How to use "defunct" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "defunct" in popular movie and book plots

  • Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location, Kara, Cat and Maxwell are setting up a counter signal to Myriad which would broadcast an old analog signal from a defunct TV station.  - Myriad (Supergirl)
  • The group returns to the arena still in full-dive where Kirito, now OS's top-ranked player, dispatches the bosses with his new sword as Kikuoka finds Shigemura in the server room of Argus (the defunct company that ran SAO) and arrests him.  - Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale
  • She finds much of their financial numbers fail basic plausibility statistics, and notices large payments going to a now defunct website.  - Bleeding Edge
  • He runs a non-vegetarian hotel that is opposite a now defunct Brahmin vegetarian hotel.  - Proprietors: Kammath & Kammath
  • The now defunct gang, previously maintained by the same MP to whom Padme now works for; hires an assassin to kill Padme under the financial backing of a disgruntled social club owner.  - Gini Avi Saha Gini Keli
  • Ermus Daglek (Jeff Sinasac), retired Empathtek Socionics Engineer, uses the defunct factory he's been given by the company in exchange for waiving the rights to his residuals, to manufacture androids based on his lost love, Candy Droober (Sarah Silverthorne), her father, Franklin Droober (Bill Poulin), her mother, Maureen Droober (Melissa Cline), and his romantic rival, Trace Mayter (Adam Buller).  - Android Re-Enactment
  • He is giving up on his music because the memories of his defunct relationship are too painful; he now works as a vacuum cleaner repairman in his father's shop.  - Once (musical)
  • Assassinating Hochburg and escaping with the aid of Patrick, an American from the defunct French Foreign Legion, Cole is able to escape the Schadelplatz and meet with his team in a Central African Airlines plane from Rhodesia.  - The Afrika Reich
  • DCI Tom Cutler and the now Sergeant Andy Davidson return to investigate a series of deaths around the apparently defunct Torchwood Institute.  - Long Time Dead (Torchwood)
  • M informs Bond that the files he found were invoices for sophisticated chemical manufacturing equipment designated to a defunct Siberian chemical refinery owned by Pomerov.  - James Bond 007: Blood Stone
  • Although Ashok Raj is a lawyer, his interest lies in reviving a defunct drama troupe called Bharatha Kalakshetram, which used to be run by his family.  - Mr. Marumakan
  • Julia, with the help of Jenny, pursues the mother, reacquires David, and hands him off to "The Tall Man" in the tunnels which run under the town, left over from the defunct mine.  - The Tall Man (2012 film)
  • During a spacewalk to service the Hubble Space Telescope, Mission Control in Houston warns the team about a Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite, which has inadvertently caused a chain reaction forming a cloud of debris in space.  - Gravity (film)
  • The twins escape and go to OSS headquarters, where Marissa's niece and their step-cousin, Carmen Cortez (Alexa Vega), gives the twins a tour of the defunct Spy Kids Division.  - Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
  • Granny tells of a season in the 1950s when he was the third base coach for the now defunct MLB team, the New Jersey Titans.  - Blockade Billy
  • Both Peter and Logan talk about the diamonds Peter could not find in Canada; Peter reveals his plans to propose to Sara, having set the defunct time diamond in an engagement ring.  - Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine
  • He persuades a defunct Gilbert and Sullivan troupe to re-form, obtains an empty theatre for a night, and fills it by blackmail.  - The Girl Said No (1937 film)
  • Farrier and Reeve chance upon documents on a defunct tickling-video web site, which link Jane O'Brien Media to David D'Amato, the former school administrator behind the "Terri Tickle" alias.  - Tickled
  • Jimmy Haskell (James Stewart) is the former owner of a defunct music store.  - Pot o' Gold (film)
  • cannot intervene officially, they have agreed to lend thirty A-4 Skyhawks and pilots to the Vientanese, who will fight under the flag of the defunct Flying Tigers.  - Return of the Flying Tigers
  • Meanwhile, in Carpathia, a group of former KGB agents led by Sergei Kubichek (Dikran Tulaine), nostalgic for the defunct Soviet Union, have hatched a plot to resurrect the famous vampire, Prince Vlad Dracula, in order to create an army of invincible undead soldiers.  - The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice
  • When he goes to meet the eccentric Lord Flamborough who, having lost both legs in a train accident whilst working as a driver during the 1926 General Strike, now lives on a steam train on a nearby private railway - the defunct branch line of the title.  - Love on a Branch Line (TV series)
  • Thus, Flood's interest in the affairs of a now defunct company is fuelled by his desire to win back Jenny, so much so that his professional life is affected.  - Play to the End
  • They set up shop in the defunct Dreamland theater, an old live theater and cinema that is to be razed in three weeks.  - Popcorn (1991 film)
  • Delahoussaye) returns to Miami to reopen his grandfather's defunct catering company.  - Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat
  • He combines this with a defunct missile system, and creates a weapon capable of knocking any aircraft out of the sky without detection.  - H.M.S. Unseen (novel)
  • This course of action causes Wolverine and Beast to ally and resolve to bring the once defunct X-Men team back together again.  - Wolverine and the X-Men (TV series)
  • Mirrorsun, which orbits earth and prevents electrical machines from functioning, had been defunct for some time.  - Eyes of the Calculor
  • He returns in the morning after spending the night in the woods near another remnant of his defunct family's empire: a decrepit house within which he finds a sleeping Abigail Winas.  - The Stones of Summer
