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Example sentences for "demographic" in popular movie and book plots

  • Built around a cattle industry now in decline, the town of Cow Eye Junction is experiencing a severe drought, a demographic incursion, and an ongoing cultural clash as older residents are displaced by a new wave of outsiders moving in.  - Cow Country (novel)
  • Bengal was broken up twice (1905, and then during Independence) - officially for demographic reasons and ease of administration - but actually, it was a strictly political move to curtail Bengal politics.  - Rajkahini
  • By the end of World War II, the new teenage demographic was recognised in 1945 with the publication by The New York Times of the "Teen Age Bill of Rights" by Elliot Cohen, which, among other things, asserted the youths' right to determine their future and control their lives.  - Teenage (film)
  • This joy is short-lived - it soon becomes apparent that the end of death presents unique demographic and financial challenges.  - Death with Interruptions
  • The opening death appears to be related to distribution of a new drug, of which the target demographic is humans who want to be elves: it physically changes them.  - Finder (novel)
  • Ever-increasing polarisation of wealth, along with the development of humanoid, robotic "biots" (Biological Optical Transputer Systems), have resulted in a social demographic that leaves the majority of the world's population scavenging in the undercity slums while a wealthy minority live luxurious lives in towering skyscrapers.  - Phantom 2040 (video game)
  • In Hollywood they film a commercial with him playing Buster Keaton, and directed by Kyle DeForest, the same director he had seen filming the contraceptives commercial, but the ad is dropped when a demographic survey reveals that most of the target audience had never heard of Keaton.  - Bert Rigby, You're a Fool
  • Colvin then points to a former funeral parlor that was once segregated for whites only before the neighborhood underwent a demographic shift.  - Middle Ground (The Wire)
  • One of Little Miss Springfield's duties as spokesperson for pageant sponsor Laramie Cigarettes, is to lure a younger demographic into smoking.  - Lisa the Beauty Queen
  • Rip concludes that the small town demographic is a perfect match for the country as a whole, and believes he has finally found his miracle formula.  - Magic Town
  • He studied records of area disappearances and other demographic data.  - The House by the Cemetery
  • Christo, the daughter of a prostitute and a wealthy industrialist, harbors a strong resentment of men, explaining for the RAFB's majority demographic of females.  - SOCOM II
  • As the Terran demographic continued to polarize, these movements finally came to fruition as the predecessors of the Vanu Sovereignty made their exodus and took with them the research and artifacts they had managed to stockpile over the Auraxian years.  - PlanetSide

