How to use "deflect" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "deflect" in popular movie and book plots

  • Hacker manages to deflect the question, but not entirely successfully.  - The Challenge (Yes Minister)
  • In Vanyel's attempts to deflect the wizards magic he pulls on the power of a node and destroys the wizard with the raw power.  - Magic's Pawn
  • The burning of Rome is used by Nero at the urging of Tigellinus as a pretext to deflect the blame from himself to the Christians.  - A.D. (miniseries)
  • We need to deflect attention from Chuck and Geraldine".  - A Planet for the President
  • The grim woman attempts to deflect any advances by the man, telling him that when dancing she can only lead.  - After the Night and the Music
  • Lupin uses the tip of Goemon's Zantetsuken (given to him by Jigen earlier) to deflect the lasers, incinerating Mamo.  - The Mystery of Mamo
  • The Doctor then uses a Kontron Crystal to deflect Megelen's beam back at him, killing the mutant in his wheelchair.  - Timelash
  • To deflect suspicion, Reich has Jerry remove the bullets from the cartridges in the gun before he accepts it.  - The Demolished Man
  • She is heavily involved on a project to find ways to deflect another meteor, asteroid, or comet from impacting the earth.  - The Peshawar Lancers
  • When Han confronts his father over this, he tries to deflect suspicion by telling him O'Day may have used outside contractors.  - Romeo Must Die
  • Mei tosses her sword, managing to deflect one of them while the other pierces her breast.  - House of Flying Daggers
  • To deflect attention from Valentine, Avery staged the car accident.  - The Limey
  • Solarius gives them an enchanted shield which can deflect dark magic, and Lo Tae Zhao contributes a magic flute which lulls dragons to sleep.  - The Flight of Dragons
  • A last-ditch effort to use Earth's ICBMs to deflect the comets fails.  - Deep Impact (film)
  • Terrified, Charlie attempts to deflect suspicion onto Tommy.  - The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
  • To deflect blame for the failure, Mireau decides to court martial 100 of the soldiers for cowardice.  - Paths of Glory

Meaning of "deflect" in English

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