  • Meanwhile, Harry investigates an attempt to break into Ashley Chapel Logistics, and discovers that the only possible target for the raid was a collection of software and hardware which ACL had purchased from the defunct company I2.  - Millennium Shock
  • There, the Master sets about using the defunct time machines from the Dalek-invasion timeline to detect phase shifts and the operation of time machines in the vicinity.  - The Face of the Enemy (Doctor Who)
  • The Hylden use the status of the defunct Sarafan army as a masquerade to freely exploit Nosgoth to their advantage.  - Blood Omen 2
  • (The events prior to the prologue are later explained in the Good Apollo graphic novel as the incineration of Longicinda, a defunct IRO-bot creation of Jesse's.  - The Second Stage Turbine Blade (comics)
  • The man reveals himself to be Doctor Robert Hoak, lead scientist of a defunct Vietnam War project, Operation: Razorteeth, tasked with engineering a ravenous and prodigious strain of piranha that could endure the cold water of the North Vietnamese rivers and inhibit Viet Cong movement.  - Piranha (1978 film)
  • McCallister is shocked to announce that he has transferred $400 million to a trust fund to support Globodyne's defunct pension plan in gratitude to his former employees.  - Fun with Dick and Jane (2005 film)
  • Construction halted on the house two years earlier, and ownership can be traced only to a defunct holding company in Washington,C.  - Alex Delaware
  • His reaction after claiming to be able to and subsequently failing to lift a heavy control panel in the defunct hydrotherapy room (referred to as the "tub room") – "But at least I tried" – gives the men incentive to try to stand up for themselves, instead of allowing Nurse Ratched to take control of every aspect of their lives.  - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (novel)
  • Bond is also witness to a mysterious group whose followers are marked on both of their hands with an 'M' (double M), which James eventually learns is the mark of the Millenaria, a defunct secret Italian society that has had plans throughout history to restore the Roman Empire.  - Blood Fever
  • Pac, Professor Pac, Chomp Chomp the dog, and Pooka have been kidnapped by the evil Toc-Man (the name of Namco's defunct console game division backwards), a giant robot Pac-Man impersonator that was created by Orson, who is bent on stealing Pac-Man's identity.  - Pac-Man World
  • Harry, a small town border sheriff, lives at the site of a defunct silver mine with his girlfriend Cherry, an Englishwoman who works as a nurse.  - Cherry, Harry & Raquel!
  • His only obstacle is the 1892 firehouse inhabited by "Grandma" Steinmetz (Helen Hayes), widow of its former owner, Fire Captain Steinmetz, and aunt of mechanic Tennessee Steinmetz; her displaced neighbor, flight attendant Nicole Harris (Stefanie Powers); and their sentient machines: a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle known as Herbie, "the Love Bug;" an early 19th-century orchestrion that plays on its own; and a retired cable car from the defunct Clay Street Line, known as "Old No.  - Herbie Rides Again
  • They were attacked by Tube Rats, a vicious group who had taken over the defunct London Underground system; in the battle, Tempest proved his worth to Spencer as an equal rather than a lieutenant.  - The Tower King
  • In the episode's twist ending, Teryl's dark secret is discovered: The real Teryl that Melburn loved had been killed by Charlie during one of his violent beatings and so to cover up the murder she was replaced by Valerie 24, a successor to the defunct Valerie 23.  - Mary 25
  • After stumbling across two pirate cruisers and a captured merchantman and tricking the cruisers into initiating the attack, she crushes the cruisers and manages to liberate the merchantman and its surviving crew, finding the pirates are former State Security personnel of the defunct Peoples Republic of Haven.  - The Shadow of Saganami
  • After two years in prison for selling drugs, Tom More, a Louisiana psychiatrist and lapsed Catholic, comes home to his virtually defunct practice and marriage.  - The Thanatos Syndrome
  • After finding Bourne's fingerprint that Kirill planted, Landy asks Deputy Director Ward Abbott about Operation Treadstone, the defunct CIA program to which Bourne belonged.  - The Bourne Supremacy (film)
  • The GLF are assisted by four surviving members of Black Chamber, a defunct special forces unit whose members are given animal-themed codenames similar to FOXHOUND.  - Metal Gear: Ghost Babel
  • Spooner recognizes the landscape in Sonny's drawing as Lake Michigan, now dried-up and used as a storage area for defunct robots.  - I, Robot (film)
  • A gynoid dealer tells Sam that "Cherry 2000" gynoids were manufactured in a defunct factory in "Zone 7", a particularly dangerous, lawless area.  - Cherry 2000
  • Following an unusual biology lesson ("Reproduction") given by mr Stuart (Tab Hunter), a substitute teacher, a gang of rival motorcyclists called the Cycle Lords (most of whom are members of the defunct Scorpions) led by Leo Balmudo (Dennis Stewart) surprise the T-Birds at the bowling alley.  - Grease 2
  • She tells him that the past cannot be recovered and he should let it go, and that the phenomenon by which he can listen to defunct programs is nothing more than a delusion.  - Static (The Twilight Zone)
  • Struggling former child actor and now-adult screenwriter Monkey Zetterland (Antin) is working on a historical screenplay based around the defunct Red Car subway of Los Angeles.  - Inside Monkey Zetterland
  • This book, produced by the now defunct DigiCube, details the history of the Xenogears universe from the discovery of the Zohar to the start of the game.  - Xenogears
  • Once in the Shōwa period, the defunct Japanese army intended to approach Henry Pu-yi, the last Emperor of the Ching Dynasty in their effort to take advantages.  - Virtua Fighter (video game)
  • The expansion, Return to Na Pali, developed by defunct Legend Entertainment, picks up not long after Unreal's ending; Prisoner 849 is found by a human warship, the UMS Bodega Bay.  - Unreal (1998 video game)

