How to use "delineate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "delineate" in popular movie and book plots

  • This discursive strategy marks the complexity of Guatemalan identity that Asturias tried so fervently to understand and delineate in literary terms for most of his life.  - Leyendas de Guatemala
  • The game features many more characters, both enemy and otherwise that further delineate the story and lengthen the quest.  - Yggdra Union
  • The focus throughout the course of this novel begins to drift away from the original generation of characters in order to delineate the passage of time.  - Earthfall

Example sentences for "delineate" in interesting articles

  • For now, though, we need to accept the repository as the unit of exchange, accept the versioning constraints that puts on us, and delineate between practices that are appropriate for a repository that’s shared publicly — that is, contains packages in it that some other repository will want to import — and practices that are appropriate for repositories (generally, internal monorepos) that are not intended for import.  - So you want to write a package manager
  • software tool allows the team to further delineate a contact to show how that person can add value to the A.H.  - How Andreessen Horowitz Is Disrupting Silicon Valley
  • At each and every intersection, there are arrows that delineate precisely where cars can and cannot turn. Now imagine doing this for every tile on Google's map in the United States and 30 other countries over the last four years.  - How Google Builds Its Maps
  • Separating the private and the public could, in turn, delineate “speech-like” and “print-like” tweets.  - The Decay of Twitter
  • Last year, the company set up a FAQ-esque page, "a refresher course in the definitions of Sugar" that aimed to delineate the so-called differences between sugar baby-ing and prostitution.  - Where the Sugar Babies Are
  • I can't take you through all 15 but they are properties like "boundaries" which will not only delineate but connect the inside to the outside, or "positive space," as when you look at a Matisse cutout and see that the space between the colored paper is not amorphous but also has form.  - The Origins of Pattern Theory: Christopher Alexander at OOPSLA (1996)
  • It is a selfish, childish, stupid habit.” A depiction of the female reproduction system in “The Science of Life,” one of the first “plumbing movies.” (Still from “Sex(Ed): The Movie”) “They delineate how sexuality affects men and how it affects women, with a lot about women’s roles as a future mother and men’s role in controlling their sexual impulses,” says Brenda Goodman, the director of “Sex(Ed).” Of course, the notion that women have sexual impulses wasn’t even considered.  - The Scandalous History of Sex-Ed Movies
  • Until these are changed, or until there is an effort to delineate and incentivize high-quality material, social platforms will continue to undermine rather than sustain good journalism.   Structural Impediments: economics and ideology The recent push to develop tools for flagging misinformation and digital literacy campaigns are important initiatives and signal that platform companies are beginning to engage with problems they have long avoided.  - Social media's effect on journalism is greater than shift from print to digital

Meaning of "delineate" in English

  • represented accurately or precisely
  • describe in vivid detail
  • make a mark or lines on a surface
    - trace the outline of a figure in the sand
  • trace the shape of
  • determine the essential quality of
  • show the form or outline of
    - The camera could define the smallest object

Meaning of "delineate" in Hindi

  • अंकित करना ( Ankit karana, ankit karanaa)
  • रूपरेखा प्रस्तुत करना ( Ruparekha prastut karana, rooparekhaa prastut karanaa)
  • चित्रित करना ( Chitrit karana, chitrit karanaa)
  • विवरण देना
  • चित्र उतारना ( Chitr utarana, chitr utaaranaa)
  • वर्णन करना ( Varnan karana, varnan karanaa, warnan karana)
  • खींचना ( Khinchana, kheenchanaa)
  • चित्रण करना ( Chitran karana, chitran karanaa)
  • निरूपण करना ( Nirupan karana, niroopan karanaa)
  • अंकन करना ( Ankan karana, ankan karanaa)

Synonyms of "delineate"

  • outline
  • define
  • delimit
  • represented
  • delineated
  • limn
  • delimitate
  • draw
  • specify
  • trace
  • describe
  • line

Antonyms of "delineate"

  • undelineated

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