Example sentences for "demographic" in interesting articles

  • I chuckle these days when people suggest that because of my demographic I don't know what it's like to be in a minority group.  - Lessons from Outsourcing to India, China and the Philippines
  • India’s impressive savings rate, the other side of the demographic dividend, has also slipped.  - Angry young Indians: What a waste
  • Deshpande said he’d like to see it used for ethnographic and social science research, because the dataset is larger than most academic studies could generate (something that’s already happening with crowdsourced medical research) and it’s very high quality because of the demographic and geographic information attached to it. However, the producer with whom I spoke seems perfectly content right now with the way Satyamev Jayate is resonating with the public.  - How India's favorite TV show uses data to change the world
  • Half the nation’s inhabitants are expected to make a drastic demographic shift to urban areas by 2050. The Central Groundwater Board of India projects that the reservoir of groundwater will dry up by 2025 in up to 15 states if the current rate of exploitation continues.  - Rainwater Harvesting to Replenish Underground Water in Rajasthan, India
  • Especially if you're a politician. permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–][deleted] 41 points42 points43 points 5 years ago (10 children) Can someone do good in the name of doing good, and not have it be called politics? Someone can, but a politician currently working on reelection who has clearly recognized an opportunity to connect with a demographic he can win over en masse and is doing exactly the right things and speaking in exactly the way that demographic will respond most positively to? That's politics, sorry.  - Reddit successfully pressures Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to back off support of SOPA
  • Government grants, loans, and financing are available through an advanced search section that refines what is needed for a specific business or entrepreneur. By narrowing down the purpose for financing, business location, demographic group and industry, this government website allows companies to find small business loans and grants tailored to their specific industry. Local BC Business For local BC businesses, Service BC [ ] is the best search path for government websites for small business loans.  - Discover the Patterns Of Successful Internet Startups
  • The western countries need a certain amount of immigration to fill up their demographic holes but the number of people who want to come will be far higher.  - We lost the war. Welcome to the world of tomorrow (2006)
  • The DJI Inspire 2 is targeting this demographic and comes outfitted with an option that allow a pro to add a 1 inch sensor fixed lens to the camera it carries.  - No Combat Without Movement: Enders Game as Maneuver Warfare Primer
  • Iraq's last complete census was in 1987, with a partial census in 1997, after which Iraq experienced a period of extensive demographic change, including internal and external migration.  - Mortality in Iraq Associated with the 20032011 War and Occupation
  • Amiga’s financial difficulties provided the opportunity of a lifetime to a bunch of folks that may have struggled to get in the door in even the most junior of positions at someplace like Apple, IBM, or Microsoft. The glaring exception to the demographic rule at Amiga was Jay Miner himself.  - The 68000 Wars, Part 1: Lorraine
  • In Germany a good home computer was simply a good home computer, and if the same company happened to offer a good business computer, well, that was fine too. When Commodore’s European leadership looked to the new Amiga 500, they saw a machine sufficient to make the traditional videogame demographic of teenage boys, who were currently snatching up Commodore 64s and Sinclair Spectrums, positively salivate.  - The 68000 Wars, Part 4: Rock Lobster
  • Those of us who used to be part of that demographic know she is spot on.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • Now, in a new study conducted in recent weeks with more than 2,000 undecided voters throughout India, the researchers have shown that votes in India can easily be pushed towards one candidate or another by about 12 per cent — double that amount in some demographic groups — enough to determine the outcomes of many close races.  - Google search manipulation can swing votes in Indian elections
  • Haidt did not argue that the root problem was “outspoken women and liberals,” rather that bullying was creating fewer and “fewer outspoken men and conservatives.” More generally, he argues that EVERYONE is the “victimizer” in some social demographic (unless you’re a handicapped, non-white, female, genderqueer,liberal,vegan atheist, and then you’re obviously the “victim” of EVERYBODY).  - The Yale Problem Begins in High School
  • From what I have seen, \x26quot;standards-based\x26quot; is too free-flowing and independent for a demographic and age group that needs structure and adult led instruction.  - How My School and District Failed its Students
  • (Critics have suggested that the gains may be partly the result of a demographic shift, but it appears that there was also authentic improvement.) To explain the improvement in scores, Hall told the investigators that “an effective teacher three years in a row will completely close the gap between a child born in poverty and a child born to a middle-income family.” This theory, in its earliest form, derives from a study by William L.  - A Middle-School Cheating Scandal Raises Questions About No Child Left Behind
  • “There are CEOs across the country who would be dancing in their offices if they got that reaction,” he says.Ashley is the demographic she’s serving, which gives her a powerful advantage over far more experienced adults trying to channel their inner teen or glean clues from focus groups.  - Teenage Girl's MySpace Layouts Worth Millions, Drops Out Of High School
  • Those of us who used to be part of that demographic know she is spot on.  - I was trained for the culture wars in home school
  • My demographic experience was similar to yours, in 1990, only about 4 or 5 others out of a class size of ~150 were entrepreneurs...and I wasn't even one of those! Many go for the big bux asap, which is fine, if that's what you're into.  - Beware of MBAs: The business school curriculum teaches how to suck at startups
  •  She notes that African-American males play video games more than any other gender-ethnicity demographic groups, and yet are one of the most under-represented groups in computing majors and careers.  - How high school students start thinking about code
  • A familiar example of this kind of map is in election results or demographic makeup, in which data is percentage values for some fixed piece of land - a value per voting precinct or census area. Choropleth maps are a natural fit for data like rates, densities, or percentages.  - Map school: a free introduction to geo
  • For most demographic questions, the answer to “Have you had any Hacker Schoolers who __?” is probably “Yes.”1 The goal of this post is to dispel some common myths about who comes to Hacker School.  - Who comes to Hacker School?
  • But the transition in cities to shared bike systems and bike lanes remains a powerful trend that is critical to moving people around, says Kent Larson who heads the Media Lab's Changing Places research group and the CityScience initiative at MIT.His team is developing a new type of bike that can be used by more people, particularly the elderly and disabled."You think of the demographic profile of bike a rider now as quite limited - younger people and more males than females.  - The bicycle is making a comeback in US cities
  • "Even if people don't pay tuition fees, if only 40% stay for five years and pay taxes we recover the cost for the tuition and for the study places so that works out well."For a society with a demographic problem - a growing retired population and fewer young people entering college and the workforce - qualified immigration is seen as a resolution to the problem."Keeping international students who have studied in the country is the ideal way of immigration.  - How US students get a university degree for free in Germany

Meaning of "demographic" in English

  • of or relating to demography
  • a statistic characterizing human populations (or segments of human populations broken down by age or sex or income etc.)

Meaning of "demographic" in Hindi

  • जनसांख्यिकीय ( Janasankhyikiy, janasaankhyikeey, zanasankhyikiy)

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