Example sentences for "defunct" in interesting articles

  • Not only do you get a beautiful mountain home and defunct missile silo… There’s also an FAA approved 2,050-foot runway… …acres and acres of woodland… Gorgeous views… And even a log cabin! Just be sure to set up the Locations Department in this room: Touring this place was really incredible, and I can’t thank the owners enough for allowing me access.  - Scouting An Abandoned Cold War Missile Base Hidden In The Adirondacks
  • The Arabs, too, felt an affinity for the Soviet officer class's contempt for ordinary soldiers and the Soviet military hierarchy's distrust of a well-developed, well-appreciated, well-rewarded NCO corps. Arab political culture is based on a high degree of social stratification, very much like that of the defunct Soviet Union and very much unlike the upwardly mobile, meritocratic, democratic United States.  - Why Arabs Lose Wars (1999)
  • Mounts from the defunct Warcraft trading card game.  - A history of World of Warcraft's gold economy
  • So the Soviet state decided to buy two defunct American brands—the Dueber-Hampden Watch Company and the Ansonia Clock Company.  - Movements of the Cold War: How the Soviets Revolutionized Wristwatches
  • Think about creating an archive of software as well, that perhaps may have to include emulations of defunct hardware and operating systems to make the Web always backwards compatible.  - The Fathers of the Internet Urge Today’s Software Engineers to Reinvent the Web
  • Spend some time searching and you’ll find many lost and defunct websites that heavily influenced the modern web. A 1997 snapshot of feels like a scamming knock-off, while Amazon’s earliest iterations aren’t much different from its latest design.’s first iterations aren’t pretty either, especially the horrific 3D logo from 1998, while Google was still hosted on Stanford’s servers. Luckily, an anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations three-to-one through the end of the year.  - The Internet Archive is trying to raise funds to buy 3 petabytes of storage
  • “To me, it’s a sad day.”AdvertisementOn Wednesday, Gawker Media founder Nick Denton announced that his defunct company would settle suits brought by Ayyadurai, the wrestler Hulk Hogan, and journalist Ashley Terrill.  - Internet Pioneers Slam $750,000 Settlement for the 'Man Who Invented Email'
  • One of the few downtown construction projects of that period was a museum dedicated to the defunct steel industry.This winter, I traveled to Ohio to consider what would happen if technology permanently replaced a great deal of human work.  - A world without work
  • The Grant Study men saw themselves as part of an elite club.Vaillant also dramatically expanded his scope by taking over a defunct study of juvenile delinquents in inner-city Boston, run by the criminologists Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck.  - What Makes Us Happy?
  • With Temple’s help, Vaughan got permission from the designer Roger Black to use Rocky, the defunct newspaper’s proprietary typeface.  - Raiders of the Lost Web
  • The Grant Study men saw themselves as part of an elite club.Vaillant also dramatically expanded his scope by taking over a defunct study of juvenile delinquents in inner-city Boston, run by the criminologists Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck.  - What Makes Us Happy
  • The Grant Study men saw themselves as part of an elite club.Vaillant also dramatically expanded his scope by taking over a defunct study of juvenile delinquents in inner-city Boston, run by the criminologists Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck.  - What Makes Us Happy? (2009)

Meaning of "defunct" in English

  • having ceased to exist or live
    - a defunct Indian tribe
  • no longer in force or use; inactive
    - a defunct organization

Meaning of "defunct" in Hindi

  • मृत ( Mrit)
  • मरा हुआ ( Mara hu, maraa huaa)
  • मरा हुआ मनुष्य ( Mara hu manushy, maraa huaa manushy)
  • निष्क्रिय
  • पुराना ( Purana, puranaa)
  • निष्क्रिय ( Nishkriy)
  • अप्रचलित ( Aprachalit)

Synonyms of "defunct"

  • dead

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