference and duty.  - Ninety-Three
  • This scene was omitted from the theatrical release "out of deference to Raul Julia".  - Street Fighter (1994 film)
  • In deference to his sister, Charlie agrees to give them a 10-minute head start before he contacts his fellow lawmen.  - Killers Three
  • Meanwhile, he enjoys the officials' terrified deference and moves in as a guest in the Mayor's house.  - The Government Inspector
  • In deference to an old prophecy that Ishido would "die an old man with his feet firmly planted in the earth, the most famous man in the land", Toranaga has him buried up to his neck by the eta villagers, with passers-by who are offered the opportunity to saw at the most famous neck in the realm with a bamboo saw.  - Shōgun (novel)
  • Davenport learns that Waters' company was officially part of the 221st Chemical Smoke Generator Battalion and while eager to serve their country overseas, when not training they are assigned menial jobs in deference to their white counterparts.  - A Soldier's Story
  • Lacy identifies the site of Actaeon's transgression as a spring sacred to Artemis at Plataea where Actaeon was a hero archegetes ("hero-founder") The righteous hunter, the companion of Artemis, seeing her bathing naked at the spring, was moved to try to make himself her consort, as Diodorus Siculus noted, and was punished, in part for transgressing the hunter's "ritually enforced deference to Artemis" (Lacy 1990:42).  - Actaeon

Example sentences for "deference" in interesting articles

  • Asked about this, one teenage slum girl launches into a wicked impersonation of a rural bride, all namastes and scraping deference to her husband.  - More young Indians are choosing their own spouses
  • You will be treated with more deference and sympathy than a junkie passing out on a subway car in Manhattan (using two seats of a subway car is a common prosecutable offense in this city).  - Outrageous HSBC Settlement Proves the Drug War is a Joke
  • Japan for one is a society driven by obligation (to family, employer etc.) and deference to the larger group – as old as this analysis sounds.  - After neighbors death, first-time filmmaker declares war on suicide
  • Typically the courts side with the local governments, giving deference to their elected decision-making powers.  - Lawsuit against "Discovery Math" in Seattle Schools
  • Blank, the next one will involve “real” […] LikeLike Reply Is there a bubble? | No Tech For Old Men, on September 19, 2011 at 11:27 am said: […] think I agree with guys like Mark Suster, Fred Wilson, and Ben Horowitz (no lack of deference to Steve Blank).  - New Rules for the New Internet Bubble
  • Is part of the deference they enjoy due to politicians worrying about that too?Imagine a very plausible 2016 presidential contest in which an anti-NSA candidate is threatening to win the nomination of one party or the other—say that Ron Wyden is challenging Hillary Clinton, or that Rand Paul might beat Chris Christie.  - The Surveillance State Puts U.S. Elections at Risk of Manipulation
  • An undersized ape-man who knew a better way of finding berries or building a fire or trapping a gazelle could now, instead of being forced to accept beta status, attract a clientele who would trade deference for access to his expertise.  - Why It Pays to Be a Jerk
  • It's from this perspective that I say this veteran exhibits some of the most dangerous and challenging traits any pilot can exhibit. Delusions of infallibility, arrogance, defensiveness, and blind deference to rank and regulation over common sense have all been shown, through the history of aviation tragedies, to be much more dangerous than all other factors.  - Pilots Say That the F-16-Cessna Crash Illustrates a Civil-Military Difference
  • Once he broke it, whether out of conviction or in deference to fashion, he couldn't go home again.  - Lost in the Meritocracy (2005)
  • Or, worse, if you say that I "make" other people, you are diminishing their agency and role in sense-making, as if their learning is something I do to them.In a recent newsletter, Dan Hon, content director for Code for America wrote, “But even when there’s this shift to Makers (and with all due deference to Getting Excited and Making Things), even when ‘making things’ includes intangibles now like shipped-code, there's still this stigma that feels like it attaches to those-who-don’t-make.  - Why I Am Not a Maker
  • For all the partisan furor on daily display, American politicians still enjoy a degree of deference from their colleagues, the press, and (occasionally) the public that their counterparts across the pond couldn’t dream of.  - Why the British Are Better at Satire
  • A snarl, a micro-wobble of the class system: This is 1970s London, with punk rock around the corner, and the deference of the proletariat can no longer be assumed.“I have sometimes reflected,” Sisman writes a bit ruefully in his introduction to the biography, “that my unintended role has been to spoil a fund of good stories.” And indeed his investigations—conducted with the cooperation of le Carré himself, who is 84—take on now and again the character of a punctilious field officer’s debriefing of a wayward agent.  - The Double Life of John Le Carré
  • The book itself was long considered profane, too: it was banned for vulgarity in the United States and United Kingdom in the 1920s, although that history is as forgotten today as are Robert Mapplethorpe photographs, which now seem genteel compared to just about any Google Image search.Instead of standing on the shoulders of giants in faux-humble deference to tradition, as Ezra Pound and T.  - A Twitter adaption of “Ulysses” reveals the secret of Bloomsday
  •   1) Excessive deference to government officials is one factor that causes the news media to get important stories wrong, especially in the realms of national security, law enforcement, and public safety.  - Why Does the American Media Get Big Stories Wrong?
  • From the ease with which he gave orders and the deference shown to him by his men, it was clear that he had been laying out law for many years.  - How to Get a Nuclear Bomb (2006)
  • How this plays out, however, varies drastically between genders. In societies where men heavily outnumber women—in what’s known as a “high-sex-ratio society”—women are valued and treated with deference and respect and use their high dyadic power to create loving, committed bonds with their partners and raise families.  - All the Single Ladies

Meaning of "deference" in English

  • a courteous expression (by word or deed) of esteem or regard
    - be sure to give my respects to the dean
  • a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others
  • courteous regard for people's feelings
    - out of respect for his privacy

Meaning of "deference" in Hindi

  • आदर ( Aadar)
  • संमान ( Sanman)
  • मर्यादा ( Maryada, maryaadaa)
  • अधीनता ( Adhinata, adheenataa)
  • आदर करना

Synonyms of "deference"

  • complaisance
  • compliancy
  • obligingness
  • respectfulness
  • respect
  • compliance

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